Wookie Retro Build Krypton Installation Guide

Wookie wizard features some of the best builds available on Kodi Jarvis & Krypton. The Builds available can be used on any device that you have and they offer the latest add-ons that allow you to access a great deal of content. To be able to use Wookie Builds, it is necessary to carry out Fresh Install. Since Woookie Builds is not officially supported by Kodi, you will need to reach out to Wookie’s developers directly via their email or social media profiles. It is important to keep in mind that apart from not being able to reach to the Kodi team regarding Wookie, you should also bear in mind that there are some aspects to consider when you use third party Kodi add-ons.

There are many add-ons available and while they allow you to access a great variety of content, it is important to be aware of the fact that the content may not be authorized by the copyright owner. Most of these add-ons gather the content from online sources that are not authorized. As such, it is very likely that copyright enforcement agencies try to find out who is accessing the content without the relevant licenses. Using an official streaming service that is licensed to offer content is the best solution, but if you insist in using third-party Kodi add-ons to access premium content, keep the risks in mind.

While we don’t condone piracy and hope that you consider other alternatives, if you decide to use Kodi add-ons, make sure that you use a VPN to avoid security issues. Keep in mind that some Kodi add-ons may contain malware so it is important to read reviews on forums before downloading and installing anything. When you connect to the internet without a VPN, others may be able to see the content that you access. However, a VPN applies encryption to your online traffic and allows you to protect your privacy. It also helps to protect your identity since it hides your real IP address, preventing others from tracing you.

Since a VPN helps you to change your IP address, it is also a valuable tool to bypass geographical restrictions. You can connect to servers around the world and appear as if you were in a different location. This will allow you to defeat restrictions and get access to more content. You can protect your privacy and enjoy online freedom with a VPN. You will find a vast selection of options available, but we recommend you to opt for well-known options like ExpressVPN, IPVanish, PIA, NordVPN and PureVPN. They combine high quality software, top security, good speeds and they don’t store logs of your online traffic.

How to install WookieRetro Build

The first step that you need to complete is to enable Unknown Sources for Krypton so that we can install the Wookie Repository.

  1. From the main menu, click the Settings icon. Then select System Settings and enable Unknown sources.
  2. Back to the main menu and click the Settings icon.
  3. Select File Manager and double click Add Source
  4. Press the indication on the pop-up window that appears there
  5. Type the repository URL like this: http://wookiespmc.com/wiz/ and then click Done
  6. The repository has to be named. Press the empty space under Enter a name from this media source
  7. You can call the repository .Wookie, but it is possible to give it any other name you want. The important thing is that you can recognize the source and the small dot added at the start will prevent you from mixing the repository with local folders since Kodi maintains an alphabetical order to the media sources. Enter the name .Wookie and click OK.
  8. Now .Wookie should be added to your media sources. If you see a message stating that your system is unable to connect to the media source, check again the URL you entered for the repository and ensure that it is correct. If it is correct, make sure that the internet connection is working. If there are no issues with the name of the internet connection, it is possible that the media source is down temporarily. You may need to wait to proceed with the installation once the URL is active.
  9. Go back to your main screen and select Add-on from the side-bar.
  10. Select the repository icon. Then select Install from zip file.
  11. Click on .Wookie or the name you entered for the Wookie repository
  12. Select the Click me – then succumb to The Wookie.zip file
  13. The installation of the wizard can take some time, but once it is completed, a message will appear letting your know that the add-on is enabled. The location of the message will depend on the Skin or Build you use.
  14. Open the Wizard, select My add-ons
  15. Then select Program Add-ons, then click Wookie
  16. In the add-on menu click Open.
  17. Now you are in the Wookie Wizard environment. Here you can find many top builds to install in your Kodi, but now we’ll focus on Wookie Retro Build.
  18. Select Install Wookie, then select Retro Wookie – Krypton.
  19. Select Install and then click Continue. Once the setup is complete, you will have to Force Close Kodi
  20. Now the build is ready. Once you install the Build, you need to wait some time to update the add-ons and scripts as needed during the first run. Allow some time.

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