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fiji vpnBreathtaking views, thrilling adventures and amazing beaches are some of the delights that Fiji has to offer. Visitors will fall under the spell of Fiji, a paradise where adventure lovers will discover remarkable shores that are so fascinating, that they have been often featured in films. If you enjoy nature, you will feel at home in Fiji, but you probably will still connect to the internet at some stage, which is why, you need to know how to get the best online experience while you are there. While access to the internet is limited in rural areas, there are many internet cafes available in the cities. It is possible to sign up for pre-paid services and enjoy access on your own laptop or mobile device.

You will also find WiFi connections in hotels and restaurants. It is estimated that nearly 50% of people use the internet in Fiji, but since freedom of speech faces restrictions in the country and these could also affect online users, it is advisable to consider using a VPN. Fiji is classified as partly free by the Freedom House due to the limits imposed on freedom of speech and freedom of the press. The authorities crush protests using violence and political opponents often face threats. The government intervenes in the political arena by preventing the opposition from participating in the electoral process and restricting their chance to get media coverage. There is legislation that prevents media outlets from being critical of the government.

To avoid facing legal issues, most media outlets have opted for self-censorship. Although the situation in Fiji is not as bad as in other nations, there are still threats to online freedom and privacy. The government may not place heavy restrictions on people’s access to the internet, but it does monitor private conversations and online activities. In order to target critical content published, the authorities keep an eye on what people do when they are connected to the internet. The legislation created during the military era that lasted up until 2014, bans “irresponsible reporting” and it enables media censorship. The list of punishable crimes include criticism of the government and internet users are required to provide their name, address, fingerprints, photo ID and more when they register with a service provider.

If you really want to be able to connect to the internet in Fiji, without putting your privacy at risk, you need to use a VPN service. This is what will allow you to protect your data and activities from the government and other parties. Bloggers who want to be able to express their opinions without fearing retaliations, need to protect themselves with the help of a high quality VPN that uses top level encryption. If you don’t want the government to read your emails and track your browsing activities, using a VPN is the best choice. VPNs protect your internet traffic with encryption, making your information unreadable. If you connect to the WiFi hotspot in your hotel and want to ensure that hackers don’t get access to your information, a VPN is also a must-have.

Last, but not least, a VPN will let you get around online blocks so that you can access content that is not available in Fiji. Whether you are visiting Fiji, or living there, you may want to access content that is only available in the United States, for example. A VPN disguises your real IP address and makes you appear as if you were in a different location. This lets you bypass geographical restrictions and it also protects your identity as your real IP address and location wont be revealed. To fully enjoy the advantages of using a VPN, we recommend a high quality service, like the ones listed below.


Since keeping your privacy and online activities protected is crucial when you are in Fiji, NordVPN is a top recommended solution. This is because this Panama-based provider is ready to offer advanced security features that will keep your activities hidden from prying eyes. You can use double VPN encryption and Tor over VPN, which will make your internet traffic practically impossible to access. If you are looking for speed as well, you will be glad to know that NordVPN also has ultra fast servers to help you bypass restrictions to access your favorite content without hassle. No logs are kept at all.


ExpressVPN is a name that you will often see when you are looking for the best VPN services available. It offers high quality apps, strong protection for your data and fantastic speeds to stream and other activities that require efficient performance. ExpressVPN has servers all over the world, covering more than 140 locations. You can expect fast performance and military-grade encryption. In addition, ExpressVPN may be more expensive than other providers, but it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and it doesn’t keep logs of your online activities.


VyprVPN manages its own network, which includes servers in over 70 locations around the world. Since they have their own infrastructure, they have greater control over the performance of their servers so you can expect better speeds and reliability. VyprVPN stands out thanks to its exclusive Chameleon technology, which is designed to get around Deep Packet Inspection, firewalls and more. VyprVPN is also a great solution if you want to get around restrictions and access content that is usually not available in Fiji. They don’t keep logs of your internet traffic.

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