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It is not that easy to find reliable sources to access high-quality movies and TV shows. There are many free websites available, but they may stop working out of the blue and while premium services are more stable, they can be expensive or come with restrictions that prevent users from accessing some content. One of the most convenient and reliable services to stream movies and TV shows is StreamLord, it offers access to a vast selection of HD content. It only takes a few clicks to access thousands of films and TV series. StreamLord is very easy to use, but in order to be able to enjoy this website without risking your privacy and security, it is important to use a VPN. But before we take a look at the best VPN solutions for StreamLord, let’s talk more about what this website offers and why you need to protect your internet traffic while you use it.

How does StreamLord work?

Ease of use is one of the advantages of using StreamLord. The website allows you to find popular content and thanks to the convenient search option, you can easily find the content that you want to watch. There are two main categories available: Movies and TV series. In the first category, you can browse by genre and there are many options available including Horror, Animation, Comedy, Romance and Documentaries. The TV Series category allows you to browse the latest releases in alphabetical order or by rating.

When you sign up for an account, you can access the basic watch list available on StreamLord, as well as a selection of community features such as discussion forum. IT is possible to upload subtitles for shows or contribute to the site in other ways, like making a donation. This allows you to request shows to be added, download videos in mp4 and enjoy and advertisement-free experience. StreamLord is dedicated to offer high-quality movies and TV shows. You can find blockbusters, classics and more, from reliable sources so you an watch content without coming across dead links or poor quality videos. The selection of content that you can find through StreamLord may be limited when compared to other options, but you can expect high quality in all cases.

Can you use StreamLord safely?

In the same way as other websites, in order to make money, StreamLord relies on cookies, ads and software that allows it to track users’ activity. In general, these features are not as dangerous to safety as they may seem, even when they can be annoying. Still, it is possible that you have to deal with scripts and ads that pose a risk to privacy. We advise you to use an ad and tracker-blocking solution to boost your security. Overall, the website is safe to use, but to prevent any issues and increase the protection to your online data, it is important to follow a few recommendations.

Use a VPN at all times¨

Make sure that you use a VPN when you access StreamLord and similar sites. A VPN ensures that your internet traffic remains private and that your identity is not exposed. If you access StreamLord without a VPN, your ISP can monitor your activity and slow down your download speeds (throttle). With a VPN, you can protect your internet traffic from eavesdroppers and keep your real IP address hidden.

Use an ad-blocker

As previously mentioned, StreamLord features some ads, including redirecting links and intrusive banners. With an ad-blocking extension like uBlock, you will be able to stay safe and avoid potential threats. Another option is to make a donation to the site, which will get rid of the ads.

Don’t forget to use an anti-virus

Although we didn’t find any virus or malware content on StreamLord, it is important to use protection against malware and viruses. Make sure that your scanner remains active to keep your computer protected.

Install a tracker blocker

There are some scripts and add-ons that are capable of tracking your activity from website to website, even if you don’t have your browser open. In order to keep your identity protected, install Privacy Badger on the browser you prefer. You will be able to shut down the trackers automatically.

How to choose the best VPN for StreamLord

Your ISP can monitor your online activities and when you access content through StreamLord and similar options, it is likely that you also get attention from copyright enforcement agencies. You could end up receiving warning letters, or your ISP could simply opt for throttling your connection, preventing you from streaming and downloading content with ease. A VPN allows you to avoid issues thanks to the high level of protection that it offers.

VPN services encrypt all your online traffic, preventing other from tracking your activity and finding out who you are. This allow you to stream movies without putting your privacy at risk. It is important that you choose a VPN that offers a high level of security, but that at the same time, allows you to enjoy fast speeds for streaming. To help you to select a VPN that offers all the features needed to enjoy StreamLord safely, we have prepared a list of the best options available. We have taken into consideration the below criteria to choose the right solutions to stream content in a secure way.

Logging Policy

To ensure that you enjoy true online privacy, it is important to go for a VPN that doesn’t keep logs of our activities. If your VPN doesn’t store traffic logs, there won’t be any relevant information that they can hand over to authorities. A VPN provider that doesn’t log your activities allows you to enjoy your internet experience without worries.


The VPNs we have selected stand out thanks to the increased security that they offer and they use technology that allow them to ensure that your privacy is protected. DNS leak protection and kill switch are some of the features that are crucial to ensure that your identity is not exposed.


It is important to look for a VPN that has a solid reputation and that is recognized for being trustworthy and for offering high quality, effective service. The VPN services included in our list, have been in the industry for a long time and they have a loyal customer base thanks to their reliability.

Anonymous payment methods

To enhance the protection to your anonymity, it is worth considering paying with Bitcoin, gift cards and other anonymous payment methods. If you want to keep your identity hidden, make sure that you choose a VPN that supports anonymous payment methods.

Best VPN Providers to Use with Streamlord


One of the leading names in the VPN industry is ExpressVPN, a provider that strives to stay on top of its game by offering advanced technology, fast speeds, top security and an extensive selection of servers in over 90 countries. ExpressVPN is committed to protect the privacy of its customers and it doesn’t keep logs of online activities. It is an ideal solution to stream movies and TV shows with StreamLord in an effective way.


Based in Panama, NordVPN is a provider with a solid reputation as a strong solution to protect your privacy. It offers high security through features like Tor over VPN and double VPN encryption. The fact that NordVPN is based in Panama means that it is away from the influence of spying alliances and it is not subject to mandatory data retention laws. You can connect to servers in over 60 countries.


One of the strengths of VyprVPN is its commitment to privacy. The provider is owns and manages its network of servers in over 70 countries, meaning that it offers stronger security. The company is in charge of all upgrades and maintenance, which creates a completely private environment for its entire network. The zero-logging policy and DNS requests, as well as an automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection,are features that show the provider’s commitment to keep your data protected. Your information is protected with high level encryption and thanks to the Chameleon feature, you can get around blocks and Deep Packet Inspection.


IPVanish is a provider with extensive experience and it is in charge of its own network of servers. This allows it to offer great speeds and reliable performance. You can connect to ultra fast servers in over 60 countries. Although IPVanish is located in the US, which may concern some users due to the fact that it may be interfered by the likes of the NSA, IPVanish doesn’t keep any logs and it has a good track record protecting its customers’ privacy.


PUreVPN is another good choice for StreamLord users. It offers servers in over 140 countries, which makes it one of the most versatile solutions to bypass geographical blocks. They offer good speeds, high encryption to protect your data and a policy that states that no logs are kept of your online activities.

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