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If you are looking for an affordable and easy to use VPN provider, Kepard is worth considering. Operating out of Moldova, the smaller European VPN service provider has a decent coverage of important server locations to service the needs of most users. The pricing is very competitive, making Kepard a very popular choice since launching back in 2012. The website design clean and the whole registration and setup was quick and easy. Nicely designed software matched with good support made for a good overall experience. We had little trouble setting up on various tested devices and did not encounter any bugs or drops across our first week testing the service.


Kepard does not have many out of the ordinary options and opt for easy to use straight forward VPN connections. However, they do offer a service that allows you to connect to two different connections simultaneously as an extra layer of privacy. The software design and interface was pleasing to the eye, well though out and easy to configure between OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP. Available for Windows and Android, we hope to see them develop the software for all platforms in the near future. For now, all other users can opt for OpenVPN and other manual configurations, and we say it over and over, OpenVPN is more than sufficient and easy to use in those needed scenarios. Additionally, it’s very secure, so for Apple users, there is no reason not to consider the service at this time.

Kepard offers a smaller sized network with servers located in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands and Sweden. Unlimited traffic on all servers and P2P is allowed on the NL servers only. Up to 2 simultaneous users can be on the VPN service using a single plan.


The Moldova based provider advises to keep logs for no longer than 3 days in order to protect themselves from abuse across their network or for troubleshooting purposes. They promise to never keep any personal information beyond your email. Hats off to the solid promise of privacy and log-free service, along with trustworthy encryption service. After running DNS leak tests, we are happy to report to have found no flaws with the VPN connection.

The service offers 256-bit encryption and should suffice over OpenVPN to encrypt your data well enough for most applications while not sacrificing much on speed, but those looking for higher encryption do not have much of an option. An additional NAT firewall as well as the possibility to connect to two different locations simultaneously, make it a nicely layered VPN service in terms of security. If the service connection drops, the user gets a prompt to re-establish VPN connection. So

Speed & Stability:

Kepard offered pretty good speed on our testing. We often got full or close to full speed on our possible download bandwidth with a 20-30% loss on upload. This was true for the closer servers while further countries did present considerable yet expected loss in speed. We attribute the fast speeds to the lower 256-bit encryption. While offering the best in speed, some users specifically looking for higher encryption levels may opt for a different service. With that said, this level of encryption remains enough for most and benefits users who stream video or download lots of data.


Kepard offers competitive pricing when we consider the yearly plan for $35. The monthly plan is a little less interesting when compared to other big providers but they allow 1 free day of service to test before you commit. Kepard also offers up to 6 months of free service by referring friends and family to the service. For each new member you refer, you get 1 full month of premium service completely free of cost.

Premium VPN Package

1 Month – $7 / Month
3 Months – $6.33 / Month – $19
1 Year – $3.50 / Month – $35

Customer Service:

Another strong point of Kepard is the amicable and effective customer service available around the clock 24/7 – 365 days a year. With a great and extensive FAQ section as well as easy to use manual setup configurations for all platforms from Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and iOS. The software was very easy to use and quick one click connect did not require much effort, but we did get in contact with support for some quick basic questions and found the response time to be very fast.


Although not the biggest VPN service provider we have tested, we did not feel that Kepard lacked in performance and stability, but could possibly use a higher encryption level to cater to a wider audience. For everyday use from a little extra privacy, to unblocking geo-locked websites and streaming services, Kepard performs very well and the software is very well developed. We hope to see versions for Apple platforms released so everyone can enjoy it.

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