SwitchVPN is a little younger than other VPN providers, but they are quickly growing into a well-established provider with fantastic service offerings. Though they haven’t been doing business as long as some of the largest VPN brands, they have matured into a solid VPN service since their founding in 2010. Furthermore, they have changed the way their service plans are structured and the offerings for each package. Previously, a basic or monthly plan would limit which VPN servers you could connect to. Now, however, each plan gives you unrestricted access to all of their global locations.


Like other VPN service providers, SwitchVPN offers three different service packages based upon how long you want to use their service and how much money you want to save. Also, their prices are very competitive so you don’t have to worry about paying too much for service.

  • 1 month for $9.95 per month – certainly not the most advantageous offer in the long run, but great if you want to try out their service for a month.
  • 3 months for $8.95 per month – a slightly more attractive savings offer and still a moderately short term commitment.
  • 12 months for $4.95 per month – the most attractive pricing option with a half-off monthly discount.



No matter which plan you choose, they are so confident that you will be impressed with their service that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


SwitchVPN offers some great features to deliver quality VPN service almost instantaneously. Because they offer immediate activation, you can hit the ground running as soon as you purchase their service. In addition, one of the most central concepts behind a VPN is online privacy and anonymity. They do not log any data on their VPN services, so you can rest assured that no one is seeing your data or connection information. Yet another great advantage is that they offer VoIP support, so you don’t need to fear that the N.S.A. or other online entities will hear the content of your voice calls as they are in transit through your VPN tunnel.


Server Locations and Countries:

SwitchVPN is more advantageous than other VPN service providers due to the countries that they have VPN servers in. Some of the newer startup VPN services simply don’t offer as many global connection options. The following are supported locations where you can terminate your SwitchVPN tunnel: USA, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Latvia, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Romania, Belgium, Japan, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Australia, India, Brazil, Ireland, Austria, Chile and Iceland.


SwitchVPN offers fantastic security using 1024 or 2048-bit encryption to ensure that your data is unintelligible to potential interceptors and spies. They are very competitive with other VPNs in that they offer OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, and PPTP tunnels.

Speed and Stability:

There are no data caps, and their network infrastructure is multigigabit, allowing for lightning quick data transmissions. The will provide you with unlimited bandwidth at a lightning-quick speed to ensure that your VPN service is never a bottleneck for your downloads. In fact, they guarantee 99.999% up-time. With such a high reliability guarantee, you can rest assured that your VPN tunnel will work when you need it the most. Good speeds overall with our testing in the U.S., Canada, and Japan on SwitchVPN’s servers.

Customer Service:

switchvpn-supportFurthermore, they have fantastic, dedicated customer service to assist you no matter what time it is. With 24/7/365 support, they won’t leave you struggling to get your VPN tunnel connected. In addition, you can speak with a representative to ask questions regarding your VPN software from a chat box directly from their website. They make it very easy to access reliable customer support.

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