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Ivacy logoFor over a decade, Singapore-based VPN provider Ivacy has been delivering a service that allows users to overcome online restrictions, protect their privacy and keep their personal data secure. Ivacy is a comprehensive solution that offers strong security, without sacrificing speed. You can enjoy solid protection against eavesdropping, cyber crime and government surveillance and at the same time, you will be able to stream your favorite content without hassle, thanks to the fast speed of Ivacy’s VPN service. It is also worth noting that the company is an official partner of the National Cybersecurity Alliance, a leading nonprofit organization that is dedicated to raise awareness about online security and privacy.

Ivacy continues evolving and updating its service to ensure that customers can enjoy high standards of security and optimized performance for streaming, downloading and playing online games. In recent years, Ivacy has been revamped and its popularity has significantly increased thanks to many welcome changes that have added security and flexibility, making the service one of the best options in the industry. We invite you to find out more about Ivacy in this review.


Privacy and Security

Thanks to the wide variety of protocols that Ivacy supports, customers have many options to protect their internet traffic. You can easily select the solution that better suits your platform and specific needs. The protocols available are PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, SSTP, Stealth and OpenVPN. Each protocol offers its own advantages, but in general, OpenVPN is the best bet when it comes to security. Ivacy uses a strong level of encryption that will ensure that your data remains private and safe from security threats like hacking. With AES-256-CBC cipher combined with a standard RSA-2048 key, Ivacy can provide solid protection against those who try to access your activities and communications.

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One of the highlights of Ivacy when it comes to privacy is the fact that it is a zero logs provider. If keeping your information private is your priority, Ivacy is a provider that you definitely need to check out. A zero logs policy means that there is no information kept about your online activities. Ivacy only stores login attempts to the servers and this is only for troubleshooting and maintenance purposes and this information, doesn’t compromise your privacy. Since there are no records of what you do online or how you use the service, it is not possible to link certain activity to a specific user.

Thanks to this solid policy, Ivacy can offer a service that is ideal for those who are mainly concerned about their privacy. With Ivacy, it is possible to use your favorite websites and online services without putting your privacy at risk. Your email address is kept when you sign up for the service, but this is only required to send invoices. Ivacy lets you enhance your anonymity by accepting cryptocurrencies as method of payment, if you prefer this option. Ivacy’s privacy policy deserves recognition due to its transparency and clarity, something that unfortunately, other providers don’t offer in this area.


Ivacy offers applications for leading operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Ivacy is also an excellent choice of Linux and it offers a high quality service that supports Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and CentOS. The VPN clients are easy to use and allow you to enjoy all the advantages of Ivacy on your computer, iOS or Android devices. There is a dedicated Kodi app available as well, which is great news for fans of this versatile media player. In addition, Ivacy has a practical app compatible with Xbox One and Xbox 360 so you can easily run a VPN to unblock geo-restricted games, prevent DDoS attacks and more. Recently, Ivacy launched extensions for Chrome and Firefox so that you can boost the security of your browsing and access websites that are blocked in your region.

The VPN service supports a smart feature that allows you to choose the best connection settings for your needs. Regardless of your location and purpose, you can enjoy fantastic speeds and security. Ivacy includes a kill switch as well, which keeps you real IP address and your privacy protected at all times because it automatically shuts down all your online applications, if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly. Ivacy also offers DNS leak protection and IPv6 leak protection, offering a complete solution to keep your traffic safe. You can add an extra layer of security with the NAT Firewall service, which blocks unrequested inbound traffic, bad data packets and prevents exploits. This add-on is available for $1 per month.

Ivacy offers apps for the platforms previously mentioned, but it is possible to set up the VPN on other popular devices including DD-WRT routers, Raspberry Pi, Chromebook, BlackBerry phones and gaming consoles. On the website, you can find detailed manual set up guides that take you through every step on the process. While the exclusive VPN clients for platforms like macOS, Windows, Android and iOS are very convenient and let you adjust your connection preferences with just a few clicks, if you prefer a manual configuration, the guides offered by Ivacy will enable you to set up the service without any issue. You can also enjoy flexibility when it comes to the servers that can be accessed. At the moment, Ivacy has over 450 servers in more than 100 locations around the world. You can switch between servers whenever you want and P2P is supported. In fact, there are servers specifically optimized for this purpose, which means that you can enjoy strong security, privacy and anonymity when you use P2P file-sharing applications. To protect your online traffic, Ivacy also offers a network level antivirus.

Apart from the security and the large selection of servers available, the reason why Ivacy is a great option for downloading, or streaming content, is the fact that it offers remarkable speeds. In general, VPN services slow down your connection due to the encryption applied. However, there are high quality solutions that can provide fast performance, without compromising the security of your data. Ivacy is one of these solutions as it has managed to combine security and speed effectively. It is important to keep in mind that the speeds would vary depending on the server and protocol used, but overall, Ivacy offers consistent results and it lets you get access to streaming services, download content or play online games without restrictions. There are no bandwidth limits applied and thanks to the fantastic split tunneling feature, you can choose specific data to be directed through the VPN, while the rest of your traffic uses your standard internet connection. Ivacy allows you to have up to 5 simultaneous connections, giving you security and online freedom across multiple devices and anywhere you are.


One month of Ivacy costs $9.95 USD, but you can enjoy great discounts by extending the length of your subscription. If you go for a six-month subscription, you pay $36, which means that the monthly cost is reduced to just $6. While there is no yearly plan available at the moment, you can get even further reductions by paying in advance for two years of Ivacy. The total cost is $49, which makes the monthly price just $2.04. At the moment, there is an incredible offer that gives you 5 years of service for just $60, meaning that the price per month is only $1. This is a limited offer so make sure that you take advantage of it before it is gone. The plans come with a 7-day money back guarantee so you have enough time to test the service and confirm if Ivacy is the right option for you. Just keep in mind that there are certain conditions to be eligible for a refund. For instance, you won’t get your money back if you have used more than 7GB of bandwidth or if you have exceeded 30 sessions. You can pay using cryptocurrencies, as previously mentioned, or using your credit card, PayPal, Perfect Money and more.

Customer Support

Ivacy’s website offers excellent resources including useful set up guides, FAQs and troubleshooting techniques that will help you to solve common technical issues. In the Support section, you can easily find information about different aspects of Ivacy. You can also get assistance via email, or using the live chat. It is possible to open a ticket to get dedicated support as well. You can expect prompt, polite and professional responses from the customer service team and the fact that there is a live chat means that you can get your queries solved in a fast and efficient manner.


Ivacy offers all the necessary features to bypass online restrictions so that you can enjoy all the applications and media content that you want, regardless of your location. It defeats restrictions seamlessly and at the same time, it keeps you protected from cyber criminals, eavesdroppers and anyone who tries to intercept your data. Since Ivacy is regularly updating its network, you can expect more servers to connect to and even better speeds. The solid privacy policy, the affordable prices, the practical and user-friendly apps, along with the good speeds and high security of the service, make Ivacy one of the VPN providers that give you the best value for money.

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