Best Sites to Use Instead of TorrentKim

Are you one of those who are felt bad when TorrentKim stopped its operations? Do not fret as there are other different alternatives which you could explore as another option for downloading torrents.

What is TorrentKim?

TorrenKim is well-known for its Korean films, dramas, movies, shows and many more. In addition to that, they also host of quality Korean genre torrents that includes subtitles.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above TorrentKim is no longer operational. In fact, if anything, it is nothing more than a spammy advertisement site that redirects you to other random sites. Although TorrenKim never have announced any information about the termination of their torrenting services and as to if they will or when they will be back, they are surely being missed by those who loves to watch Korean films, dramas, movies and shows.

Though it is not unusual for torrent sites to suddenly close down without notifications, it happens most of the time due to the copyright issues, laws and restrictions. Do not be disheartened as there are lots of alternatives and platforms that you could use and watch to your heart’s content.

Best Alternatives for TorrentKim

1. Private Bay

If you download torrent regularly, then Private Bay is not a stranger to you. It is one of the largest and oldest torrent sites. Though this site has gained numerous lawsuits and a lot of attempts to have them shut down, they still are in the industry and is continuously a sustainable source for most torrent users all over the world.

However, unlike TorrentKim, Private Bay does not solely cater Korean movies but they offer numerous Korean materials that you could access. Moreover, through this torrent site, you could vote and comment on the quality and help which are legitimate are which are not.

2. Tcafe

Tcafe is a good option and alternative to TorrentKim. It is also one of the largest sites that offers Korean genre. The only thing you would need to do, however, is to sign up or register for an account. It is said that Tcafe users have usual problems that is usually experienced in other torrent sites as well. The usual problems are user interface, spammy redirects, plenty of ads and non-Korean users that will need to translate the language of the site to English.

3. DramaFire

DramaFire, compared to TorrentKim, is not as extensive. However, it is also a great alternative in terms of easy to navigate interface and its design. In addition to that, they also offer different Korean films, drama, TV shows, comedy and many more. Furthermore, good news for those who do not understand Korean, there are lots of shows that include English subtitles. Also, the amazing thing about DramaFire is they regularly update many popular Korean TV shows. This only means that you do not have to wait for a very long time to wait for new episodes to be posted.

Just like other torrent sites, however, DramaFire comes with advertisements which is how the site is able to continue to operate. The good news, though, is the advertisements are relatively minimal and their interface is kept and maintained simple and clean.

Best VPN to Use for Torrenting

With the torrent sites featured above, we are sure that you would like to right away access and download torrents. However, we suggest that you hold your horses. We highly recommend that you protect your privacy and ensure that you have high quality secured measures for your connection and protect your traffic from risks that run around the internet world. One way to do this is through the use of a Virtual Private Network or more commonly known as VPN.

Having an excellent VPN could help you hide your internet activities including torrenting. It could also unblock geographical restrictions on streaming and torrenting sites. In addition to that, they could also keep your identity anonymously.

If you are not sure on which VPN service provider you should subscribe to, you came to the right place as we will also feature the best VPNs which you could choose from for the purpose of torrenting.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is considered as one of the most popular and most reliable VPN service providers. Though their plans and prices are quite high, their services are worth it. They have around 5300 servers located in about 58 countries all over the world. They also offer unlimited bandwidth which means you will not have to worry about watching your favorite shows. NordVPN also provides its users the option to be able to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously.

Like the leading VPN service providers, NordVPN also implements and maintains a no logs policy. This means, they do not record your browsing history or your internet activities. In addition to that, NordVPN also comes with military grade AES 256 encryption feature which ensures that your connection is kept private and secured.

2. ExpressVPN

For torrenting, ExpressVPN is another great popular option. They are known for providing fast connection which is perfect for downloading torrents. They also offer P2P servers and unlimited bandwidth. In case your connection drops, you won’t have to worry as ExpressVPN has a kill switch that will protect your connection in the eventuality that your connection suddenly drops.

Like NordVPN, ExpressVPN also is maintaining and implementing a no logs policies which ensures their users that they do not record any data.

EpressVPN has a huge server network scattered in over 90 locations all over the world.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is another established VPN service provider in the market. They have around 5,600 servers located in about 90 countries all over the world. They also offer affordable plans which include unlimited bandwidth, compatibility with major platforms and operating services. They also have military grade AES 256 encryption feature and OpenVPN data security protocol which ensures your connection is kept away from prying eyes.

CyberGhost also has customer service which will address your concerns and queries. In addition to that, this VPN service provider also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


Yes, there are plenty of alternatives which you could choose from as a replacement of TorrentKim. Through the list that we have provided above, you could you will be able to watch your favorite Korean shows. However, as mentioned earlier, we highly recommend to use a good VPN to eliminate risks and to be able to download any content without any worries and problems.

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