Vip72 Review

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If you want to protect your privacy online and enjoy access to services that are blocked in your location, there is an extensive selection of options available. Vip72 is a provider that offers different technologies that will help you to bypass restrictions and protect the security of your data when you are connected to the internet. Based in the US, Vip72 is a versatile solution that supports not only VPN, but also Proxy and Socks proxy services. They have attracted the attention from many users thanks to their flexibility in terms of subscription length. You can opt for weekly, monthly or annual plans. Here we will find out more about Vip72.

Privacy and Security

The first thing you will note about Vip72 is that their website is very simple, which may prompt many people to question the reliability of the service. However, this service provided by VPN Technologies has been around for over a decade. The service focuses on OpenVPN, which is a secure protocol that allows you to keep your privacy protected. Vip72 uses 1024-bit encryption, offering a strong solution to ensure that your information remains private and secure, even when you are using public Wi-Fi hotspots. The logging policy establishes that they don’t keep records of your online activities.

When you register to the service, you only need to provide a username and a password. However, it should be noted that they state that if they receive a copyright infringement notice, they may permanently suspend a user’s account. They accept Bitcoin as a method of payment, which is another good solution to enhance your anonymity. While Vip72 supports features that can help you to protect your privacy and security online, the fact that the company is in the US may be a significant downside for users who want the best level of protection for their data. Additionally, it should be noted that security researchers investigated Vip72 for its possible involvement in spreading the Bunitu Trojan botnet.


Currently, Vip72 supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Unfortunately, there are no mobile apps available. The provider uses its own version of the OpenVPN client, which makes the download and set up process simple, but Linux users will need to configure the service manually. They also offer additional security options such as DoubleVPN, which offers extra security for your online traffic, as it directs it through two VPN servers. If you need a high level of privacy, this is a good option to have, although it should be noted that it can slow down your connection considerably.

The service that Vip72 offers is set to help you to unlock VoIP services, access websites and applications that are restricted in your network or in your country. The speed of the service is decent and will allow you to stream media content and play online games without hassle. However, it is not a recommended option for P2P since it is unclear what is Vip72’s stand on the matter, but the provider states that it does take action based on reports from copyright owners.

At the moment, Vip72 has servers in over 10 countries including Sweden, Panama, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Latvia, United States, Belgium, United Kingdom and Switzerland. While the service has a stronger presence in Europe, it offers options that will allow customers around the world to find a server that offers them good speeds. Their double VPN solution offers server options like UK-France, Germany-Sweden and USA-Europe. With Vip72 is possible to bypass geo-location restrictions, as well as censorship imposed by the government, or firewalls that are in place in your work, or school network. There is a vast selection of online socks and proxy servers available in over 180 countries, which is convenient if you are looking for many options to change your IP address.


While the fact that Vip72 offers the option to subscribe on a weekly basis, which can be convenient if you don’t want to commit to a long subscription, it must be said that the prices are quite high. The VPN plan costs $9 per week, $25 per month and $265 per year. You can save money when you extend the length of the subscription, but the truth is that Vip72 is quite expensive when compared to other services that offer more features, stronger protection for privacy and that are more popular. In order to get access to the service, you need to register an account and then proceed to make the payment. If you want to test the proxy service, there is a demo option that costs $1.

Customer Support

The website is basic and although it offers information about some of the main aspects of the service, it lacks many details. There is no forum or FAQ section that clarifies the main doubts that customers may have before subscribing to the service. There is no live chat on the site or contact form, but customers can get in touch using ICQ and via email. Unfortunately, the responses are not exactly fast and many customers have reported delays when trying to contact them.


Vip72 has been around for quite a long time and it offers a basic, but good selection of features that can help you to secure your online traffic effectively. However, the price is very high, specially considering that the features or the global coverage are not as impressive as what you get from other providers. There are also some doubts about the reliability and level of protection to privacy that the service can offer. In addition, the customer support needs to be improved. Overall, it is an option that should be approached with caution.

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