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starcraft vpnIt’s been nearly two decades since the first StarCraft was released for desktop platforms the game has evolved throughout time, bringing out new elements to keep players hooked. In July 2010, Blizzard Entertainment launched StarCraft 2 for Windows and Mac and the sequel of the popular science-fiction, real-time strategy video game, is still gaining interest from gamers from around the world. StarCraft takes place in a distant sector of the Milky Way galaxy. In StarCraft 2, you can take part of an epic story set amidst intergalactic warfare where you can take part in a multiplayer competition with collaborative co-op missions and unique campaigns. The multiplayer mode is thrilling, but also a single player mode that will keep you entertained.

As a real-time science fiction game, StarCraft is loved by those who want an active gaming experience filled with action and a fantastic story. The three main species featured on the game are Protoss, Zerg and Terrans. StarCraft 2 is free to play, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. This is why yo may come across overcrowded servers when you try to access the game. You can overcome this issue by connecting to a different gaming server, but to be able to do that, you need to use a VPN. With a VPN server, you will be able to select a StarCraft 2 server that is not so busy. This will help you to truly enjoy the game. A VPN can make a big difference for StarCraft players as it gives you better options to connect to.

Lag is a big problem for players as it can ruin their chances to win the game, but with a good VPN it is possible to reduce the problem because you can find a server that is not as congested. In some cases, Internet Service Providers can throttle your connection, particularly when you are playing games. Throttling means that your connection is slowed down, which can have a major impact in the outcome of the game. If your connection is throttled, your game can fully stop. You can avoid throttling with the help of a VPN since it lets you hide your activities. Others won’t see what you are doing online so they won’t be able to monitor you and in the case of your ISP, they won’t be able to see what you are doing and throttling your gaming traffic.

Choosing a VPN for StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 delivers amazing gameplay so it is crucial that you enjoy the best possible speed to be able to enjoy it. Although VPNs tend to slow down your connection due to the encryption that is applied to your traffic, it is possible to find services that don’t sacrifice speed to improve privacy protection. While you are selecting the best VPN service for StarCraft, one of the first things that you need to consider is fast performance. That is why you need to look for a VPN that has fast servers in several locations so that you have multiple options to select from. In order to keep security protected, it is also important to go for a provider that uses high encryption to keep you safe from DDoS attacks and other issues that could compromise your privacy. Here is our list of the best VPNs to ensure stability while you are playing StarCraft 2.

Best VPN for StarCraft 2


ExpressVPN is a fast VPN that protects your information with high encryption and security features designed to prevent others from seeing what you are doing. You can connect to servers in over 90 countries, so you will have many options to find the best possible gaming connection for StarCraft 2. ExpressVPN is known for being quite fast and reliable. It is easy to establish a connection and defeat restrictions. This provider doesn’t keep logs, meaning that your privacy is also protected.


NordVPN is a well-known VPN provider with over 5000 servers in more than 60 countries. This provider is one of the most popular names in the VPN industry and it is set to ensure that you can overcome blocks and keep your information protected. You won’t have issues connecting to a StarCraft 2 server that is not as busy and that lets you get the best results in the game. NordVPN is fast, convenient and very secure. It is ideal for privacy conscious users since it doesn’t keep any logs at all.

Private Internet Access

PIA is one of the best solutions in the VPN industry since it combines security, ease of use, fast speeds and convenient features that let you defeat blocks. This provider gives you access to over 3000 servers in more than 30 countries. You can enjoy access to StarCraft 2 and other popular games. Private Internet Access doesn’t keep logs of your online activities and it features kill switch, SOCKS5 proxy and other highly convenient features. It is also one of the most affordable options available.


Surfshark is relatively new, but it has become very popular due to the high quality of the service, the fast speeds, the fact that it uses high security and the strong encryption that it uses to keep your information protected. You can connect to servers in over 60 countries and since Surfshark has been independently audited, its high security and its no logs claims have been confirmed. One of the things that allow this VPN provider to stand apart from other solutions available is the fact that it lets you use as many simultaneous connections as you want.


CyberGhost is another provider that you can use to access StarCraft 2 and avoid lags when you are playing this game. CyberGhost uses powerful unblocking technology and it is designed to ensure that you can access all the content that you want, without putting your privacy at risk. CyberGhost doesn’t keep any logs of your activities and it offers fast speeds that enable you to overcome blocks easily. CyberGhost also offers affordable plans.

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