JustFreeVPN Review

If you are concerned about security and privacy when you connect to the internet, or if you want to bypass censorship and geo-blocks, a VPN is the answer. Everyday we are exposed to security threats and we may face restrictions that prevent us from accessing all the online content we want. Thankfully VPN services offer protection for your online traffic, even when you are using a public WiFi hotspot. They will also help you to bypass restrictions so that you can enjoy online media and visit websites, even if they are blocked in your location. The popularity of VPNs has grown considerably over the last few years and you can find several options available in the market, including free services like JustFreeVPN. Since 2012, this US based VPN provider has been offering a simple, free solution to add extra security to your connection and bypass restrictions. Here is more about this service.

Privacy and Security

One of the main reasons to use a VPN is to protect your online traffic from hacking, online surveillance and eavesdropping. In order to prevent others from seeing what you do online, VPNs encrypt your data. JustFreeVPN supports a variety of protocols such as SSTP, L2TP and OpenVPN, which is trusted for its security and reliability. The level of encryption that JustFreeVPN offers is very strong: AES-CBC 256-bit. What JustFreeVPN promises to deliver in terms of protection for your data is impressive. The problem is that it seems to good to be true. Running a VPN service is a costly task and while a free service can be very convenient, in order to offer the best standards of security and privacy, you should consider a paid VPN.

It is also important to note that JustFreeVPN keeps logs of your VPN access logs and they will hand them over to authorities when they consider it necessary. They claim that this would only happen if you carry out illegal or criminal activities. However, the fact that the service operates from the United States and that is free, will raise suspicion. After all, they are more likely to be approached by the NSA and other agencies that want to get details about your online activities. However, if you really prefer a free option and only intend to use the service for general browsing, JustFreeVPN can be a good option to add a layer of security when you use public WiFi hotspots.


You can use JustFreeVPN on all major platforms: Windows, macOS,Linux, Android and iOS. The service can be configured easily and the website features detailed guides that will help you to run the service on any device supported. While JustFreeVPN is simple, it should be noted that the password to access the service is constantly updated so you will have to go to the website very often to find the new one. The service is fully free and there are no hidden costs, although you will find some ads on the website. If you can’t or don’t want to get a paid VPN service, JustFreeVPN is a practical solution that will allow you to mask your IP address and unblock international content.

At the moment, they have servers in United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, United Kingdom and Netherlands. You can switch between the servers as needed, but you will need to add the country ID in order to connect to a server. The global coverage is limited but considering that the service is free, it is very good to see that it offers a good variety of options in Europe, North America and Asia. Although you will be able to bypass blocks and access websites that are usually not available in your location, the speeds of the service are not good enough for streaming or gaming. Since they keep logs, the best thing is that you don’t even try to use the service for P2P.

Still, it works fine for unblocking popular websites like Facebook and Twitter and it also encrypts your online activities, preventing that third-parties can monitor or steal your information. You can also keep your real location concealed and defeat restrictions, even when you are on the go. Just remember that in order to get a greater level of security, protect your privacy and enjoy streaming, online games and more, it is advisable to pay for a high quality VPN service that doesn’t log your activities and that provides fast performance.

Customer Support

The website provides key information about the service and there is also a forum, set up guides and a useful FAQ section. However, since the service is free, there is no dedicated support available. This is normal when it comes to free services, but since JustFreeVPN is easy to use and the guides will help you to set up the VPN on your device, you shouldn’t experience major issues.


As long as you don’t use it for handling sensitive information and keep in mind the limitation of the service, JustFreeVPN can be a good option to bypass restrictions and add security to your connection. The speeds are not great and it is not possible to contact them for support, but this is something that can be expected when you opt for a free service. JustFreeVPN would be suitable for general browsing and to discover the advantages of a VPN. However, if you need strong security, good speeds and privacy, it would be better to consider a well-established paid solution.

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