ClearVPN Review

Price Range:
$9.75 to $15.00 Per Month

ClearVPN focuses on offering a VPN service per country. Primarily USA, UK or Canada. Contrast to other services ClearVPN sells plan based on each country. So you pay for a US based connection UK, or Canada depending on your needs. This really tailors to those who need specific requirements for one of the three regions.


ClearVPN offers multiple services depending on the country plan you select to filter through. Of course the VPN as a whole allows you act as if you were browsing in the selected country giving you access to all services etc.

Breaking down the services further

Internet Blocking & Filtering- Bypassing all restrictions/geo-locks and os on. Allowing you to visit sites, use streaming services, and more all based on your selected country.

VOIP-Gives you access to Skype, Vonage, Google Voice and other VOIP products that may have been limited to your area.

Secure Browsing- Encrypts data when your browsing on the go. Be it on public wifi or your own network VPN tunneling secures your e-mails, passwords, and more easily.

All while supporting all mainstream mobile platforms such as iOS, Windows Phone, and Android.


As far as security & privacy goes for ClearVPN goes they use a “no logging” terms with their service. Meaning no information/data is stored on any of their servers keeping your privacy intact.

Additionally their payment process in which you sign up for their service also doesn’t track any payment data. Allowing you as a user to remain completely anonymous if need be. Lastly of course when browsing through their servers they guarantee complete security. Not only by tunneling your data but allowing your information to be guarded no matter what network your behind.


ClearVPN offers unlimited bandwidth on all servers. So your not limited no matter the plan or country you select. However as ClearVPN states in their FAQ your internet speed will be limited to that of your ISP. So they don’t include any special sauce to speed up your data as is. Rather they focus on the tunneling aspect.

None the less ClearVPN offers decent speeds no matter the server you connect to with reliability & up time. All giving you the options to stream content be it from BBC, Netflix, and so on smoothly.


Pricing is where ClearVPN differs from most services. It’s pricing works in a couple of ways depending on what you require.

First you can order a monthly plan at $9.75 however you must select the country in which you want access to.




So your plan covers one server based on your needs to said services. Additionally the monthly plans have semi-annual & annual plans for you to choose & save a bit on.

Lastly ClearVPN also offers a tri-country plan.

Allowing you to access all servers at either a semi or annual plan starting at $90 or $125 USD. So in the end ClearVPN isn’t as clear when it comes to pricing you have several options that really come down to your need as a user.

Customer Service:

ClearVPN has a lot of useful links to help you out as a customer. From the simple but effective FAQ page to a full blown client-area. This client area features links & guides for setting up their service across multiple platforms & devices.

Also packing a 24/7 365 support if you need to have certain queries addressed. They have a simple e-mail contact form which they quote about a couple of hours to get a response from. However their site doesn’t feature any live chat, phone numbers, and other external methods of direct contact.


All in all ClearVPN is a more niche service. Despite it’s name the plans are anything from clear. You have monthly, semi, and annual for multiple countries. Where ClearVPN does shine is offering you a great VPN service if you need access to only one country specifically. Backed with a support for all platforms & devices you surely won’t be disappointed as far as compatibility goes for your VPN. So if you want to go with a one server VPN solution to either the US, Canada or UK then ClearVPN is your definite choice.

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