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Recently, we had the time to put to the test LiquidVPN, a very young and new provider that has pushed the envelope in terms of how their system works on cloaking and sharing IPs. They also took the time to develop their software application called ‘Liquid Viscosity’ packed with great features. They operate a small network with high Gigabit bandwidth and don’t plan to grow large, concentrating on quality instead of quantity.

LiquidVPN is based out of Michigan in the US and has not been in operation for a long time, but the type of security features and extra layers offered seem to show a strong commitment to securing your data with a clear and honest privacy policy and service terms regarding P2P file sharing. Let’s see how they did.


First, let’s quickly cover Liquid Viscosity, LiquidVPN’s software. It can be used with all three protocols, OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP, as always, we suggest to stick to OpenVPN. LiquidVPN is very straight forward and easy to use while still presenting advanced stats and great graphics. The App has an internet and application kill switch along with DNS leak test/fix, auto updates and features advanced setups and traffic stats for techy users.

LiquidIPS is an optional paid add-on IPS firewall that adds an extra layer of security against web exploits hacking. Real-time protection verifies website and email data to ensure it is not possibly malicious even if it has a 0-day release still not listed with anti-virus programs. Also a great option if you don’t use an anti-virus.

LiquidVPN IP Modulation

This is by far the most unique feature LiquidVPN offers. IP modulation is a system that constantly changes the shared dynamic IP being used on your VPN connection. It can change dozens of times and more for the whole duration of your logged connection. The more people connect to the same server, the more chances of your shared IP changing to a different one. Yet another layer to help make it impossible to track your online activity. For those who really want the best, it is good to understand that security works in layers, the more security you need, the more layers you add.

LiquidVPN supports all mobile devices and platforms and offers great online visual setup guides which also include the Liquid Viscosity software they offer.


Focusing on the important, OpenVPN continuously updates its encryption and uses a 4096-bit RSA key. Matched with their unique IP modulation, you have a layered protection with LiquidVPN. The LiquidIPS paid add-on firewall is a considerable choice for real time protection against website and email exploits, viruses and attacks while connected. The servers are also well encrypted and managed by the team of engineers at LiquidVPN.

Based out of US, the servers do not welcome illegal P2P, but if you will use P2P, you can use Romanian or Amsterdam based servers by preference, all DMCA notices are treated with your privacy protected. They will never send out any notices and do not track the IP’s responsible for the DMCA notice. If a US server is receiving too many DMCA takedown notices, LiquidVPN will simply block ports and cease the P2P transmissions on that connection. This is something that affects many VPN service providers and we think as long as no logs exist and they do not give our your information, the service provider has done a good job at keeping their promise. Since LiquidVPN is a new player, only time will add to their solid track record but anyone should be pleased with the level of commitment offered at this time already. We we’re fully impressed by their level of commitment to privacy and log free service while being clear on all terms.


LiquidVPN operates a very small network of 8 gateways which have about 2 to 3 servers each, mostly comprised of 1-Gigabit ports, located in Canada, US, Germany, Netherlands, UK and Romania. In total, there are about 20 servers to pick from and provide coverage over key locations that offer popular services. Don’t let the small number deter you, as they strategically chose to provide high bandwidth servers and only upgrade when needed, selecting locations where privacy laws coincide while retaining excellent security at the data-centers they use.

Speeds varied from location. We had speed loss of anywhere from 10%-35%. That is pretty good for the high level of encryption used on OpenVPN.

We found speeds to dip slower at times, but for the better part of our testing, they remained very good. IP modulation did not seem to slow down much but if it happens to change while browsing cookie enabled websites. It may cause some problems, forcing you to reload or log back into services.


The 3 plans offered by LiquidVPN are differentiated only by the amount of simultaneous connections allowed and software licence amount for Windows and Macintosh. The only paid add-on is the firewall, coming in at $3.00 per month on any plan. The 3 plans carry original names, being the Sidekick, Road Warrior and Family Plan. There is no free trial. You can use the 3-day money back guarantee is offered if you need assurance to test the service.

Sidekick – Cost: $6 / Month
2 Simultaneous sessions allowed.
1 Windows & 1 Mac Liquid Viscosity licence

Road Warrior – Cost: $10 / Month
4 Simultaneous sessions allowed.
1 Windows & 1 Mac Liquid Viscosity licence

Family Plan – Cost: $18 / Month
6 Simultaneous sessions allowed.
2 Windows & 2 Mac Liquid Viscosity licences

Customer Service:

We are very happy with how the team took care of our first inquiries and helped us get answers to our questions very quickly. The support team is reached by email or submitting a ticket on the website and the cordial service was quick and effective. The website however could use some help. We found it a bit difficult to browse and find pages or going back to certain areas, not a big deal, the software is really well designed and that counts much more.


A solid and fast little network and knowledgeable team pushing to change the VPN game by adding IP modulation to their service. We have to say, that single unique feature is very impressive, but we are uncertain if it ever affected our speeds while testing. It may take us a second review of monitoring for a good amount of time before calling it. The speeds we’re overall very good even at peak times and software is useful and thought out. We will keep an eye out for further developments and provide an update in the near future.

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