SecurityKISS Review

SecurityKISS is a VPN service based in Dublin, Ireland and apart from offering a convenient free solution, it has a variety of plans that offer strong security and flexibility to suit different requirements and budgets. The main purpose of SecurityKISS is to help you to keep your information protected from online threats. It is a solution that can help you to defend your privacy in a simple and effective way. Here is more about this provider.

Privacy and Security

SecurityKISS supports OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec, which are protocols that offer a high security, particularly OpenVPN. It is advisable to stick to OpenVPN in order to get the strongest protection, but if OpenVPN is not available, L2TP/IPSec is a good alternative. The encryption applied is 128-bit Blowfish and for session keys exchange, 1024-bit RSA certificates are used. Although this level of encryption is strong and would be enough for most users, it could be disappointing for those who want higher protection such as the one provided by AES-256. Still, SecurityKISS has implemented advanced security technology to keep its customers’ data protected from online security threats.

Although SecurityKISS doesn’t keep logs of your online activities, it does collect information about your real IP address, bandwidth and connection/disconnection time. Most logs are deleted automatically after 10 days, with the exception of the volume of data transferred, which is kept for a longer period of time. While it is good to see that SecurityKISS doesn’t monitor or log what you do on the internet, the fact that some information is logged may cause concern among users who prioritize privacy. In addition, it should be kept in mind that data retention laws are applied in Ireland and although SecurityKISS doesn’t specifically state that P2P is not allowed, it has a list of prohibited uses of the service that include access to copyright material. Still, you can enhance your anonymity by paying with Bitcoin.


SecurityKISS has a dedicated client for Windows and a customized Tunnelblock installer for Mac. You can get a configuration for GuizmOVPN for iOS and there is a mobile app available for Android. The service can also be configured on other popular platforms like Linux and DD-WRT. One of the most convenient aspects of SecurityKISS is that no registration or password is required. The features and servers available depend on the plan selected, although all the options offer unlimited switching and exclusive tunneling. The free plan (known as Green) gives you access to servers in four countries: Germany, United States, United Kingdom and France. It has a data limit of 300MB per day and its functionality is limited so it would mainly be useful for browsing.

The economy plan or “Olivine” gives you access to servers in 10 countries including Ireland, Poland, United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands and Belgium. It offers up to 20GB per month and although it doesn’t support access to email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird and Pegasus, it offers unlimited speed and it supports most of the features available. One year of this plan costs €23.90 (nearly $27 USD at the time of writing), which makes the monthly cost €1.99, which is around $2.23. The basic plan is called Malachite and it gives users access to servers in 12 countries including Canada, Russia, Switzerland and Italy. It supports all the features that SecurityKISS offers (except multiple connections) and it provides up to 30GB per month for €35.90 per year, which is approximately $40.20.

The Premium and Ultimate Plan (called Jadeite and Emerald respectively) are the most complete solutions. Jadeite and Emerald offer servers in 16 countries including Hong Kong, Spain and Sweden, but the difference is that Emerald allows access to a larger number of servers. Jadeite provides up to 50GB per year, while Emerald offers unlimited data. One year of Jadeite costs €53.90 (about $60.40) and Emerald is priced at €89.90, which currently is $100.70. All the paid plans support transfer protocols like SSH, FTP and RDP. SecurityKISS supports multiple payment methods including cards, PayPal and Bitcoin.


SecurityKISS’ website offers an FAQ section and guides that will help you with the installation process and to resolve common issues. If you need to reach out to the customer service team, you can use the ticket support system or send them an email. Live chat is also available during business hours, although it can be difficult to get in touch with a representative since the chat always seems to be very busy. If you don’t get a reply, you can send an email and while you may not receive a fast response, in general the information provided is detailed and helpful. It is also possible to contact them through their Facebook page.


SecurityKISS is a practical and reliable option that offers a free VPN service that will help you to improve the security of your online data. The software is lightweight, easy to use and you won’t need to create an account during the sign-up process. The free version of the service is very convenient and it will give you the possibility of browsing anonymously. SecurityKISS focuses on security and although it will allow you to bypass restrictions, the speeds of the service are not impressive. Still, they are good enough to give you good performance for browsing, streaming and other tasks. While SecurityKISS aims to offer a strong layer of privacy, it keeps some connection logs and its encryption is not the highest that you can get. In spite of its flaws, SecurityKISS is a reliable VPN that will help you to keep your data protected when you use public WiFi and in other scenarios.

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