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Best Antiviruses with VPN included in 2021

Most well-known good performing anti-virus providers usually have a VPN included in their offered package plans. However, some of the VPNs that are partnered with their anti-virus software are very slow and some of them are not 100 percent secured. This means you have the risk of being tracked and spied on. 

High quality VPNs on the other hand have claimed that they do not track internet usage which means you are definitely protected from WiFi hackers. In addition to that, they also have the ability to bypass geographical restrictions and will be able to provide you access to restricted content. 

To find a good anti-virus provider that has a powerful VPN as well is difficult to find. However, upon research and testing, we have found the best anti-virus with good VPN providers. 

How Did We Select the Best Anti-Virus with a VPN?

There are several criteria that we have based our decision in declaring an anti-virus +VPN package as one of the best. They are the following:

  1. VPN security – they have either 128 or 256-bit AES encryption for secure browsing. They also must have a strict no logs policy which ensures that the VPN service provider is not recording nor logging your data, activities and information. Lastly, they must have a kill switch and DNS leak protection.
  1. VPN accessibility – they must have unlimited bandwidth and have the ability to bypass geographical restricted streaming content. 
  1. Ease of use – of course they have to be easy to install and easy to customize even for non-tech people. They should have reliable and easy to contact support and customer service in case of queries, issues and problems. 
  1. Strong malware protection – has up-to-date protection from latest security features including those that could protect users from spyware, phishing attacks, dangerous malware, ransomware and many more. 
  1. Value – their features offered should be at par to the price. 

Best Antivirus with VPN

  1. Norton

Norton is considered as the best overall antivirus with VPN. They are well-known for their comprehensive 360 package which offers good antivirus and excellent VPN. Norton’s VPN is very efficient and effective. In fact, they have about 73 servers located in about 29 countries worldwide. Furthermore, Norton ensures that they have a strong and strict no logs policy and they also offer strong security features such as kill switch, DNS leak protection, malware protection, password manager, parental controls and many more. 

They also have the ability to bypass geographical restricted streaming platforms such as Netflix. Aside from that Norton offers unlimited VPN for one device at a very affordable price for their Standard package . If you wish to have the best deal, we recommend that you upgrade to Norton 360 Deluxe package. This package plan allows you to connect up to five devices plus 40 GB cloud storage. 

With Norton’s VPN, you could be assured that your online activities and data are highly secured and they have high speed connection. With all of their top of the line features, the Norton 360 packages, you could be assured that you will get a great value out of their offered packages including their unlimited VPN. 

  1. Avira

Avira gives pride to their offered Prime package. In fact, they claim that their prime package is the ultimate security suite for all devices. They are compatible and could be installed on macOS, Windows, iOS and Android. Aside from that, you could also install their Phantom VPN Pro on these mentioned devices and what is more amazing is you will be able to install it on unlimited number of devices.  

The Avira’s Phantom VPN comes with 256-bit encryption function. In addition to that, this VPN includes high level of security features such as no logs policy, DNS leak protection and many more. They have numerous servers in about 50 locations in about 36 countries. Their free VPN plan offers 500 MB data per month. Though this is not huge, you have the option which recommend, to upgrade your plan to Phantom VPN Pro. This plan offers live chat customer support, additional security features such as kill switch and unlimited data. 

The only problem with their VPN is their download speeds are a bit slower compared to other antivirus + VPN brands. Though this is the case, you will not have any problems in bypassing geo-restricted streaming content. 

As for their antivirus software, we surely are impressed. With the test that we have conducted, the results were superb. 

Avira is considered as the leading antivirus + VPN service in terms of privacy protection. They definitely could protect you from malware and many more. 

  1. Bitdefender

Award-winning antivirus, Bitdefender with high performing VPN is something you should check out. Their VPN ranks as one of the fastest VPNs in terms of performance. It is also easy to use and has numerous servers in about 27 locations. It also has the ability to unblock geographical restrictions of popular streaming sites such as Netflix. Moreover, their VPN ensures that they do not log any of their subscribers’ data. In fact, they have a stict no logs policy. Aside from that, their security measures also include features such as kill switch and DNS leak protection. 

