SecureVPN.Pro Review

There is such a long list of VPN services in the market that you may have a difficult time selecting one. If you are interested in SecureVPN.Pro, finding out more about what it offers is a great place to start, before you decide if you want to use this VPN service or not. SecureVPN.Pro is a provider that meets the criteria to be considered as a solution that is worth considering. With SecureVPN.Pro you will be able to defeat restrictions, protect your traffic and keep your activities private. We will take a closer look at all the aspects that are crucial when it comes a VPN and we will check what SecureVPN.Pro offers in these areas.

Security and Privacy

SecureVPN.Pro supports multiple encryption protocols and regardless of the plan that you have selected, you will be able to use all the options available: OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2 and Stealth VPN protocol. The latter is an effective way of avoiding restrictions, even in locations that try to prevent the use of VPN services. Of all the other protocols listed, OpenVPN is the most secure option available and for this protocol, SecireVPN.Pro uses 256-bit by default. It is highly recommended when you want to enjoy high protection for your internet traffic. PPTP is the weakest solutions, but there may some cases in which is the only option that you can use. For instance, some devices only support PPTP. When it comes to encryption, SecureVPN.Pro offers 128-bit and those who have the most advanced plan can get up to 2948-bit encryption. SecureVPN.Pro also supports DoubleVPN, which assigns you an IP address from one server and at the same time, it provides encryption from a different server to keep your internet traffic protected. Your privacy is taken to the next level thanks to this advanced feature.

When it comes to privacy, SecureVPN.Pro has a policy that states that no logs of your activities are kept. Since the provider is based in Hong Kong, where there are no mandatory data retention laws, it is very likely that indeed, there are no logs kept at all. Still, when you use a VPN service you have to trust the provider claims as there is no definite way to know if they don’t keep the logs. It is important to choose a service that has favorable reviews and a good track record protecting the data of its customers. But the only way you will know for sure if a provider is true to its no logs claim, is if it comes out that they handed over data to authorities in a major case. SecureVPN.Pro does sound like a reliable choice since it is based in a country that is outside surveillance alliances like the Five Eyes.


SecureVPN.Pro is a service that works with all leading platforms including Mac, Windows, Android, Linux and iOS. The dedicated apps make things very simple when you install them on the devices supported. After only a few steps, you will be able to install the app and then, you will be ready to enjoy high protection and defeat restrictions without issues. Secure.VPN is easy to use and it offers all the necessary features to keep your data protected. Although you won’t have major issues connecting to servers that allow you to unblock content, the truth is that SecureVPN.Pro has a limited network. Still, you shouldn’t come across any problems while trying to watch your favorite content online. You can connect to servers in Russia, Spain, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Israel, France, Netherlands, Austria and Hong Kong. The servers are well distributed to ensure that people can overcome restrictions, no matter where they are located.

Another thing to note is that SecureVPN.Pro supports torrenting and P2P file sharing. You will be able to download content without putting your identity and privacy at risk. SecureVPN.Pro allows you to enjoy an anonymous, secure and flexible online experience. This VPN also works well with VoIP applications so you will be able to talk to friends and family all over the world. SecureVPN.Pro keeps your communications private and it offers stability and speed, which are also important aspects to ensure that your voice and video calls are fast and that they are not interrupted.


pricing securevpnpro

SecureVPN.Pro also aims to offer competitive pricing and as we mentioned before, it even offers a free trial that lets you find out more about the service before you set up a subscription. The paid plans are set up according to the features that they offer and it is possible to choose the length of the subscription, which is something that not many providers offer. All the plans give you access to the full list of protocols available, but the features are slightly different. The cheapest option is the Basic plan, which is restricted one connection. It costs $7.9 USD per month, then we have the Advanced plan, which lets you have three connections at the same time. It costs $10.9. Pro is the most complete plan as it also allows you to have three simultaneous connections, but it brings two additional features that none of the other plans offer. With the Pro plan you can enjoy an even more secure connection since it features DoubleVPN. Plus, you can also change the location without having to reconnect. This plan costs $17.9. Overall, SecureVPN.Pro is not the cheapest plan available, but it is not the most expensive either. You can pay using cards, WebMoney, PayPal and Bitcoin, which enables you to protect your anonymity. There is also a money back guarantee that lets you get a refund within 7 days of payment.

Customer Support

You can reach out to them via email, chat and there is also a detailed support section with a great deal of information available. There are answers to the most common questions and you will also be able to find articles and set up guides. It is possible to get support at any time of the day, any day.


SecureVPN.Pro offers a good selection of features and it shines when it comes to security and privacy. However, it has a limited network of servers, which sometimes can cause slower speeds when you want to stream or download content. With that being said, the service works well overall and the servers are distributed in a way that ensures that users from around the world can unblock content. Compared to more popular solutions, SecureVPN.Pro is expensive, but you have many options to choose the plan and length of subscription that better suits you.

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