How to unblock Pornhub

Unblock pornhubGone are the days when porn fans had to rent or purchase videos from a store, which was for many, at least a bit embarrassing. Now, it is possible to access adult content from the comfort of your own home thanks to the vast amount of websites that feature videos, images and even live streams. There are many options available, but even those who are not into pornographic content have probably heard about Pornhub, the leading name in the industry. Pornhub is a video sharing site that started in Canada in 2007 and it has become the largest online source of professional and amateur porn. It hosts more videos than any other similar website and it receives millions of visitors on a daily basis. There are multiple features supported. It gives users the chance to share videos and even like them or dislike them. It is possible to create an account for free to have the option to post comments, download/upload videos or add them to their list of favorites. Pornhub uses an algorithm similar to the one that YouTube has implemented. It can create personalized video playlists based on viewers’ preferences and other factors such as their location. Pornhub’s curation approach is innovative and it lets users get suggested videos that truly reflect their interests. Pornhub is part of the list of the world’s most popular pornographic websites, along with RedTube and YouPorn.

The extensive selection of content and the innovative technology used are just some of the reasons why it has reached notoriety beyond the adult entertainment industry. Pornhub has also worked on creating original content and it offers video clips that you won’t find anywhere else. The website is also known for using humor to keep users engaged. For instance, on April’s fool Pornhub changes its display to play a prank on its visitors. In 2016, it became CornHub and it showed videos of sweet corn with sexual references in the titles. It can be said that Pornhub has become part of popular culture and even those who haven’t visited may recognize it by name at least. Even in the current online battle between the two largest channels in YouTube (Pewdiepie and T-Series), Pornhub became involved as Indigo White, a popular creator on the adult video platform, expressed her support for Pewdiepie and invited her viewers to subscribe to his channel. This is just an example of how Pornhub stays up to date with the latest online trends, which allows it to get more users every day.

Pornhub offers the chance to watch pornographic videos from all over the world. However, in some locations, the website is blocked or not available. There are some countries where accessing pornographic websites is prohibited due to legal or religious reasons. Indonesia is one of the countries where accessing porn could land you into trouble due to the local regulations. Even in countries that don’t place restrictions on the content that people can access, there are some networks in which Pornhub and similar websites, are likely to be blocked. You probably don’t want to access Pornhub while you are on your work or school network, but even if you try to do so, it is almost guaranteed that you will come across restrictions.

Then we have the case of the United Kingdom, where ISPs have implemented filters that prevent access to porn websites. Although the purpose of the blocks is to prevent children from getting access to these sites, the filters also affect users who are over 18 years old. Under the current laws, websites are required to verify the age of their users to confirm that only those who are over 18, can access pornographic content. In some cases, people have to contact their ISP to request them to unlock porn websites. The mandatory implementation of age checks has raised concerns, because it could prompt websites to request additional information in order to verify that a user is not underage. While websites that offer paid subscriptions can use payment details for age verification purposes, it is not clear how free streaming websites will reinforce the measure. Privacy activists fear that the mandatory checks are mainly intended to collect users’ data.

What is the best solution to unblock Pornhub?

To be able to defeat the restrictions that prevent you from accessing Pornhub, you can use a VPN service. With a VPN, you will be able to bypass restrictions and add a strong layer of security for your connection. When you use a VPN and connect to a server located in a country where Pornhub is not blocked, you get an IP address from that country and get the chance to enjoy all the videos that this platform hosts. A VPN also protects your privacy because it encrypts all your traffic, which means that not even your ISP will be able to see what websites you visit or what content you watch.

Millions of people watch videos on Pornhub every day, but not everyone is willing to admit that they enjoy porn, which is why privacy is still crucial when it comes to accessing this kind of content. A VPN lets you protect your traffic from eavesdroppers and other threats. Not even your ISP will be able to monitor your activities so you can enjoy your favorite online content, without worrying about your privacy. VPNs are not only an effective way to bypass restrictions and unblock online content, they also provide security. Your traffic is routed through an encrypted tunnel to keep your information private. To enjoy Pornhub from any location, without compromising your privacy, subscribe to one of the VPNs listed below and connect to a VPN server in a country that doesn’t place restrictions on Pornhub. The providers in the list have been selected due to the high quality, good speeds and solid privacy policies that they support.


ExpressVPN is perfect for unblocking Pornhub because it offers an extensive list of servers in more than 90 countries. In addition, ExpressVPN is fast and uses a high standard of encryption that will keep your internet traffic secure. No logs are kept of your activities and you can stream content without facing annoying delays.


NordVPN has a strong focus on privacy and security, but it also offers ultra-fast speeds that will help you to overcome restrictions so that you can enjoy Pornhub and other adult websites. NordVPN is a zero logs provider, meaning that it doesn’t keep track of anything you do online. You can connect to servers in over 60 countries.


VyprVPN is another exceptional solution to consider. It offers unique technology that lets you overcome restrictions and enjoy access to Pornhub or any other website that you want to unblock. Even if you are in a location that applies heavy censorship, you will be able to defeat any restrictions with the help of VyprVPN’s exclusive Chameleon protocol.


IPVanish manages its own network of servers and thanks to this, it is able to provide remarkable speeds and reliable performance. You can connect to servers in over 60 countries and unblock Pornhub and other websites with ease. IPVanish offers easy to use software and it is also a zero logs provider.


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