LibertyVPN Review

Based in the Marshall Islands, LibertyVPN is one of the companies that works to offer internet users the possibility of looking after their security and privacy. There are many threats to online freedom and privacy, but with a service like LibertyVPN, it is possible to defeat restrictions and enjoy an additional layer of security for your connection. While this provider has been operating for 8 years, it is relatively unknown, at least when compared to the major names in the industry. However, it has been chosen by many people who want to enjoy security, convenience and flexibility to access content that has been blocked in their location. LibertyVPN aims to help users in countries where internet is heavily censored and the service is designed to be effective even in locations where VPNs have been blocked. Here is more about LibertyVPN.

Privacy and Security

The protocols supported are OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and SSTP. The latter is not supported by many providers and it offers a good level of protection so it is good to see that it is available with LibertyVPN. For encryption, LibertyVPN uses 128-bit, which is good enough for most cases, as well as 256-bit, which is the most suitable option when you need strong security. It should be noted that OpenVPN is not available in all locations, which is a bit disappointing since it is the most secure protocol. In terms of privacy, LibertyVPN states that it doesn’t keep logs, but the privacy policy is not very clear and it only mentions that they will not disclose information about your usage of the service with other parties. LibertyVPN also complies with DMCA requests and it may hand over data if required to do so. It is also important to keep in mind that P2P is not allowed.


LibertyVPN doesn’t have a dedicated VPN client, but it works on major platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. Since they don’t have their own software, the set up process is a bit more difficult, but you can find helpful guides on the website that will help you to get the service running on the platforms supported. PPTP, SSTP and L2TP can be configured using a dialler for Windows and the OpenVPN client can be used for that protocol. Shared IPs are in use, although it is also possible to request a dedicated IP for an additional cost. The service is designed to cater for users in countries like China, Iran and Saudi Arabia, where many websites and applications are blocked. You can disguise your IP address to bypass restrictions and enjoy access to the content that you want.

Although LibertyVPN is limited in terms of features, the service works well when it comes to defeating censorship and restrictions, while adding a layer of protection for your online traffic. The speed is not impressive, but it is good enough for browsing and streaming. No DNS leaks were detected in our tests and the website offers a good selection of resources and links to check your connection. Currently, they have servers in 9 countries: Canada, France, United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Netherlands and Germany. Up to three simultaneous connections are supported.


The monthly plan costs $14.99, while the price for three months is $37.99, meaning that you pay $12.66 per month. Six months cost $67.99, which reduces the monthly cost to $11.33. The best savings come with the yearly plan, which costs $107.99, making the monthly price just $8.99. All the plans are covered with a 3-day money back guarantee. Keep in mind that the prices don’t include taxes so the total cost is actually higher. In fact, the pricing is one of the main downsides of LibertyVPN. There are other services that are more recognized and that give you more for a lower price. Anonymous payment methods like Bitcoin, are not supported.

Customer Support

The website offers troubleshooting information and a short, but helpful FAQ section. When you subscribe to the service, you receive the instructions to set up the VPN and you can also find guides on the website. There is no live chat option available, but it is possible to get help through the web form or via email. Usually, their responses take 24 hours given that LibertyVPN is a small company, but in some cases they reply faster.


LibertyVPN allows users to get around online restrictions effectively, and it offers secure protocols and encryption to defend your data from eavesdroppers. However, its privacy policy is not straightforward and there are some concerns about the logging practices. The speeds are decent, but the limited amount of servers and locations can make your experience less versatile. The price of the service is quite high, particularly when considering the fact that there are no advanced features. LibertyVPN works well and it does what it is meant to do, but there is room for improvement.

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