VPN Monster Review

For many people, the main reason to use a VPN service is that it provides protection against eavesdropping, online surveillance and hacking. By now, we all know that the internet has eyes and that everything we do is being followed by the government, corporations and cyber-criminals. Using a VPN can add a layer of security by encrypting your online data, so that you can enjoy peace of mind. However, finding a reliable VPN can be a challenge. US and UK based VPNs raise concerns since they are under the jurisdiction of the NSA and the GCHQ, two notable privacy enemies. This is why options like VPN Monster, a VPN that operates from Russia, will appeal to those who are looking to keep their online activities private. VPN Monster is set to offer an anonymous and secure experience, helping users to avoid surveillance and censorship. Let’s find out more about what they have to offer.

Security and Privacy

VPN Monster supports a variety of protocols including OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP, which are popular options. OpenVPN is the recommended solution to boost your online protection since it is considered as a secure and reliable protocol and VPN Monster supports UDP and TCP. The same cannot be said about PPTP, which has been already cracked. However, it offers good speeds and it may be a good option if you only intend to use it for general browsing and to watch some videos on YouTube. VPN Monster is designed to overcome Deep Packet Inspection and it helps you to keep your information safe when you are using public WiFi in hotels, airports, restaurants and other public places. Usually these networks lack a good level of security, which is why it is advisable to use a VPN there.

VPN Monster can also defend your traffic against IPR as it provides supports for websites with enabled SSL. You can easily set up the app and start enjoying the security and anonymity that it promises. When you are connected to the internet using a public WiFi network, your data is more vulnerable to hacking, but with VPN Monster, you can prevent them from accessing your personal information and spy on your activities. You can avoid being tracked and enjoy a more secure browsing experience overall. However, there are no specific details about the exact level of encryption used. Besides, it has to be kept in mind that VPN Monster is a free service and while this makes it very convenient and appealing, it also raises questions about how secure it really is.

The costs of offering a VPN service are not low so providers need to find a way to make money, even if they don’t charge their customers. Free VPNs like VPN Monster usually use ads as a source of income. But in some cases, free VPNs may also sell your data to third parties. Plus, it is unlikely that they can offer the same high technology to protect your data that paid services can afford. In addition, VPN Monster doesn’t have a clear privacy policy. They promise to give you anonymity and to help you to keep your activities private while you are using public WiFi hotspots, but they don’t clarify if they keep logs or not. Being located outside the US and the UK is an advantage, but it doesn’t mean that your information is completely safe. We would recommend to use VPN Monster mainly to overcome online restrictions and to add protection for your browsing when you are connected to public WiFi. Just don’t use it to handle sensitive information.


Setting up this free app is very easy and once you are connected to the VPN service, your internet traffic is masked and encrypted. Your IP address is changed and your online activities won’t be easily accessed by third parties. VPN Monster is compatible with a variety of platforms including Windows, iOS, Android and Mac. The main advantage of using VPN Monster is that you will be able to defeat restrictions and get access to content that is usually blocked in your location. Once a public WiFi network is detected, VPN Monster activates its protection to ensure that what you do online remains private and secure. The service supports unlimited bandwidth and it works with 4G, 3G and of course, WiFi. Although there is not a wide range of advanced features, the app offers the possibility of connecting to the fastest server available so that you enjoy the best experience while streaming or browsing. They have servers in Germany, Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, India and more.

Customer Support

You can reach out to the support team via email or contact them through the Facebook page, buy given that this is a free service, the answers can take some time. The service works well for the most part so you may not need to contact them after all. However, some customers report that the VPN disconnects very often. This is not only frustrating, but could also put your privacy at risk as it could leave your real IP address exposed. Unfortunately, VPN Monster doesn’t offer a kill switch. This is an advanced feature that ensures that your real IP address is not revealed, even if your VPN connection drops. It does this by shutting down your connection or specific apps, if the VPN connection fails.


VPN Monster works well for people who simply want to avoid restrictions and enjoy more freedom to access online content. It may not help you to overcome Netflix’s restrictions and it is not the best option for secure torrenting, but if you want to unblock websites and secure your date while using public WiFi, this could be the right solution. It is free and the Android app has a high rating. If you are mainly interested in convenience, ease of use and don’t want to spend money, you should definitely give VPN Monster a try.

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