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Internet gives us the key to a great variety of content but unfortunately there are many cases in which the options that we would like to access, are not available to us. Even if you live in a country where there is no censorship or where it is practically non-existent, chances are that you will come across online restrictions at some stage, which can be very frustrating. There are different reasons why you may not be able to access content including censorship, geographical or network blocks. Some government and ISPs ban certain websites and content. In addition, there are services that are only available in a specific country and some networks (work, school, public WiFi hotspots) implement blocks that prevent you from accessing popular websites and applications like YouTube and Facebook.

Regardless of the case, there are ways to defeat the restrictions. ChillGlobal offers a simple and effective solution that gives you freedom to visit websites and enjoy streaming services without restrictions. ChillGlobal aims to be the easiest and most efficient option to enjoy an online experience that is truly flexible and fast. It allows you to forget about online blocks and it is ideal for expats and anyone who wants to enjoy content from anywhere in the world. While it shares some features with a VPN, ChillGlobal is actually a smart plugin for your browser that is easy to configure and that doesn’t require software installation.The company has presence in Sweden, Spain and Germany. In this review, we’ll find out more about what ChillGlobal offers.

Privacy and Security

As previously mentioned, ChillGlobal is a plugin that can be set up on your browser and it offers some of the advantages of a VPN. However, since it is not a VPN (it uses proxies to mask your IP address and unlock the content), it doesn’t encrypt your connection. By hiding your real IP address, ChillGlobal is able to offer some level of security and protection for your privacy. Your online activities are re-routed by proxies and for others it will be almost impossible to track your activities, identify you or determine your location, but your online traffic doesn’t pass through a secure tunnel that makes it unreadable for eavesdroppers.

Still, using ChillGlobal is considerably safer than browsing internet without any protection and since there is no encryption involved, it can be faster than using a VPN. It is a practical solution to avoid being targeted by ads and marketing campaigns that can affect your browsing experience. In addition, ChillGlobal has a privacy policy that states that your data is not tracked or logged. Your online activities are not monitored and the company is committed to protect your privacy. One thing to keep in mind is that the service operates from Germany, a country that has strict measures against copyright infringement. ChillGlobal’s stance regarding torrenting is not clear, but it is advisable that you only use the service to stream content legally. The service focuses on helping customers to access content from official channels and paid services to which you already have a subscription.

ChillGlobal’s response to copyright and torrent use:

“As our service is only usable through the Add-On for Firefox or Chrome and cannot affect other programs on a user’s PC (for example a torrenting-client) we do not expect our service to be used with Torrents.

We do impose a few restrictions on the kind of usage of ChillGlobal, but those mainly concern cases which ChillGlobal was not intended for and might affect our network negatively – for example opening up lots of simultaneous connections (many more than the usual amount during browsing). This could be the case for torrenting or extensive use of download-managers which open up many connections. Even if cases like the ones mentioned happen, the situation can easily be solved by contacting our support.

Regarding copyright, we do not monitor or protocol the activity of our users (except for anonymous statistics for internal traffic management of our servers). We do not have much relevant information we could give, even in case of a legal order. Nonetheless, we do not condone the use of ChillGlobal for illegal activities. Our aim is to protect the identity of the individual online and allow freedom of access for media content world-wide.”


You can use ChillGlobal on Firefox and Chrome and it is very easy to start enjoying the benefits of having this plugin in your browser. One of the main advantages that ChillGlobal offers is that it is very easy to install and to use. You don’t need technical knowledge or previous experience in order to use ChillGlobal. After downloading the plugin to your browser, all you need to do is to click on the ChillGlobal logo and choose the country and channel that you want to access. The process is simple and many users (particularly beginners) will find it easier than using a VPN. ChillGlobal gives you the possibility of bypassing geographical restrictions to get access to over 500 TV channels and streaming services including Netflix, HBO, ESPN and Hulu,

ChillGlobal’s smart-mode is a convenient and exclusive feature that allows you to access websites faster. You just need to type the URL into your browser and this function will automatically establish a connection to the country where that website is available. ChillGlobal manages its own servers which allows it to offer reliable and fast performance. The global coverage is really good and at the moment, you can select servers from a variety of countries including Spain, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Austria, Brazil, Poland and Hong Kong. These locations will ensure that you can unlock content without hassle, while keeping your real IP address concealed.


One of the best things about ChillGlobal is that it offers a free trial that lets you use the service for 20 hours without providing payment details. What makes this free option special is the fact that you get these free 20 hours every month. If you only need to use the service from time to time, this free plan is ideal. If you want to enjoy ChillGlobal’s unlocking power without time restrictions, you can upgrade to a paid plan. They start at $1.50 for three days. This is a convenient choice if you are traveling abroad for the weekend and want to bypass restrictions to access content from home. You can also opt for one month of service for $7.50, or pay for one year in advance, which will save you money since the monthly cost is reduced to $5.70. With the monthly and yearly plan, ChillGlobal offers a 7-day money back guarantee.

Customer Support

ChillGlobal strives to provide a great experience for its customers by offering a high quality tool to bypass online restrictions, as well as excellent support. The website contains a great deal of information about the service and if needed, you can easily create a ticket to get dedicated support. It is also possible to contact them via email and you can expect prompt and professional responses.


ChillGlobal will be loved by people who want to access international content and browse internet without coming across annoying blocks. The free vpn plan is a great solution to defeat restrictions and it is incredible that they offer this option on a monthly basis. If you need more than 20 hours per month to enjoy online freedom, the best option is to upgrade to a paid plan. The prices are reasonable and the service provides speed and flexibility to access content that is usually blocked in your location. If privacy and security are not your top concern and you are mainly looking for a fast, easy way to bypass geo blocks, ChillGlobal is the way to go.

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