Testing your web browser for cryptojacking

Cryptojacking allows others to to exploit your computer in order to use it so that they can mine cryptocurrency. This practice has increased and there are even websites that do this in order to generate income. The use of cryptocurrency is more common these days, and even those who haven’t started using it, are probably considering it. However, there are some risks involved, and you should know that there is a chance that cybercriminals can get access to your data. One of the threats related to cryptocurrency is crypto jacking. This is something that you need to be aware of so that you can take steps to protect yourself from it.

As previously mentioned, there are websites that aim to use your computer in order to mine cryptocurrency. In most cases, they do it without your consent and it can be difficult to identify them. These sites use your computer as a host and you may start noticing that your computer is slowing down, that it gets hotter without explanation and that is also very noisy. We will find out more about cryptojacking and will also let you know how you can prevent becoming a target of this practice.

How to know if you have been cryptojacked?

The good news is that it is possible to find out if you are a victim of cryptojacking. Although most people use Chrome nowadays, Opera is another popular browser and it offers a fast and convenient test that can you can find here: https://cryptojackingtest.com/ and Opera doesn’t profit from it. Their main intention is to make users aware of the risks of cryptojacking and to promote the anti-cryptocurrency feature that the browser features. You don’t necessarily have to use Opera in order to access the test, but they do recommend to use the browser and enable the built-in ad blocker with protection against cryptocurrency mining. According to the website’s statistics, over 80% of all the users that run the test, are protected.

What happens if you are not protected?

In case you are vulnerable, a message will appear, letting you know that your browser is affected by cryptojacking. The good news is that even if you get this message, there are some steps that you can take to fix things and protect yourself. Opera will advise you to download its browser and to activate the ad-blocker with cryptocurrency protection that is included. You can also follow the below steps to avoid being vulnerable.

1. Update your browser

Find the Settings section in your web browser. After you update it, perform the test once more to check if you are now protected. If that is not the case, you probably are better off switching to a browser that offers protection, like Opera.

2. Check if your Anti-virus program can protect you

There are some Anti-virus apps that are able to detected and block any cryptojacking attempt. In case you are not sure if your software offers this, you can reach out to the support team for more information, or check the FAQ section.

3. Use an extension

Another option is to add an extension for Firefox known as No Coin. While there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent for Chrome, it is likely that soon they will launch a solution for this browser.

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