UpToBox Not Allowed in the US? Here’s How to Fix It!

UpToBox is a well-known and popular file-hosting service provider which a lot of users love. Unfortunately, in 2014, it was forced out of the US market. This means if you are in the US and you trying to access UpToBox, you would see an error message. Do not worry as there is still a way for you to use UpToBox. 

Why is UpToBox not allowed in the US?

Though government have been trying their best to stop illegal content distribution, many are disappointed with their efforts which forced the entertainment industry to go to payment service providers. UpToBox is an example where Mastercard and Visa have threatened to stop payment process dues to online piracy issues. 

Due to the pressure which payment services have imposed on UpToBox, it has decided to leave the US market which means, US users would no longer be able to access its services. This means if you are in the US and you are trying to use UpToBox, you would find an error screen stating that its services are no longer allowed in the US.

How to Unblock UpToBox?

There are two ways to bypass geo-restrictions and here they are:


VPN is a tool which would make you seem like you are in another location. This is possible through connecting to a server which is located in a country where the app or site you are trying to access is accessible. It also provides you a different IP address. 

Keep in mind when using a VPN, this could slow down your internet speed. The reason behind this is because it uses encryption which is why it is better to use a nearby location. 

One of the best VPN service providers is CyberGhost which offers 486 servers and has three Canadian sites: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. 

How to Use VPN

  • Go to CyberGhost’s website
  • Subscribe to a plan and create an account
  • Download a native app for your device
  • Open the app 
  • Tap on the location you wish to connect to
  • Scroll down and select Canada
  • Tap it to reveal the sub-list of server locations
  • Connect to any of the available city
  • Open UpToBox and start using it without any restrictions

Use SmartDNS

A good alternative to VPN is a SmartDNS which would help you in terms of connection speed. It could hide your traffic and at the same time it would transmit your DNS query to a third-party server without any encryption. This means you could unblock UpToBox without any worries and problems. Once you have a reliable SmartDNS service provide and get a subscription, follow the setup instructions and go to UpToBox account and create your UpToBox account. 


It is easy to access UpToBox even though it is not allowed to be accessed in the US. There are several ways to connect to it without having any problems and worries. We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information which you could use as a guide on how to connect to UpToBox.

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