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Best VPN to bypass BlockScript (Blocked)

BlockScript, also known as Blocked, is a security applications designed to give webmasters the power to prevent unwanted traffic coming to their website. The tool can detect and block requests from all kinds of proxy servers and anonymity networks, as well as bad bots and spiders. It even offers the possibility of blocking access from certain countries. Using BlockScript on the web server, webmasters have more control over who can access their website. For instance, if there are users who were previously banned, but who keep trying to get around blocks with the help of a proxy, BlockScript can stop them from getting access to the site.

The software can be installed and integrated easily and fast. The developers state that it is possible to integrate BlockScript on pretty much any PHP script and they also offer APIs that support use with external systems. In many cases, in order to get BlockScript running, all that is needed is to paste one line of code. Furthermore, the main features can be accessed for free. If you want to unlock all the potential of BlockScript and get access to all the features, you will need to purchase a license key. The prices start from $299 USD and there is a free trial that allows you to check what the software offers before making a purchase.

While BlocScript can be a good solution for website owners who want to place restrictions on who can access their site, it can be bad news for many users. The main issue with BlockScript is that it doesn’t only affect users who may have been banned and that are trying to circumvent the restrictions. By blocking proxies, the software affects people who need to use a proxy for security because they can only access the internet using a shared/open connection. In addition, the fact that entire countries can be blocked means that many potential customers or people who regularly use the website but that have to travel to one of the blocked countries, will be stopped due to the blanket ban.

How to bypass BlockScript?

BlockScript/Blocked, may be able to detect and block proxy servers and anonymity networks, there is a way to overcome the restrictions implemented by this software. With the help of a solid VPN service that offers the technology necessary to bypass filters and blocks, you should be able to get around BlockScript and get access to the website you want, without any hassle. VPNs are more powerful than proxies and they also offer security. One of the features that sets them apart from proxies is the fact that they apply encryption to your data. That means that they don’t only disguise your IP address to help you to defeat blocks, they also direct the traffic through a secure tunnel, so others won’t see what yo do online.

With a good VPN service, you are set to enjoy online freedom, security and privacy. Your real IP address is masked and when you connect to a server in another country, websites will think that you are actually in that location. This allows you to overcome restrictions and it can also give you access to more content. You will be able to unblock websites, apps and services that are usually not available to you. In order to bypass BlockScript, you can try any of the VPN solutions that we have included in our list. These services offer advanced technology to defeat firewalls, filters and more. They will allow you to bypass BlockScript and enjoy true online freedom.


ExpressVPN is a provider that stands out thanks to its incredible fast performance and thanks to the high level of security supported, your internet traffic will be protected from eavesdroppers. They have 24/7 customer support so you will always be able to get help when needed. ExpressVPN offers high quality software and you get smart DNS as part of the service. Thanks to ExpressVPN’s stealth servers, you will be able to bypass BlockScript. There are no logs kept of your activities and you can connect to servers in over 90 countries.


Golden Frog is a well-established internet consortium and it offers an efficient VPN solution known as VyprVPN. This provider manages its entire network of servers, meaning that it has more control over the speed and security of its VPN. You can expect fast performance and strong protection for your data. VyprVPN offers free smart DNS service, as well as an exclusive stealth solution called “Chameleon”. This unique protocol is ideal for bypassing BlockScript because it disguises VPN traffic and makes it look like standard traffic. VyprVPN doesn’t keep logs of your online activities and it also uses UDP ports to give you more flexibility.


AirVPN is an Italian VPN provider that is recognized for offering one of the most powerful solutions available. It provides a high level of encryption and thanks to its no logs policy, it guarantees that it won’t monitor or keep any records whatsoever. AirVPN also accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment to further enhance your privacy. You can also enjoy advanced functionality such as VPN over Tor or VPN through SSH, SSL. In the AirVPN client, you can go to settings and change to SSL 443 tunnel, which will allow you to bypass BlockScript/Blocked.


This provider is based in Panama and it is a very popular VPN service, particularly among people who want a high level of security and privacy. NordVPN is known for supporting advanced features and offering high security. They don’t keep any logs at all and keep your internet traffic secure with top grade encryption. To further enhance your security, you can use features such as double encryption and Tor over VPN. NordVPN has thousands of servers in 60 countries.


TorGuard is another good option to bypass BlockedScript. This provider offers all the necessary features to protect your privacy. TorGuard has stealth servers that enable users to get around blocks effectively. When you subscribe to TorGuard, you get Viscosity software for free. TorGuard has servers in over 50 countries and it doesn’t keep logs of your activities. It also protects your internet traffic with strong encryption.

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