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Trying to access a website or service only to come across an error message telling you that the content is not available in your country, can be very frustrating. Apart from dealing with censorship and geographical restrictions, internet users also have to deal with concerns about the privacy of their information. If you don’t protect your online traffic, your ISP, network administrators and other parties will be able to see what you do when you are connected to the internet. A VPN offers the protection that you need and at the same time, it gives you freedom to access content that is blocked in your location. There is a plethora of VPN services available but Hide ALL IP stands out for its convenience and low price. It offers incredibly lightweight software with all the features that you need to protect your privacy and unblock online content.

Privacy and Security

Your IP address reveals your location and it can be used by others to trace your identity. In order to keep your privacy protected, it is important to mask your IP address and this is when a service like Hide ALL IP comes handy. When you use Hide ALL IP, your real IP address is concealed which prevents third parties from finding out where you are located or who you are. Changing your IP address and location is not the only measure that Hide ALL IP takes to keep you protected. It also encrypts your traffic to make sure that no one else can see the websites you access or what you do on the internet. Your traffic passes through Hide ALL IP’s secure servers so you won’t need to worry about those who try to intercept it.

Hide ALL IP supports TCP tunnel and HTTP tunnel, which means that even if your network only allows HTTP traffic, the service will still be effective. With HTTP you have flexibility to adjust the settings of your connection, but the service is designed to provide security in all cases and to ensure that your real IP address is not revealed. Although Hide ALL IP doesn’t provide specific details, it states that it encrypts all data transfers using industry standard RSA 2048 and AES/DES algorithms. In addition, they don’t keep any logs whatsoever and anonymous payment options like Bitcoin are available. When you sign up, you are not required to provide your name, address or other personal details. Given that Hide ALL IP is a zero logs option and torrenting is allowed in its network, it is a good option for users who want to protect their identity while using torrent clients.


At the moment, Hide ALL IP only works on Windows (XP and above) and although there doesn’t seem to be any plans to launch software for other operating systems in the near future, we hope that in the future the service adds support for popular platforms like Mac. As mentioned before the software is lightweight, which ensures that you can complete the installation process within seconds.

In addition, the fact that there is a portable version makes Hide ALL IP a unique option in the world of VPNs. You can save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media device and use it when you are on the go. You can plug the device into any computer, run the VPN without having to install it and enjoy all the advantages of Hide ALL IP, no matter where you are. This is a convenient solution if you need to use share devices.

Hide ALL IP also allows you to prevent DNS leaks and thanks to its advanced technology, you will also be protected against WebRTC issues. WebRTC is a technology supported on popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome and while it is very useful, it can lead to your real IP address being exposed, even if you are using a VPN. Thankfully, Hide ALL IP comes with a safe WebRTC mode that ensures that your real IP address and location remain protected at all times.

There are other features that set Hide ALL IP apart from other VPNs. For instance, the fact that it supports UDP based applications and games, which will allow you to enjoy a great variety of content without hassle. Hide ALL IP also allows you to hide win8/8.1/10 metro applications IP. It offers fake Html5 Geolocation as well, to ensure that browsers always identify your location using the fake IP address provided by Hide ALL IP.

If you love online gaming, Hide ALL IP is the right option for your needs since it can reduce your ping times and improve the speed. Furthermore, it finds the best server for any game so that you can enjoy the best and most efficient experience. Thanks to all the advanced features and flexibility that Hide ALL IP provides, you will enjoy a strong level of security and a versatile experience while browsing the internet and playing games online.


Unlike most providers, Hide ALL IP doesn’t offer a selection of plans. You just pay $29 USD for a license of the software and you can use it for a full year. You can download and try the service for free for three days and after that, you can order a registered version of the software, or uninstall it if you don’t wish to continue using the service. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee that covers you in case you feel hide ALL IP is not right for you. They accept a variety of payment methods including Bitcoin, PayPal and Perfect Money.

Customer Support

When you purchase a license, you get unlimited email support. You can also use the Contact form on the website to reach out to Hide ALL IP. The website features practical set up guides, FAQ section and a good deal of information about the service.


Hide ALL IP VPN is ideal for Windows users who want a comprehensive and simple solution to protect their online privacy and bypass restrictions. It is one of the most affordable solutions available and it provides a good set of features. Although the compatibility of the software is limited, Hide ALL IP offers unique options like portable software, WebRTC safe mode, that are likely to attract many customers.

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