Review offers a professional level VPN  suited for every day users all the way to the most custom business needs. Not many companies actually fully cater to businesses in the way that does. While some providers offer dedicated IP and multi-user plans, that’s usually the extent of their business services.’s business VPN provides a next-level service that allows for system integration and customization specifically tailored to your company. Users who simply need a dedicated IP also receive a high level of customer care. Although does offer personal VPN services,  their main focus is geared towards professional business use cases. But with high quality, low traffic servers, even the most basic needs can be met with great results. To learn more about this VPN, read the following review to get a better understanding of this service.

Privacy and Security

Proper security and encryption of your data is fundamental to a VPN service both for personal and business use. ensures that no eavesdropping or corporate spying is made possible by using 256-bit CBC encryption with 4096-bit RSA handshake over OpenVPN. Although the service does allow you to connect using older protocols – PPTP or L2TP/IPSec, they should only be used with older or limited devices that do not allow for OpenVPN. MyIP’s downloadable VPN client is OpenVPN, so new users don’t have to worry about accidentally using the wrong protocol, and instantly get the best protection from setup.

Additionally, MyIP VPN has a simple no log policy, and do not log any of your activities. is based out of the United States, which can be seen as negative by the most hardcore privacy activists, simply based on the fact that the US is part of the five eyes alliance. However, US law does not include any kind of data retention regulations of any sort, allowing to provide a secure no log VPN. Using a VPN service like allows you to secure your internet traffic to prevent eavesdropping and hacking, which can be crucial to a business with sensitive data. Corporate espionage has been a real threat to valuable assets which are now constantly shared, worked on, and saved on networked computers.

IP and DNS Leak Test

Every single available MyIP VPN server was tested and successfully passed all IP, WebRTC and DNS leak tests when tested on Windows using OpenVPN. The results were the same when testing dedicated and business VPN servers on static IP addresses. Although utilizes a very simple OpenVPN Connect client, and does not include any additional tools such as a kill switch, every server location provided its’ own DNS servers. Kudos for passing all leak tests.


You can use on major platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Chrome OS. They offer a very basic, bare bone OpenVPN connect client for desktop and smartphone users. All customers get unlimited traffic, which allows them to enjoy security while browsing, streaming media content or playing games, without facing limitations. As mentioned, no advanced features are offered, but you still have the native OpenVPN options which allow you to switch between UDP, TCP or simply use the adaptive mode, as well as the ability to add proxy servers to your connection. The service is currently providing servers for the following 19 countries: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, and United States. The personal VPN plan provides access to 12 of those countries as listed by the image on the right hand side. All servers tested ended up having great speeds, even some of the longer distanced locations provided surprisingly good results. This may be due to the fact that’s servers are not crowded, but matched with unlimited bandwidth, the servers provide fast speeds for all types of applications, including downloaded large amounts of data, or streaming high definition video content.

Dedicated and Business plan users can choose from any of the countries and in some cases, specific cities for better geographical selection. Dedicated IP and Business solutions is where starts to shine. For starters, the dedicated IP plan allows for static IP addresses to be configured along with Shell SSH access. Business users and network administrators often use VPN servers to provide a secure remote connection SSH tunnel to office computers.  The dedicated IP can be white listed to ensure that you can get through the company firewall and access company’s data through a secured connection. This allows you to grant access to your office network and software to yourself and employees while working remotely from home, or while travelling. Geographical restrictions can also be defeated for business users while travelling in countries with high censorship. These features make the dedicated IP service suitable for basic small and medium business needs all the way down to security camera setups.

However, companies looking for a truly professional VPN solution would be better off with the business plan. The platform was designed with professionals in mind and provides a level of support that I have not encountered from any other commercial VPN provider. Network administrators can quickly manage up to 50 simultaneous team members, create teams, and assign specific servers for each user. Customization of the service is provided with the help of a dedicated service representative, and does not cut corners when it comes to providing a tailored solution. Subnet allocations, and various integrations are available, such as LDAP and Active Directory. AWS integration is also notably available with VPC which allows you to create Amazon Site-to-Site VPN connections and provide access to AWS hosted content to your team members. For everything else, simply contact their support team, and they will work with you to engineer a custom solution to meet your needs.

Netflix and Streaming Test

As previously mentioned, server speeds from’s network were impressive, which makes for a good experience when streaming high quality video. Even if MyIP’s service is geared for professional business use, the personal VPN still provides access to a good range of countries to likely meet the needs of most streamers. With servers in the US, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and more, you’re likely to have access to all the countries you need. I was able to successfully unblock US Netflix using 1 out of the 2 available servers, due to one using a fallback IP located in Canada and re-routing the site accordingly. I also successfully unblocked Hulu and HBO Now on the same US server. For Europe, tests also successfully unblocked streaming services and live TV in the UK, Spain, Italy and more.

Pricing splits their service into 3 simple plans to clearly separate service levels and needs. The Personal VPN includes access to 12 countries and is extremely competitively priced at $2.99 per month, or $2.49 when paid yearly. Up next is the Dedicated IP VPN plan which provides one static IP server in the location of your choice, and includes Shell for SSH access. It costs $7.99 per month or down to $5.99 when billed annually. Finally, for the full profession VPN suite, the Business plan allows up to 50 simultaneous users for a starting rate of $29.99 per month. The service fully managed with dedicated technical support, and can be customized to just about any business VPN needs you might have. All plans from include a 7 day money back guarantee, allowing you to test the service freely without having to commit to spending.

myipio pricing

Customer Support

For starters, provides easy to follow tutorial videos to setup their service on various platforms. But they go above and beyond to meet the expectations of every subscriber. Every plan includes 24/7 support, 365 days a year, available through their live chat and ticketing system. Typically, you will rarely need support when using a VPN, but when it comes to business tailored solutions, advanced setups might require the help of qualified support technicians. Companies never wish to waste time and money waiting on poor or unqualified support agents when setting up and integrating VPN servers to their existing infrastructure. More importantly, many businesses are now adopting cloud solutions, and often require customized solutions for their VPN tunnels. This is where stands out from the pack. Unlike the majority of business VPN solutions, MyIP’s Business VPN is a fully managed solution with a dedicated technical support desk of network professionals able to fully customize your setup. We personally tested the response rate and time of their business team, and after comparatively testing business VPNs, was the cleary doing a great job.


In conclusion, the overall experience with was very positive. Although the service is not oriented for beginners, the personal plan remains extremely easy to use, and because uses a simple OpenVPN client, little to no configuration is required. Therefore, I don’t want to deter new users from this service. However, the main strengths of this service lay in their complete solutions for professional use. They offer the most extensive commercial business VPN plans with full customization for all types of company needs. Cloud integration, and dedicated pro level technical support help make it one of the best solutions for businesses and professional users alike. The platform is very simplistic, and avoids useless bells and whistles that serve little purpose, and this is just right for professional use. Even though it looks less polished, MyIP’s VPN service doesn’t lack much. Server performance is also very good, making it suitable for high bandwidth usage. Compared to all other business class VPN services we tested, has the most extensive and adaptable solution available combined with a stellar support team capable of customizing your business VPN specifically to your needs.

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