Bitdefender we could say is the leader in terms of performance, cybersecurity and privacy. The only downside is that they could be a bit more expensive. Their Total Security plan offers only up to 200 MB data per day. This means, if you want to get more of their services and would need to extend the 200 MB per day, you will need to upgrade your plan to Premium VPN for unlimited data usage

As for their antivirus software, they are highly reliable and it does not slow down any systems with annoying alerts. They also have a 24/7 customer support service which means in case you encounter any issues or problems, you could contact them easily and quickly. 

  1. Panda

Panda is known for being dependable when it comes to their antivirus software and their fast VPN service. In fact, they use the same protocol as Hotspot Shield. Aside from impressive performance, Panda Dome offer high levels of security and the ability to unblock streaming content. Moreover, through Panda, parents could feel at ease with their children using gadgets as Panda comes with numerous smart features that would ensure kids’ safety online. 

Through Panda, you could monitor your kid’s data usage, browsing history, limit their usage, check their internet activity and locate your child through their mobile phones. 

Panda’s free subscription comes with 150MB per day. If you wish to be able to bypass restrictions, you will have to upgrade to a paid plan- Premium VPN. Aside from the ability to unblock geographical restrictions, you will also have unlimited data usage, choice of server location you wish to connect to and a 24/7 customer support which you could contact anytime. 

As for their antivirus, upon checking and testing, they were able to detect all the malware that we have tried to installed which is highly impressive. 

  1. TotalAV

TotalAV is new in the industry and though this is the case, they offer a high quality antivirus software which comes with numerous top of the line features which includes a VPN. 

TotalAV’s security features includes OpenVPN protocol, 256-bit encryption and many more. They also have about 60 server locations worldwide. This means, you do not have to worry about accessing geographical restrictions on streaming platforms like Netflix. 

As for their antivirus software, we could say that it has impressively performed well. In addition to that, this antivirus + VPN plan is easy to use and is perfect for beginners. 

Comparison of Best Antiviruses with VPN

AntivirusIncluded VPN DataNumber of Devices CoveredNumber of International Servers99% or Higher Malware DetectionNo-Logs Guarantee
1.🥇Norton 360Unlimited1 device for Norton 360 Standard5 devices for Norton 360 Deluxe29 countriesYesYes
3.🥉Avira PrimeUnlimitedUnlimited36 countriesYesYes
2.🥈Bitdefender200 MB daily limit(upgrade available)522 countriesYesYes
4. Panda Dome150 MB daily limit (upgrade available)523 countriesYesYes
5. TotalAV Unlimited534 countriesYesNo

Top Brands that did not make it

  1. Avast/AVG – both companies were accused of selling their users’ data to advertisers which is a huge breach of trust. 
  1. Kaspersky – they offer their antivirus software and VPN in separate plans. Though they are highly impressive and performed well, it could be expensive as you will need to buy both in order to get the full features of both antivirus and VPN. 
  1. McAfee – the downside of McAfee is that their VPN is slow and has some issues with streaming services. Also, they do not have no logs policies. 


  1. Does having a VPN replace an antivirus?

Definitely not. VPN and antivirus are completely different. Antivirus checks your device and protects them from harmful data while a VPN protects your privacy from online internet risks. 

  1. Does an antivirus work with a VPN?

Yes. A VPN, in fact, does not compromise nor does not affect your antivirus program. It is an addition part of most antivirus package but there are also some companies which sold both as separate services. 

  1. Can VPN providers be trusted? 

Though a VPN could protect you from third parties, there are some VPN providers that could see your browsing history which could be susceptible to the risk of your data being sold, lost and even misused. Hence, to avoid these risks, it is recommended that you subscribe to a VPN that is highly trusted and reliable. 

  1. Can a VPN be used on multiple devices?

This depends on the plan or package that you will get. Our top recommendation for multiple devices is the Avira Prime. If you wish for your whole family to be protected, then, we suggest Panda Dome. 

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