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$5 per month/$60 yearly – Visit Site

TunnelBear is a very popular simple to use VPN service. Simplicity is the real focus on TunnelBear no extra features just plain & simple VPN tunneling through a country of your choice. Simply flip a switch & your ready to go.


TunnelBear focuses mainly the tunneling aspect. Allowing you to get access to services you may be blocked out of otherwise. Simple & private VPN. Integrating high level of security & reliable connection through their selected servers. Additionally adding support for mobile devices on iOS & Android. With servers in locations like the US, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, and a few more.


As far as security goes TunnelBear focuses on a no-log privacy policy. So no data or history is ever recorded under their VPN service assuring you 100% privacy. Allowing you to escape things like site trackers & cookies easily with a flip of a switch. Their account sign up process also focuses only on the minimal amount of information to create you an account for use.

They have a full privacy policy highlighting all their security/privacy points on the website.


Speed wise TunnelBear gets a percentage of their normal bandwidth from their ISP. The hop also comes into effect when using their service i.e- the farther you are from the selected server. Outside of that TunnelBear runs at decent enough speed to do daily browsing, video streaming services, and more. Optimizing your connection to avoid certain protocols that may slow your overall speed.


The best thing about TunnelBear is its simple pricing plans. You have a free plan with limited bandwidth connection, a $5 monthly plan that includes unlimited connection & servers, and lastly the yearly plan at $60 which saves you in the long run. No extra paid for features everything else comes into account no matter if you have the monthly or annual plan.

Customer Service:

Their site features an amazing help section with FAQ that help navigate through any common issues you may encounter be it with the app or setting up a TunnelBear account. Outside of that they have a tunnelbear support team thats standing by willing to help with more specific problems if need be. Overall an easy to contact experience in the case you need any help.


All in all TunnelBear is an amazing & more importantly easy to use VPN service. Whether your tech savvy or not you can easily use the app with a simple on/off interface. Offering great speed, support, and UI it’s everything you can ask for a basic VPN. If you simply need to browse privately and through major countries such as US, UK, or Japan you can easily do so. No extras or up sells just a clean VPN. Get tunneling today with TunnelBear.

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