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Anonine is a Swedish VPN provider that has been in operation since 2009. The company is owned and operated by Portlane Networks AB, an ISP and Hosting provider also from Sweden. Having extensive knowledge of networks at the lowest OSC layers, being an Internet Service Provider, the small experienced team has managed to run a successful service, despite only having a single server in Sweden.

Being that they are such a small VPN service provider, they also have hands on control of stability and performance and guarantee 99.9% uptime and large bandwidth capacity. With a solid 0-log policy and backed by Swedish law, they make a good choice for local residents while offering a performance server for neighboring countries.


When it comes to features, Anonine is as basic as it gets. They do not offer any software, which is often extra load anyways. They have setup guides for both OpenVPN and PPTP on all popular operating systems and both iOS and Android mobile platforms, with the exception of the latest Windows 8, which they should get around to.

They only have 1 server located in Sweden, but it runs. Designed by a team of experienced engineers, they offer unlimited data transfers and unlimited bandwidth. They stand solid on protecting your information and privacy and have a good hold of that by operating their server in-house.


No logs are kept at Anonine and being that they operate their own server in Sweden, they only follow local government jurisdiction and laws and with their tight no log privacy, there is nothing to hand over to anyone requesting user information. The shared IP stack is frequently replaced to increase anonymity but it is unclear how often or how many shared IPs are used at a time.

Anonine offers two protocols, being OpenVPN and PPTP. For encryption, we suggest using OpenVPN where Anonine uses a 2048 bit SSL key. They also offer PPTP protocol with 128-bit encryption. If what you are looking to attain is data security and privacy, we highly suggest you avoid using PPTP like the plague. It is merely useful to unblock geo-restricted services at this point, and should never be considered as a secure method of encrypting data. P2P is allowed but according to the service agreement, illegal torrenting is not.


This is probably Anonine’s best strength. Being that they operate their own well developed and engineered server and routes, they are capable of offering unlimited bandwidth speeds into the Gigabits/s and no limits on how much you can use. For users located in Sweden or close by, that have really fast connections, they should see little loss in bandwidth even while using the OpenVPN encryption. However, the further you get, the slower it gets. We would hit anywhere from 70-80% of our full speeds out of North America, which is very respectable.


Anonine use to offer OpenVPN and PPTP protocols separately at different costs. Due to the PPTP protocol being exploited and considered unsecure, it was a good move to combine both to avoid confusion and offer flexibility in the server. You have the choice between 4 different packages that offer discounted prices based on the length period of the plan. Due to the size and coverage of the service, even with the good results, we found the price to be too high.

1 Month – €6.99 / Month
3 Months – €5.99 / Month – €17.97
6 Months – €4.99 / Month – €29.94
1 Year – €3.99 / Month – €47.88

Customer Service:

Good customer service response on our email communications. They do not offer any online communications or chat, but for such a small VPN provider, we did not expect them to have a chat or 24/7 support. They handle the service well and it shows in the performance, but remain a very small operation and for that reason, they are not going to have the fastest response times for technical inquiries when compared to the big VPN providers.


Anonine is a single high performance server VPN provider benefiting from being operated form Sweden and offering a good no log privacy agreement. We had a good experience using their server, but being located in Sweden, they mostly cater to local and neighboring locations and the price reflects the service speed more than coverage and accessibility. For that reason, we would suggest other larger VPN service providers that offer much more for similar and lower prices.

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