Smart DNS Proxy Review

Although Smart DNS doesn’t offer the security and privacy that you can enjoy with a VPN service, it is a practical option for unlocking content subject to censorship or geo-blocks. With Smart DNS, you may be able to enjoy faster performance since there is no encryption applied. If you are only looking for a solution for streaming and general browsing, Smart DNS Proxy is one of the most efficient and reliable SmartDNS services that you can get. We’ll take a closer look at this provider based in Seychelles.

Privacy and Security

As mentioned before, SmartDNS technology won’t protect your online traffic from eavesdropping, or hacking attempts. If you are concerned about the security of your information and want to keep your online activities private, you are better off signing up for a VPN service. That being said, they also offer a VPN service that supports encryption and secure protocols like OpenVPN and SSTP. Their privacy policy is very clear and it establishes that while they will collect information like your name and email address (which are required when you sign up), they will protect the data according to the industry standards and won’t share it with third-parties.

They also state that they don’t log users’ online activities, but will investigate and take action (such as blocking or removing content) in case they deem it necessary. The fact that they are based in Seychelles is also good in terms of privacy since it means that they are away from the NSA’s direct influence. However, it should be noted that the focus of the service is on SmartDNS and not on helping you to protect your privacy. They don’t accept Bitcoin as method of payment and their legal matters are handled in Canada, which is part of the Five Eyes surveillance alliance. As such, it is advisable to consider Smart DNS Proxy only for streaming and general browsing.


Smart DNS Proxy allows you to bypass geographical blocks and censorship so that you can access popular websites and streaming services, even if they are not available in your country. Options like YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and more, can be unlocked with the help of Smart DNS Proxy. The list of services supported is quite extensive (over 300) and you can access content from over 20 countries, including United States, Russia, France, Japan and United Kingdom. They have over 400 global servers and you can expect efficient speeds to stream and browse without experiencing frustrating delays. Smart DNS Proxy also offers reliability with over %99 uptime. One of the advantages of using a SmartDNS service instead of a VPN is that it can offer better speeds since there is no encryption. In addition, a SmartDNS is ahead of VPN solutions in terms of compatibility.

Smart DNS Proxy is compatible with many devices, and it offers detailed guides that will help you to set up the service in a variety of platforms. You can run the service on computers, mobile devices, routers, smart TVs, gaming consoles and more. The setting up process is simple and you won’t experience speed loss, which makes it ideal for streaming and gaming. You can use the SmartDNS on as many devices as you want in your network simultaneously, but If you want to use the service on devices that don’t share the same IP, you will need to get another account.

Unlike other services of the same type, Smart DNS Proxy doesn’t require software installation. The fact that there is no client available, saves you having to add another application to your computer. However, it can be hassle when your IP address is changed by your ISP. The good news is that Smart DNS Proxy offers an option to update your IP automatically and you just need to bookmark the relevant webpage. One of the highlights of the service is that when you connect to the server of your choice, you have the possibility of accessing any streaming platforms without changing your settings.


As usual, the price of the plans depends on the length of your subscription and you can get good discounts if you pay in advance for a long-term. One month of smart DNS Proxy costs $4.90. For three months, you pay $12.90, which reduces the monthly cost to $4.30. One year of service costs $39.90, which means that the price per month is only $3.33. You can also opt for 2 years of Smart DNS Proxy, for just $49.90. This is a very good deal and it makes the monthly cost just above $2. Furthermore, Smart DNS offers a free trial that allows you to use the service for 14 days, without having to provide your card details. If you purchase a subscription, you are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Customer Support

Smart DNS Proxy is a reliable service and it offers good support to its customers. Apart from the Support Center, which offers practical set up guides and information about different aspects of the service, Smart DNS Proxy offers live chat and email-based ticket system for dedicated assistance. The live chat is a fast and effective option for simple queries, but if you need advanced support, the best thing is to open a ticket. The email support is available 24/7 and you can expect detailed and efficient responses.


Overall, Smart DNS Proxy is a great solution for streaming, gaming and other activities that require good speeds. The service offers great performance and the customer support is very good. Smart DNS is also affordable and it gives you access to several streaming services and websites. If you don’t require a high level of security and privacy, a SmartDNS service is a convenient choice, and Smart DNS Proxy is among the best services available in this category.

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