Self-Destructing SSD’s

Data security has jumped to a whole new level with self destructing SSD’s. Solid State Drives are flash based hard drive technology that have become popular over the last couple of years due to their speed & form factors. Despite their smaller profile, SSDs use flash in order to double their transfer speeds compared to traditional HDDs. Since their rise to popularity the form factors have been increasing in storage & lowering in price.

Now the next leap in security/encryption technology will be self-destructing drives that can be detonated via text message. The idea being if you ever need to completely wipe a drive remotely when your hardware was stolen it can be done easily by phone.

test1A British based company known as SecureDrive has developed a line of Autothysis line of SS’s that feature all these great features. Each of the drives have a “crypto sanitization” technology built in so that your data can be removed with a verified message. Additionally the SSD’s feature a line of iOS & Android applications that can be used to also secure your data. Other mechanisms such as a tool that destructs the drive when removed physically from the PC, so you can ensure that your data is safe in all scenarios.

The Autothysis line features a 128gb model with 256-bit AES encryption. Capable of transferring up to 4k writes/reads. All of this speed & security will run you around $1,500 USD.

These drives introduce a whole new level of security to data encryption.  Being very valuable in the instances of business & individuals who need high level of security. Government agencies will take specific interest in these drives as they offer their users a great layer of protection in the event hackers or organizations try to steal hardware or data. These implementations protect at software & hardware layers. Hardware triggers protect from physical intrusion while software allows the user to remotely wipe data at any time.



Disconnecting the drive will initiate the self-destructing mode.

Low Battery Level-

This option will self destruct the drive when its internal battery level falls below a certain level.

GSM Starvation-

This allows you to set a time limit via GSM service to self destruct the drive. So anytime the drive is without GSM connection for a certain amount of time.

SMS Message-

Simple SMS trigger can be sent from a phone to the drive to self destruct.  Any message sent that matches your unique code will activate said trigger.

Destroy Data-

Smartphone app via Android/iOS can be used to activate a token which will destroy all data on the drive.

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