How Does Anti-Mining VPN Help You Stay Protected?

Crypto-jacking attempt unfortunately is an activity which has increased over the year which has made VPN service providers ensure that their users are protected. In fact, there are numerous VPN service providers who have claimed that they have an anti-mining feature. 

Many have become curious and have wondered, what is an anti-mining VPN? An anti-mining VPN is a VPN that provides safety to its users. However, keep in mind that using VPN alone would not be able to guarantee safety against all mining risks. Though this is the case, VPN could still provide you basic security. 

In this article, you would find useful information about anti-mining VPNs and how they could work. 

What is an Anti-Mining VPN?

An anti-mining VPN is a tool which would protect you online against unauthorized cryptocurrency mining. Though crypto has decreased its significance, it is still important to have an effective VPN which would protect you. 

Anti-mining VPN does not only help protect you from crypto-jacking, it also protects your privacy and personal details.

What is Cryptojacking?

The increase of GPU prices has increased the activities of criminals. In fact, they have even come to the extent of stealing from factories, breaking into warehouses and armed robberies. They have even infiltrate people’s computers which is known as cryptojacking.

Cryptojacking has affected millions of people all over the world. Cybercriminals would trick someone by sending an email with a link and as soon as you click on the link a malware would instantly install on your device. The malware would then start run into the background of your device and would help cybercriminals to mine crypto. 

Though this might not look like it is a huge problem, it could actually pose serious problems. For example, the malware would eat a lot of your power and internet speed. 

What are the Features of an Anti-mining VPN?

Anti-mining VPN is a tool which helps you fight and protect your device from cryptojacking. They have features which could detect, prevent and lower the risk of being susceptible and becoming a victim of cryptojacking. Here are some of the features which an anti-mining VPN must have.

Detection Mechanisms

Anti-mining must have advanced algorithms which would have the ability to detect patterns which are associated with cryptojacking activities. This feature has the ability to analyze behavior of your device. It would flag you of any suspicious activities such as unauthorized mining. 

Real-Time Monitoring

Since anti-mining VPNs must have detection mechanisms, of course, it must have continuous monitoring and at the same time, it must be real-time. This feature is very important and critical. Your VPN must be able to actively analyze your data traffic. 

Blocking Malicious Scripts

When cryptojacking is being done on your device, malicious scripts tend to go into your device’s system. Through an anti-mining VPN, these scripts would be blocked right away.

Database of Known Threats

Anti-mining VPNs should have an extensive database of known cryptojacking threats which help them to cross-reference activities. Cryptojacking scripts tend to have signatures and being able to identify these signatures would definitely help you track and block cryptojacking. 

Anomaly Detection

Aside from signatures, your VPN must also be able to identify anomalies or unusual behaviors. For example, your CPU or GPU suddenly spikes or you have unexpected network connections. 

Performance Optimization

Not only your VPN must Be able to detect and block unusual activities like cryptojacking, but also, your VPN must be able to improve your device’s performance. This could be done by managing your allocation of resources. 

User Education and Alerts

When you are choosing an anti-mining VPN, you must consider one that comes with a user-friendly interface which would help you easily understand the risks of cryptojacking and other suspicious activities. 

Privacy and Anonymity Features

When you are able to mask your IP address and encrypt your online activities, you would have an additional layer of protection which would provide more difficulties to cybercriminals.

Do Anti-Mining VPNs Work?

VPNs usually diverts your online connection through another server on another location. This would make it seem that you are somewhere else rather than of you being at home or office. It also encrypts your online data which means it is difficult to trace your activities. 

VPN is a powerful tool which could deal with malwares which could be acquired from downloading and phishing attempts. 

However, and unfortunately, once malware is already in your system, your VPN cannot do much even if you have encryption. 

What Can You Do to Prevent Cryptojacking Attacks?

Slow Device

When you become victimized by cryptojacking, your device would have a hard time responding which could slow down your device. 

High CPU Usage

This means that your computer is using more than your usual activities. 

Overheating or Constant Fan Noise

This means that your device is working double which means that your device would try to stop overheating which makes your fan to make noises. 

For you to prevent or catch cryptojacking, we suggest for you to do the following.

Avoid Phishing

Learn to identify phishing which is the most common method that hackers use for cryptojacking. 

Block JavaScript

Block JavaScript on your browser. This way you could stop cryptojacking attempts. 

Use ad-blocking or Anti-Crypto Mining Tool

We suggest for you to use tools like Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool or ESET online scanner or Emsisoft emergency kit which would definitely make it challenging for hackers and cryptojackers. 

Use PureVPN

PureVPN is highly recommended as an anti-mining VPN. It has the ability to scan your files and make it difficult for cybercriminals to infiltrate your device with malware. It could lower the risk of becoming a victim of phishing as well. Lastly, this VPN comes with an ad block feature which would block anything that looks suspicious. 

Be Safe Online

Do not click any links especially when they are strange and suspicious. Always be cautious and do not trust too much when you are visiting websites. 

Make the Right Choice: Strive to Stay Secure

Malware, cryptojacking, wallet leaks and identity thefts are just a few of the risks that you could encounter online. However, with the use of VPNs you could protect your privacy, prevent unauthorized access to your wallets. This is why we highly suggest to use a reliable VPN. 

Renee Biana

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