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Since security, privacy and unrestricted access to online content are vital for internet users, the popularity of VPN services has increased significantly over the last few years. A VPN can help us to protect our connection and to bypass censorship and geographical blocks, changing the way in which we use internet. While there are other technologies that offer security and the option to avoid online restrictions, a VPN combines these two features effectively. The Tor network provides a high level of security and privacy, but it can be painfully slow, making it less than ideal for streaming or gaming. SmartDNS is great for bypassing online restrictions and it offers good speeds. However, it doesn’t secure your connection and it is not effective whne you need to access certain streaming services that have implemented blocks.

This is why more and more people are opting for a VPN service and the industry has experienced a remarkable growth. There are many options available and while they provide the core functionality of a VPN, they are not equal. Some providers understand the importance of updating their technology and expanding their network, while others have not managed to keep up and as a result, their service has become outdated and unreliable. When it comes to choosing a VPN, there are different categories to keep in mind. One of them is without a doubt, servers.

You probably have noticed that on their websites, most VPN providers highlight the information about their network, particularly when they have servers in a large number of countries or when they have an impressive number of servers available. Opting for a VPN that has servers in many countries will give you the chance to access content from more locations. However, what is really going to have an impact on the speed and performance of the service is the amount of servers that you can connect to. Of course, the location is important if you want to access content from a specific country so in that case you need to make sure that the provider has servers there.

However, it is worth noting that the majority of the popular content that is subject to geo-blocking is hosted in the United States and practically every provider has servers in that country. Having multiple servers in the same country, allows a VPN service to offer all its customers more chances to connect to that location. A network that has many servers can support a more efficient performance and good speeds for tasks that require a lot of bandwidth such as downloading, streaming or gaming. This is why it is not a coincidence that some of the best providers have a large number of servers. If you are looking for fast, versatile and reliable VPN solutions, the below providers are excellent choices.

Private Internet Access ( Read Review )

PIA has servers in 24 locations, which at first sight, seems limited when compared to other providers with a more extensive global coverage. However, they have one of the largest networks available since they offer more than 3,200 servers. This means that you have many options to connect to servers in your favorite locations. PIA is known for its affordability, good speed and great performance.

TorGuard ( Read Review )

TorGuard gives you access to over 1600 servers distributed across more than 50 countries. They have advanced technology that will allow you to bypass geographical restrictions and DPI in order to access the content that you want. When you subscribe to TorGuard, you get a free Viscosity license. The service is focused on helping customers to access Torrent service securely so you can expect good speeds and performance for this task.

HideMyAss ( Read Review )

HideMyAss has gained attention thanks to its unique image and marketing, but its large network also makes this provider stand out. If you want to be able to connect to servers in many different countries, HMA may be the right choice for you since they have over 900 servers in more than 190 countries.

NordVPN ( Read Review )

At the moment, NordVPN has 5238 servers in its network. This is an impressive amount that makes NordVPN stand out in the industry. With NordVPN you won’t have issues getting around the restrictions that stop you from accessing the content that you want. NordVPN gives you plenty of options to bypass restrictions and it enables you to get the most out of your browsing and streaming apps. NordVPN is not only a provider with lots of servers, it is also a highly secure solution to keep your information protected, even when you use public WiFi networks. On top of that, NordVPN doesn’t keep logs.

ExpressVPN ( Read Review )

ExpressVPN is fast, trustworthy and convenient. They have top quality apps for all major platforms and their customer support is always available to help. ExpressVPN has around 500 servers in 87 countries, which gives you many options to unblock content and bypass restrictions. ExpressVPN is ideal for streaming and gaming and P2P is allowed.

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