WorldVPN has some interesting service offerings that their competitors simply don’t have. However, even though they have some great services, they are a little more expensive than most of their competition. Furthermore, the name of their company is certainly accurate.

Some VPN services only have a few VPN servers in 10 or fewer countries. However, WorldVPN not only has servers all around the world, but they also have redundant servers in many of their global locations. In addition, they have VPN gateways spread out around the globe in over 100 different locations in over 45 countries. They seem to be constantly expanding the VPN servers to new locations, too.



The pricing structure and service model of WorldVPN is different from most others. There are four different plans, and they have slightly different terms and conditions. Instead of simply offering the same service that other competitors do and only discounting the monthly rate, WorldVPN takes a different approach by offering different service levels. Their four plans are as follows:

  • $4.95 a month – 15GB of bandwidth
  • $9.95 a month – unlimited bandwidth
  • $10.00 a month – 30GB of bandwidth with a dedicated VPN IP address
  • $19.95 per month – unlimited bandwidth and support for up to 10 devices


Additionally, this VPN software will work on all of the major and popular operating systems. Their VPN client runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Although, it can be hard describing the features of this VPN because the features change with each monthly plan. For example, if you don’t buy the unlimited plan, they will either cap your monthly bandwidth at 15GB or 30GB. Furthermore, though they have a refund policy, it is pretty strict and hasn’t received rave reviews.



Regardless of which plan you select, you can rest assured that your data is secure and encrypted. Each plan offers 256-bit encryption to give you the peace of mind that no one is stealing your data. According to their site, their VPN software uses both OpenVPN protocols as well as PPTP.

Speed and Stability:

As opposed to other VPN providers, WorldVPN is very transparent about the speed of their VPN service. Their website states that the connection to the VPN server is a 100Mb connection (Fast Ethernet speeds). Though this isn’t lightning-quick by today’s standards, it will more than suffice for a VPN tunnel – even if you are streaming voice and video.

Customer Service:

One area that they seem to be lacking in is their customer service. It is true that they offer it, but it doesn’t seem to be as accessible or as high a quality as their competition. On their website, you can start a live chat with a representative, but there is no dedicated navigation tab for customer service. In the end, the service offers quality web-browsing security. WorldVPN is not terrible on first glance, but the price is a bit high even for the budget.

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