Wikileaks Hacked soon after releasing Emails compromising Turkey’s ruling party

Wikileaks recently released emails in a move to respond to the government’s harsh response to coup collaborators. The Wikileaks hack comes soon after releasing the first group of emails sent and received by senior government officials and members of the AKP party.

Wikileaks Hacked soon after releasing Emails compromising Turkey’s ruling partyWikileaks released the emails to counter a purge by the government. The purge of the military, political and educational classes followed after an attempted coup. The coup to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was not successful.

According to Wikileaks’ website, the released emails were the first part of the AKP emails. AKP, also known as the Justice and Development Party, is Turkey’s ruling party. The party is the firm political force backing the president.

The first part of the released emails contains a series of 762 email conversations. The batch includes emails arranged in alphabetical order from ‘A’ to ‘I’. The 762 conversations total to 294,548 emails and thousands of embedded files. The AKP party uses ‘’ as their primary domain.

6th July 2016 is the date on the most recent of those emails. The batch contains an email that dates back to 2010. Emails sent via that domain expose general world and political matters, rather than sensitive confidential and personal issues.

Wikileaks claims to have obtained the emails a week before the attempted coup. Wikileaks decided to shift up the publication date after the government’s harsh post-coup responses. Wikileaks confirmed that they verified their source. According to the site, the source is not connected to the coup in any way. They also claim the source has no affiliations with the government or the opposing political party.

Currently, tension continues to mount in Turkey. The government is implementing very harsh rules and laws and has arrested thousands of state workers, teachers, and military officers. The government is also going against news outlets covering stories about the coup.

The government of Turkey has disallowed proper burial of dead coup supporters. Imams will therefore not conduct such burials.

A good number of people died in the attempted coup last Friday. The government of President Erdogan effectively crushed the coup. Yesterday, the Religious Affairs Directorate declared that imams were not to conduct burial ceremonies of dead coup soldiers. According to the institution, the dead coup soldiers “targeted the nation.” 75,000 imams in Turkey are government employees.

Twenty coup supporters died in the fight and violence during the coup resulted in the death of 240 other people. 145 out of the 240 were civilians.

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