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Getflix is a service that will allow you to unblock websites and content easily, and it is specially convenient for accessing content from streaming services that are not available in your location. While VPNs are the bets option for security and privacy, if you are not too concerned about them and just want speed to bypass geo-blocks, a SmartDNS service is ideal for this purpose. Getflix offers both technologies, but its SmartDNS is what makes the service worth considering. Based in Turkey, Getflix aims to offer a solution for customers who want to enjoy a more versatile and efficient streaming experience.

Privacy and Security

With SmartDNS, the focus is on speed rather than security, or privacy. Although Getflix includes a VPN as part of the service, this is intended to improve your chances of unblocking content from services like Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and BBC iPlayer. While the name may prompt users to think that the service also supports Netflix, unfortunately it is not effective for this purpose. Still, the VPN service that Getflix offers will encrypt your online traffic and enhance the protection to your privacy when you are browsing internet and streaming content.

The protocols supported include PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN, which is the most secure option. Although the service has to be manually set up, the website includes detailed instructions that will help you to run the service on a variety of locations. There are servers available in several countries and P2P is supported in some locations. The website provides a clear overview of the places in which torrenting is allowed. In addition, Getflix promises not to keep logs of your traffic. That being said, since the SmartDNS is the main service, don’t expect top security from Getflix. We would advise users who want top security, to opt for a provider that focuses on VPN.


Getflix allows you to defeat the geo-blocks that stop you from accessing the content that you want. It gives you access to a wider selection of shows and movies, and you can discover content produced in other countries. With Getflix, you can enjoy access to hundreds of entertainment services that are subject to geographical restrictions. These restrictions are generally implemented due to licensing issues. When it comes to streaming, the main benefit of using SmartDNS instead of a VPN is that with SmartDNS, you will be able to load the content faster. This is because there is no encryption in use, which provides security, but also slows down your connection.

VPNs encrypt your data to make sure that it is unreadable for third parties, which is why they would be the right choice for privacy. However, SmartDNS will be enough for most users who just want to bypass geo-blocks. The list of streaming services and channels supported is quite extensive and it includes many different categories. You can find movies, TV series, documentaries, news and even live sports. You don’t need to install additional software and the service can be used on pretty much any device you want. The website offers a list of all the entertainment options that can be accessed and it also provides information about the compatibility in each case.

Getflix’s SmartDNS works by simply rerouting your connection through a different DNS to make you appear as if you are accessing the service from a country where it is available. It offers better performance than proxies and it is designed to ensure that you don’t experience lag, of buffering issues. The requests to different DNS only pass when you try to access content that is blocked. Content that is not subject to restrictions is requested from the public server. This ensures that Getflix’s DNS servers are not overloaded, which results in better speeds. You won’t notice any impact on the speed of your connection so you will be able to enjoy seamless streaming.


The pricing structure is organized according to the length of the subscription. As usual, you can save money when you extend the time of your subscription. One month costs $4.95, but this amount is reduced when you pay in advanced for a longer term. Three months cost $12.95, meaning that the price per month is $4.31. Six months of service cost $22.95, meaning that the monthly cost is reduced to $3.82. One year of Getflix costs $39.90, so you would only pay $3.32 per month. The best savings are available when you pay in advance for 2 years. You pay $54.90, which makes the monthly cost only $2.28. There is a 14-day trail that allows you to test the service for free. However, there are no refunds issued for unused time when you cancel your subscription.

Customer Support

Getflix’s website features a detailed knowledge base, a FAQ section and detailed set up guides that will help you to use the service in any device and platform compatible. While there is no live chat available, Getflix’s ticket system works really well and you can expect responses within a few hours. Their support is helpful and knowledgeable.


Getflix offers incredible low prices, specially when you opt for the tow year plan. You can enjoy the speed of the SmartDNS service, along with the security of a VPN since they support these two technologies. While Getflix will allow you to enjoy access to a broad variety of content, it doesn’t work well for bypassing the geo-blocks implemented by Netflix. Still, if you just want an affordable, easy to use way to access other services and channels, Getflix is an affordable option that deserves to be considered.

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