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We know that VPNs are effective tools to defend your privacy, but in order to ensure that your identity is protected when you are using a VPN, there are some extra measures that you can take. One of the main things to do is to use an anonymous payment method. Many VPN providers support Bitcoin and while it has become very popular, some people are not keen on the idea of using this solution. Thankfully, there is an alternative and that is using gift cards. You may have received some for your birthday, or may have seen them available from well-known shops. Instead of spending them on something that you don’t really need, you can use them to pay for your VPN service and enjoy strong protection for your internet traffic.

While not all VPN providers accept gift cards, there is a handful of options that allow you to use this method. Apart from letting you pay with gift cards, these VPNs support amazing features and allow you to keep your online activities secure. With these VPN services, you will be enjoy security and will be able to get around restrictions without issues. They also offer flexibility when it comes to payment methods so if you want to pay with gift cards, they support this option. You can turn your gift cards into payment for their service and trade them for the protection and unblocking power that a VPN offers. In this article, we will take a look at the VPNs that let you use gift cards as a method of payment.

How to pay for your VPN using a gift card

In general, when you pay using gift cards, you just need to enter the card ID number and the balance will be deducted and transferred electronically to the VPN provider. Keep in mind that in most cases, an extra 20% to 30% percent of the service cost is charged when you pay using gift cards. This is because the VPN provider has to sell the gift card below its retail value to be able to convert it to cash. Once you select you find the gift card option to pay, a list of the brands supported should appear and you should see the exchange rate available. The best option is to get a gift card option from a well-known store and the amount should be well over the price of the plan you want to get. This will allow you to cover the additional percentage added when you pay using a gift card. The exchange rate can be checked before completing the purchase. Usually, the transfer is completed within a few seconds and once it is done, you will get a confirmation email from the provider with the information required to activate the account.

Best VPN services that accept gift cards

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is a very popular provider and with good reason. Apart from being a well established name, it offers a good selection of features that ensure that you can enjoy a secure and versatile online experience. A yearly plan costs less than $40, which means that Private Internet Access is one of the most affordable solutions available. PIA offers kill switch, DNS leaks protection, as well as high encryption and a privacy policy that establishes that no logs are kept of your online activities. In order to complete the payment, you only need to go to PIA’s website, go to the bottom of the page, select the gift card that you prefer and soon, you will be able to exchange it for a PIA plan that will keep your internet activities protected and that allows you to connect to thousands of servers in over 25 countries.

TorGuard VPN

TorGuard focuses on helping users to protect their privacy, particularly when they are downloading torrents. This provider has a solid no logs policy, which gives you peace of mind as it ensures that your activities are not monitored or stored. In addition, TorGuard handles DMCA notices internally and they don’t hand over any information about their customers to other parties. You can connect to servers in over 50 locations and the service also features proxy, SmartDNS and even an encrypted email service.

TorGuard allows customers to pay using Bitcoin, which is a convenient method to keep your anonymity protected. However, you can also opt for gift cards, if preferred. TorGuard also stands out thanks to the great speeds that it offers and the strong security that it uses to protect your connection. It also has excellent apps and stealth servers that allow you to bypass blocks effortlessly. You can pay for your TorGuard subscription using a gift card. All you need to do is to select paymentwall during the checkout process. This will offer you extra options to pay including gift cards.

VPN Unlimited

While it is not as popular as the options that we listed previously, VPN Unlimited is another affordable and convenient service that allows you to pay using gift cards. There are different plans available and like with other providers, when you subscribe to the yearly plan, the monthly cost is significantly reduced. Their privacy policy states that no logs are kept of your online activities and you can connect to servers in over 40 countries. VPN Unlimited allows you to enjoy good speeds and it offers strong security features such as DNS leak protection and IPv6 leaks protection. In order to pay for VPN Unlimited using gift cards, you just need to go to the checkout and select Paymentwall to find alternative payment options.


SaferVPN is a service that is still in development, but it has managed to get the attention from many people thanks to the strong level of encryption that it offers and the variety of protocols supported. The provider offers features like kill switch and DNS leaks protection. In addition, there is a practical feature called WiFi protection, which connects you to the VPN immediately, when you access an unknown WiFi network. SaferVPN has servers in over 30 countries and it supports between 4 and 7 simultaneous connections, depending on the plan you select.


BlackVPN is one of the services committed to ensure that your privacy and security are protected. The provider has a wide selection of plans that will suit different needs so you can easily find an option that is right for your needs. BlackVPN offers fast performance, high encryption and they also sell pre-configured routers that are ready to run the VPN service. In addition, they offer the possibility of using gift cards to pay for the service.

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