Site which hosts the Sims Game Custom Content has been hacked

A new day, a new hack. A hacker who goes by the name of the handle of Websites Hunter, who is also known as the person who leaked the personal details of the Kuwait Automotive Imports Company customers, has now come back with another hack.

The problem now is that his new hack has attacked the website which offers the custom content the Sims video games from the Electronic Arts and the leaked personal details of close to 118,000 customers and users.

What was shown from the targeted site was that the site looked pretty simple and to imagine that there had been a 100,000 registered users on it. However, when Websites Hunter showed that the website was also an easy target and managed to use the SQL injection so that they could steal whatever they wanted from the server.

After contacting the online data mining company Hacked-DB, hacking news group HackRead asked for a scan of the hacked and they got something. The leaked data which was scanned showed that the site had been hacked on the 22nd of September this year.

Further scans of the data showed that the Hacked-DB’s researchers had managed to find the user details in the website such as the username, first name, the last name, the date of birth. The gender, country, 117,743 and some unique email addresses and their passwords which had been stored with an MD5 encryption without salt.

The top email domains which were found on the leaked data included those of,, and

2016 has been a year where large and small business have faced several problems with hacks and cyber attacks. The social media and gaming industries have all suffered the security breaches more than anyone else.

Just last week, the Exile Mod Gaming forum had a breach in which the 12,000 accounts were their details leaked and then it was stolen. Many gaming giants such as GTA forum, the Epic Games, Dota 2, Clash of Kings and the Lifeboat Minecraft which have all faced the massive data breaches this year. At time of writing, the leaked data was also part of the file sharing website for download for the users.

Ali Raza

Ali is a freelance journalist, having 5 years of experience in web journalism and marketing. He contributes to various online publications. With a master degree, now he combines his passions for writing about internet security and technology. When he is not working, he loves traveling and playing games.

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