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Cargo logoApple products are known for their groundbreaking design and innovative technology, but there is another key reason why many people prefer them and that is security. While Windows and Android are leading platforms, thanks to their affordability and the flexibility that they offer, macOS and iOS stand out thanks to the high level of security that they provide. However, if you want to take security to the next level when you are using your Mac computer to browse the internet, it is important to use a VPN service as well. Combining the advanced security of your Apple device, with a solid VPN will allow you to keep your online data protected. Cargo VPN is a solution from Eltima software that specializes in providing online security for Apple users. They offer apps for iOS and macOS that are designed to keep your internet traffic private, and to help you to overcome restrictions effectively. Let’s find out more about Cargo VPN and the features that it offers.


Security and Privacy

The main goal of Cargo VPN is to give Apple users a strong level of protection, whether they are at home, or on the go. To secure your internet traffic, particularly when you are using a public WiFi hotspots, which are more prone to online attacks, Cargo VPN supports strong encryption protocols. The options available are OpenVPN, IPSec and KeepSolid Wise UDP and TCP. KeepSolid Wise is a unique technology that works in stealth mode, meaning that it can hide the fact that a VPN is being used since it can make VPN traffic look like standard HTTPS. Thanks to this, it will be nearly impossible to detect and block your traffic, even in networks and locations where VPNs are targeted.

cargo network settings

KeepSolid is an innovative solution, created by another VPN provider (KeepSolid VPN Unlimited), which may raise some questions. However, this can be explained by the fact that KeepSolid has dealership packs that allow other companies to offer KeepSolid Wise. Apart from this protocol, Cargo VPN also supports other secure protocols such as OpenVPN and IPSec. OpenVPN is widely recognized for its reliability and strong security and while IPSec is not as strong, it is also an option that is worth considering and it offers good speeds.

Before Connection

After Connection

To keep your data secure, Cargo VPN uses 256-bit, a high level of encryption that is pretty much unbreakable. With this standard of security, you will be able to enjoy the internet without putting your information at risk. In addition, Cargo VPN’s DNS Firewall will help you to block malicious websites and avoid tracking systems and pop-up windows that can spoil your browsing experience. The DNS Firewall contributes to keeping your identity protected, but we would also like to see a kill switch included. This is the feature that can really prevent that your real IP address and location are exposed because it shuts down internet traffic in case the VPN connection suddenly drops. Unfortunately, Cargo VPN doesn’t seem to include a kill switch at the moment.

It’s time to talk about privacy, a crucial aspect when it comes to a VPN service. The company behind Cargo VPN, Eltime Software, offers detailed information on its Terms of Service and Privacy Policies. However, the specific policies related to Cargo VPN are shorter and can only be found within the app. The main points to keep in mind are that Cargo VPN collects your email address, username, password and payment information. Although the provider states that it doesn’t keep logs of your activities, it does keep some session data logs including dates, bandwidth used and connection times. In addition, Cargo VPN keeps an encrypted log of the number of connected devices per account. This information is collected for troubleshooting purposes.

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There is a catch though. The privacy policy includes a clause that states that in case Eltima Software is contacted by authorities in regards to possible illegal activity, it will log information that can help it to prove your innocence and protect the service. It is unclear what kind of data would be logged, but Eltima claims that no private information is recorded and that once the required evidence is collected, the logging will stop. It should be noted that the policy states that the logs will be collected when a request is received because your activities may be against the laws of the country of the server you are connected to. This may lead to issues if you connect to a server in the US, for example, and access illegal streaming or downloading websites.

Eltima Software is based in Germany, and it also has presence in Nevis, a small island in the Caribbean. While the latter, is a good location for privacy as there are no mandatory data retention laws, Germany on the other hand, is part of the Fourteen Eyes, a spying alliance that also includes the United States, Sweden, France and Australia. If you only intend to use Cargo VPN to add security to general browsing activities, there is no need to be concerned. However, since Eltima keeps some connection logs and it may collect additional information if it is contacted by the authorities, those who want the highest level of privacy for their data, may need to think it twice.

IP and DNS Leak test

There were no DNS, WebRTC or IPv6 leaks detected while using Cargo VPN. Once you run the app on your Apple device, you can connect to a secure server that will mask your real IP address, keeping your identity protected.


Since Cargo VPN is focused on MacOS and iOS, its compatibility is limited. However, if you have a Mac or an iPhone, you will find easy to use apps that are optimized for your device. The apps are available in multiple languages including Arabic, Japanese, English, Russian, Spanish and German. There are convenient tabs that allow you to access the list of servers, as well as your account information, privacy and security settings and more. The design of the app is simple and the options are presented in a clear way, which will be highly appreciated by users who don’t have previous experience with a VPN solution. The privacy and security settings allow you to select the level of encryption that you wish to use and will also give you the chance to enable anti-malware protection, as well as the DNS firewall, depending on the encryption that you choose.

There is a censorship test that checks the censorship levels in your local internet connection. Cargo VPN has at least 1000 VPN servers in over 70 locations around the world in countries like Canada, France, Turkey, Italy, South Korea, United Kingdom, South Africa, Mexico, Finland, Ireland, Spain, Slovenia and Brazil. Torrenting is allowed, but only in certain servers in locations like Romania and Luxembourg. You will recognize these servers because they are marked as “torrents”. It is also worth noting that Cargo has servers that are designed to help you to overcome Netflix’s geo-blocks and get access to other popular platforms like BBC iPlayer. With one account, you can connect to up to 5 devices at the same time and Cargo VPN also supports dedicated IPs. Although the speeds may drop when you connect to some servers, overall Cargo VPN delivers fast performance that will allow you to stream content and browse the internet securely.


Cargo VPN offers three paid plans: a monthly option that costs $9.99, a yearly plan available for $49.99 and a plan that covers you for three years and that costs $99.99. The subscription is paid via your Apple ID, meaning that Bitcoin is not a supported method of payment and you won’t be able to pay anonymously. Keep in mind that the subscriptions are automatically renewed and you only have 24 hours to cancel, before the current subscription period is over. Cargo VPN offers a free trial, although it only lasts one day. For refunds, you will need to contact the Apple Store support, since the app is available through the Mac and iOS AppStore.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t offer detailed information about the service and the customer support team can be contacted via email or live chat. Although the support team is friendly and knowledgeable, you may have to wait for a long time to get an answer to your queries. We hope that Cargo VPN addresses this because fast responses are key to a good customer experience.


Cargo VPN specializes in delivering a convenient and effective solution for Apple users who want to enjoy online security and flexibility on their devices. The apps are easy to use and while they lack features like a kill switch, they offer the main functionality needed to manage the level of encryption that you want to use and other settings. Cargo VPN could be a god choice for beginners who want to add a layer of protection to their browsing and streaming activities. The downside is that there are some logs kept and it is not possible to pay anonymously. While Cargo VPN is not a solution for those seeking for the ultimate online privacy protection, its simplicity and the fact that it has dedicated servers for Netflix, make it an attractive choice, if your main goal is to bypass geo-blocks and protect your traffic in public networks, without hassle.

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