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Anonine logoFor over a decade, Anonine has been offering high security and online freedom to people all over the world. This VPN provider was originally based in Sweden and at the beginning, its network comprised a limited selection of servers in that country. Things changed significantly after Anonine was acquired by Edelino Commerce, a company based in Seychelles. Since then, Anonine has experienced an evolution and growth that has allowed it to become a highly reliable VPN service. It offers an extensive global coverage that allows you to overcome restrictions, and strong encryption to keep your data safe. Anonine strives to provide a high level of privacy and security through its VPN. In this review, we will find out if it has achieved this purpose and will take a closer look at the features that it offers.

Security and Privacy

Anonine is focused on securing your internet traffic so that you can browse, stream content, play games and more, without fearing that third-parties manage to intercept your connection to see what you are doing. Using a VPN like Anonine is particularly important if you are using public Wi-Fi hotspots because they are more likely to be vulnerable to attacks from malicious hackers. The security of public networks is generally low, which makes things easier for those who are trying to access your confidential data without authorization. Anonine keeps you protected, using high level encryption that stops eavesdroppers from getting access to your data. The protocols supported by Anonine are IPSec IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN/Stunnel. All these options are safe, but generally OpenVPN is considered as the best solution if you want strong security for your internet traffic. PPTP is another option that Anonine supports, but this protocol has been already compromised, which is why it should only be seen as the last resource. To ensure that your activities and personal information are not intercepted, Anonine uses AES-256-CBC encryption with a 2048-bit strength SSL key. This is a powerful standard of protection to defend your data from hacking, surveillance and other threats.

anonine app protocols logsNow, let’s talk about privacy, which is one of the most important aspects of any VPN. Some VPNs services have privacy policies that are seriously scary. What is the point of using a VPN if they collect all your personal information and monitor your activities? Thankfully, Anonine is not one of those providers. It is committed to be transparent and to protect the privacy of its users . This is why it has a clear privacy policy that offers all the information you need about the data that they collect and how it is used. You just need to provide your email address to register and all the other information that Anonine collects is stored for purposes like troubleshooting and maintenance. You have the possibility of boosting your privacy by using a secured email address, or opting for Bitcoin as method of payment to ensure that your payment details are not recorded.

Anonine is designed to help you to protect your privacy so apart from supporting options that will allow you to keep your identity safe, it won’t keep any logs that could be used to trace you or to find out what you do online. It doesn’t log your activities, IP addresses or connection details. Since the provider is based in Seychelles, it is not subject to strict data retention laws and it is not in a jurisdiction controlled by the Five Eyes or other spying alliances. In addition, there is a warrant canary that will alert users in case Anonine receives a gag order or a warrant from law enforcement.

IP and DNS Leak Test

Anonine successfully passed all IP, DNS and WebRTC leak tests carried across various random servers around the world. Kudos for having functional DNS leak protection that works. As part of the security that Anonine offers, the provider is designed to prevent DNS leaks. Its anti-DNS protection will help you to avoid leaks that could put your privacy at risk. As mentioned, we didn’t detect any leaks during our tests, which confirms that Anonine’s DNS protection is effective.


anonine vpn serversAnonine is compatible with the leading operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. There are also set up instructions for routers running DD-WRT, Tomato or ASUS firmware. The practical guides will help you to configure the VPN on a router, which will allow you to use it with your gaming console, media streaming device and more. The provider offer public IP addresses and it also supports port forwarding, which can be handy when it comes to boosting the speed of your downloads, improving your gaming experience or enabling remote access to services in your LAN. Anonine supports P2P, meaning that you will be able to enjoy your favorite media content securely and without facing restrictions. By using dynamic IPs, Anonine ensures that you can browse, download or stream content anonymously since your IP address will be changed on a regular basis.

Anonine has a strong network of fast, secure servers in Sweden and it gives you the possibility of accessing virtual locations in over 30 countries. The global selection includes Brazil, Poland, New Zealand, United States, Turkey, Argentina, Iceland, Singapore, France, India, Costa Rica and Malaysia. There are over 800 servers available and the network is regularly updated to offer users more options. While the list of features is basic when compared to other providers, Anonine gets the job done when it comes to protecting your connection and helping you to overcome online restrictions. If you don’t have previous experience with a VPN and prefer a simple solution, Anonine is ideal for you. There are no bandwidth limits and Anonine guarantees 99.9% uptime so you can expect fast and reliable performance.

Netflix and Streaming Test

When using stream labeled servers from Anonine, I was able to successfully unblock Netflix, along with other geographically restricted platforms from Hulu to BBC one. The speed tests also showed that Anonine is a good choice for streaming, downloading content or playing games. Our connection was slightly slower after connecting to one of Anonine’s VPN servers, but this is due to the high level of encryption used. We obtained the best speeds with servers in Europe and the US West coast, but overall, Anonine provided satisfactory results when we checked download and upload speeds.
anonine vpn streaming servers


One month of Anonine costs $6.99 USD, but you can save money in the long run by subscribing to a yearly plan. This plan costs $47.88, which means that the monthly cost is only $3.99. You can also opt for a 3-month plan for $17.97, which makes the price per month just $5.99. All plans support unlimited bandwidth and speed, as well as access to all the other features that Anonine supports. You can enjoy 5 connections at the same time and there is a wide variety of payment options supported. You can pay with cards, PayPal, Payson, Perfect Money, Cryptocurrencies and more. Although there is no free version or a free trial available, Anonine offers a money-back guarantee that enables you to get a refund in case the service doesn’t work well for you.

Anonine Pricing

Customer Support

You will find a Help section on the website with information about different aspects of the service. There are handy set up guides that will take you through all the steps needed to configure the VPN on routers, and other platforms supported. The Help section contains information that is quite useful, but unfortunately, there is no live chat available. This is one of the most practical ways to get customer support so it would be great if Anonine adds this option. In the meantime, you can contact Anonine’s team via the webform.


Anonine’s evolution has transformed it into a secure, yet simple solution to achieve privacy protection and online freedom. The plans are affordable and the provider strives to offer a high level of security. The privacy policy is clear and it promises not to keep any logs that could be used to identify you. Generally, the speeds are good enough for streaming content, playing games and more. Anonine also supports P2P and it offers access to hundreds of servers around the world. There is still room for improvement, but Anonine has earned a place in the list of good VPNs, thanks to its reliable performance, high security and simplicity.


  1. I’m using Anonine VPN for more than three years on my Windows laptop.
    Mostly for torrenting and streaming (more streaming Netflix US for a past year). Also for browsing the Internet on public Wi-Fi networks. It works stable for me. Sometimes(once in a month or so) speed is going lower, so I need to switch to another server.
    If you need simple, stable and cheap VPN – I will recommend Anonine.

  2. Plenty of servers and torrent traffic at 800 Kbs (which is maximum to me). Sometimes once a year the servers would disconnect which will kill a larger download. A few servers from the list of 24 can’t connect to Internet, but the rest works fine.

  3. All I can say it’s fast and reliable. very good speed. this service provides me with a really good sense of anonymity. thank you guys for your qualified support team, keep up the good work!

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