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After being in operation for over 13 years, Finnish torrent site Torrentz.eu was shut down on August 2016. The reason behind the shutdown was not disclosed and the final message on the popular website, only bid farewell to the users that relied on the service for more than a decade. If you were one of the millions of people who were left disappointed by the end of Torrentz.eu, you are probably looking for similar options. In this list, you will find the best alternatives that offer similar functionality andquality. Before we go through the best alternatives, it’s worth mentioning that protecting your online privacy is particularly important when you use Torrent sites. That is why we strongly recommend using a VPN for this purpose. A VPN will keep your privacy protected and will help you to avoid copyright trolls.

Torrentz Alternatives

We will present a list of well-established options that will help you to fill the void left by Torrentz. You can also try some of the website clones that were launched after the original Torrentz disabled its searching option. Torrentz2.eu, which looks pretty much the same as Torrentz and Torrents-Pro, which like the original, doesn’t actually host the content but links to popular websites, are two of the most popular clones available. Torrentz2 claims to be the replacement of Torrentz although it is unclear if the same team is behind it. Below you will find other alternatives that allow you to find torrents.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has taken the crown among torrent websites since Torrentz and KAT were shut down. TPB gives you access to a vast library of content that covers several categories. You can find TV shows, movies, books and more. Although the website has faced its own legal issues and obstacles, it has managed to survive and currently, it is the largest torrent website available.

Popcorn Time

While Popcorn Time doesn’t work in the same way as Torrentz, it can be considered as an alternative to access top content. Popcorn Time relies on BitTorrent protocol, but it focuses on allowing users to stream content, by breaking down files into smaller parts. Popcorn Time has also experienced issues with the MPAA and has faced legal issues that resulted in the original service being shut down. However, it is still possible to find clones like popcorn-time.to.


Zooqle is one of the most practical and efficient torrent sites available. It offers a vast collection of good quality torrents. You can browse the content easily and even get information about the movies and TV shows available. It is easy to find popular torrents and even the latest episodes of your favorite series.


If you are looking for an easy to use torrent directory, isoHunt is a suitable option. It allows you to search through different categories and you can find a vast selection of torrents, or share your own. A few years ago, isoHunt was involved in a legal battle with Hollywood and had to pay millions of dollars. However, the site is available again and it is another good alternative to Torrentz.


ExtraTorrent offers a simple, straightforwards interface and advanced searching options to help you find the torrents you are looking for. It allows you to get popular TV series, movies and more, and it has become the favorite torrent site for many.


RARBG has been available for nearly a decade and it stands out for its well-organized database and for offering a good variety of sections. Apart from listing a large selection of torrents according to their category, the website offers news, reviews and a list of the most popular torrents.


Formerly known as Mybittorrent, this website is another well-established option and it features a torrents for a variety of content. You can find TV series, movies, games and comics, just to mention a few. They offer regular updates about the content and features on the site on their Twitter.


Seedpeer is an easy to use torrent directory that lets you find torrents for movies, TV shows and more. The list of the latest torrents available is shown once you access the site, which is practical if you are not sure what to download. You can easily upload and download torrent files.


Another website that you can try is LimeTorrents, which offers an extensive database and magnet links that allow you to get the content you want. Like Torrentz, LimeTorrents doesn’t actually host torrent files, but it offers a practical search option.


BitSnoop looks very similar to The Pirate Bay and it also offers a simple way to look for torrent files. You can search for music, videos, software, games and other kind of content. You can also browse through different content categories and add torrents to your client with the magnet links.


RuTracker is a Russian webiste, but an English version is available, although it is in a testing stage. The interface is very simple and although registration is required, you can find content easily. ISPs in Russia are required to block the website, but if you live outside Russia, or use a VPN, you will be able to access RuTracker without issues.


1337x has been around since 2007 and it provides access to a vast library of torrents. The website is easy to use and offers simple features that will help you to download content without hassle. The site offers magnet links that let you add the torrent file to your client within seconds.


Mininova has also been operating for over a decade and it features a torrent directory and search engine that allows you to find music, movies, TV series and more. Content is organized according to its category. Unfortunately, the website has announced that it will be shutting down in the coming months.

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