Avast Secureline VPN Review

Avast is a Czech company known for its highly rated antivirus software. Avast has applied its experience in computer services to an area that has considerably grown in popularity over the last few years: VPNs. While HideMyAss, one of the most recognized names in the VPN world is part of the Avast Group, the company recently launched Avast Secureline VPN, a solution that is little by little becoming known in the industry. Given the solid reputation of Avast’s security software, many people are curious to know if the VPN solution offers the same high quality. Avast Secureline VPN is designed to offer a strong level of protection for your online traffic and it will also help you to bypass the restrictions that prevent you from accessing media content. It is a simple solution that can be installed easily and within a few minutes. Here is more about Avast Secureline VPN.

Security and Privacy

Avast Secureline supports IPSec and OpenVPN, which is widely regarded as a very secure and reliable option. OpenVPN works with UDP and Avast Secureline VPN offers AES-bit encryption, which provides a high level of protection to ensure that your data is safe from attackers. One thing to note is that Avast Secureline supports VPN on Windows and Android, while IPSec is available on macOS and iOS since this protocol offers better performance on Apple’s platforms. When you use the Avast Secureline VPN software, all ports are encrypted and your entire traffic is protected from eavesdroppers. You can browse, stream/download content and play games securely and without facing blocks.

In terms of privacy, it is good to see that Avast doesn’t keep logs of your online activities such as the websites you visit or the services you use. They do log information like bandwidth use, time and duration of your session, but this data is not likely to compromise your privacy and it is deleted after 30 days. Avast operates globally, but since it is not based in the United States, users may feel a bit more at ease as it is less likely to be infiltrated by the NSA.

Avast offers a transparency report that outlines the number of requests for user information received and the instances when data was disclosed. They even mention what type of data was handed over. Although users who want complete privacy may be concerned about the fact that some logs are kept, the fact that the company aims to be transparent, deserves recognition. As long as you use the service to protect your privacy and don’t engage in criminal activities, there shouldn’t be reason for concern. However, they don’t accept Bitcoin or other anonymous method of payments, which is disappointing.


As previously mentioned, Avast Secureline is a simple and easy to set up VPN solution, which is why it would suit those who have no previous experience with VPNs. The software works on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, but at the moment, there is no support or guides for routers and other devices. The software can be used on 5 devices at the same time, but only if you choose the multi-device plan. If you want only a specific platform, you can choose between Avast Secureline VPN for PC and the mobile version. That means that the same account won’t allow you to connect your PC and a mobile device at the same time. If you want to use a device of a different type or platform, you will need to pay an additional price or choose the multi-device plan..

The VPN software is user-friendly and hassle-free. There are no advanced features available, but you can ensure that the VPN is enabled when you connect to any network and select a server easily. The Optimal Location option lets you get the best server because it is selected by the software. Currently, Avast has servers in over 30 countries including Australia, Japan, United States, South Africa, South Korea, Denmark, Finland, Mexico, Czech Republic, Spain and Sweden. Although at the moment, the network of servers is limited when compared to what other providers offer, Avast is regularly adding new options.

While the speeds vary between servers, in general you can enjoy good results for streaming or downloading. P2P is allowed, but only in their servers in Miami, Amsterdam, New York City, São Paulo, Frankfurt, Seattle, London and Prague. They offer unlimited bandwidth and you can switch between servers as needed. DNS leak protection is also supported, but apart from the basic features that you can expect from a VPN, Avast Secureline doesn’t offer any frills. If you prefer a simple solution and don’t need advanced functionality, it is a good choice.


The multi-device plan that allows you to connect up to 5 devices costs $79.99 USD per year or $8.99 if you pay on a monthly basis. If you want to use Avast Secureline only on one Windows PC or one Mac, the price per year is $59.99. For mobile platforms (Android and iOS), the price is $19.99 per year, for a single device. It is also possible to pay per month or extend the subscription to up to 3 years. The PC subscription allows you to select up to 10 computers, but the price increases. There is a free trial that lets you test the service for 7 days and the money-back guarantee covers you for 30 days. The payment methods accepted are credit cards, PayPal and Wire Transfer.

Customer Support

There is a support section on the website, where you can find answers to common questions about different aspects of the service. There is also a forum that will clarify some common doubts and it is particularly helpful for beginners. There is also phone support available, as well as a ticketing system that you can use to get additional assistance. You can also contact the support team through the Avast Secureline VPN client.


Avast Secureline VPN offers a high level of encryption, a good selection of servers and decent speeds that will allow you to stream and download content. While it doesn’t have a zero logs policy and it doesn’t accept anonymous payment methods like Bitcoin, it is a good option for new VPN users who want to protect the security of their traffic. However, compared to other well-established solution, it is expensive, particularly because it only supports one device if you choose the plan that is only for a specific platform.

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