How Secure is Your 4G Mobile Network?

4gmobileMost of today’s mobile users prefer the speed of data access provided by 4G networks, compared to the slower 2G or 3G.  But are they truly aware of the hidden pitfall of their choices?

First off, the texting and voice features provided by mobile communication are separate from the Internet. This is not true with 4G network.

In order to make hacking at least more difficult, 3G uses SS7, a standard procedure called Signaling System no. 7.  4G has Diameter, an open protocol.  So what is there to stop hackers or cyber criminals from infiltrating the network and cart off with vital data such as personal information and banking or billing documents? And if that doesn’t scare you off, what about the ability to seize, manipulate and control them?  Diameter, being an open protocol is very susceptible to network threats.  Discovering passwords and deciphering encrypted messages are child’s play to today’s techno savvy criminals.

Could you imagine what will happen if terrorists hack through the almost non-existent and weak network protection our government has, that guides all of the country’s vital information? Just the thought of it will send shivers down your spine! Is 4G’s bandwidth of 3-150Mbit in contrast to 2G and 3G 24kb-256kb bandwidth really worth the risk?  Wireless APN or Access Point Name used to connect mobile phones to internet providers is another dangerous landmine. Since 4G traffic is IP-based, targeting specific mobile within range and proximity is not only probable but highly possible.  The sad part is, with this subtle attack, the mobile user or victim is none the wiser.

Also, 4G mobile devices that are connected to a weak wireless APN, would continuously drain your phone’s battery. And when the signals congest, with DOS or denial of service popping up, you won’t even have access to basic texting and voice calls. Claims of 4G as having greater and faster features may not be exaggerated, but its security level and network protection really leaves much to be desired.  The real question is, would you, dear mobile users, sacrifice safety and peace of mind versus possessing the latest and fastest android applications available in the market, that is vulnerable and is just asking for trouble?

Unless 4G network steps up with its network security, threats can only become worse. Luckily, there is a way to at a minimum protect your own data and that of your family, not only across 3G and 4G mobile internet, but across all connections you may come across using any of your mobile or computer devices. A VPN service is the answer. Check our review of the best VPNs for an iPhone, iPad and Android.

Renee Biana

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