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With a Trakt.tv account, it is possible to add, organize and manage all the content that you want in the same place. You can keep your favorite TV shows, movies and documentaries in an account outside XBMC/KODI. Even if your device stops working, you will be able to get access to the content without having to establish again all your favorite go-tos within the add-on when Kodi is working again. You just need to sync your Trakt.tv account to the add-on and you will be ready to use it again. Another advantage of using Trakt.tv is that it gives you the chance to free up some space on your device, You can store data in the cloud and access it whenever you want.

In addition, you can add recommendations at any time. If you are not at home and you hear about a movie or TV show that sounds like something that you really want to watch, you will be able to add it. When you are at home, you won’t need to look for your favorite add-ons, simply open your Trakt.tv account within one of the add-ons that supports the sync feature and you will be able to see the content there. Last, but not least, another benefit of having a Trakt.tv account is that you will be able to create your own add-on within the add-on. Establish categories for movies, TV shows, comedy specials and more so that you can easily access them with just a few clicks. This will be very convenient when you want to find content from Kodi without hassle.

How to get a Trakt.tv account

Go to https://trakt.tv and create an account. The process is very simple and once you have created your username and password, you can add more information to your profile if you want and then you can start looking for some of the TV shows and movies that you want to watch. You can add them to your collections and lists. You will see options to the right of the screen and you can see options like Add to History, Check in, Add to Collection and Add to Watchlist. Selecting these options allows you to build your personal database of TV shows and movies that will appear in your list whenever you use an add-on in Kodi that supports Trakt.

You will see that when you select Movies or TV shows from the top navigation, you will get a similar menu to the left of your screen that offers suggestions on what to watch based on categories like Popular and Box Office. It is possible to build your collections and lists using this menu and you can also select the Add to Watched History, Add to Watchlist and Add to Collection icons. In addition, you can create customize lists of shows that you want to watch now or later on. You can choose where you want to add the content and you can even look for additional information about the TV show or movie. If you check your account collections, you will be able to see a list of all the shows that you have added. You can filter the list by selecting the drop down menu that is located under your profile pic so that you can include your Movies, Shows or selections.

How to add your Trakt account to Kodi

In order to add your Trakt account to Kodi, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Go to your home screen and select Add-ons (the menu to the left of the screen)
  2. When you are in your Add-ons Browser, you can select The Box Icon at the top left corner.
  3. From the menu to the right of the screen, select Install from repository
  4. Scroll down and select Kodi Add-on Repository
  5. Select Program add-ons and from here scroll down and select Trakt
  6. When the install window opens, select the Install icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. If the installation is successfully completed, you will get an add-on enabled/update in the top right corner of the screen. This can take some time so allow a couple of minutes.
  7. If the installation was successful, you will get a Trakt Account Authorization window as well. Open a browser window and enter this address: https://trakt.tv/activate/
  8. Enter the pass code that you got from the Trakt Account Authorization into the trakt.tv browser.
  9. If the code was accepted, they will ask you if you want to sync your trakt.tv account to Kodi. You should say YES and after that is done, Trakt.tv will confirm with a Wohoo.
  10. Go back to your Add-ons Browser window and select Video Add-ons.

You will need to enter your Trakt account manually into Exodus, Stream Hub, Specto and any other add-on that supports the Trakt.tv option. While this is not very convenient, once you do this step, you won’t need to repeat it.

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