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VPN for TeamspeakTeamSpeak offers a very popular communication solution for online gaming, but it is also very useful for education, training or businesses. It can also be used to talk to your friends and family online. This VoIP software enables audio communication between users on the same chat channel. It allows you to hold telephone conference calls on internet using headphones and a microphone. The TeamSpeak software connects to a server that you choose and then you can join chat channels. If you love multiplayer games, TeamSpeak is ideal for you, as it gives you the possibility of communicating with players on your team. Voice communication lets you keep your hands on the controls and focus on your actions while you plan the next moves or give guidance to your team mates.

TeamSpeak is a well-established solution and it supports multiple platforms, including mobile options like iOS and Android. This means that you can stay connected with your team mates even when you are on the go. It is perfect for discussing your strategy fast and effectively, giving you a distinctive advantage in the game. By connecting to your guild or clan’s TeamSpeak server, you can talk to your peers and find out what are the upcoming steps towards victory so that you can take action instantly. TeamSpeak is easy to use, highly secure and offers top voice quality. Additionally, it doesn’t have high bandwidth or system requirements.

The problem that some TeamSpeak users experience is that once they are banned from a TeamSpeak server, it can be very difficult to regain access to that server. Additionally, there are particular servers that are blocked in some countries. Some bans are temporary so you may only need to wait until the restrictions are lifted. However, there are cases in which the bans are permanent. In that case, you can try a VPN service to bypass the blocks, but it should be noted that you may also need to change your nickname. Once you download and install the VPN, you will need to run the program before going to TeamSpeak. There, you can go to Settings, then select Identities. Now you can make a new identity, set it as default and connect to the TeamSpeak server.

Using a VPN is not only a solution that could help you to access the TeamSpeak server of your choice. It could help you to bypass geographical restrictions that prevent you from accessing content from other applications. A VPN can also help you to enjoy a more varied gaming experience, as it gives you the possibility of connecting to game servers that are in different locations. In some cases, you can even improve your ping times and speeds with the help of a VPN, thanks to providers that offer faster routes to game servers. Security is another good reason to choose a VPN as it keeps your traffic protected against malicious attacks and eavesdropping.


ExpressVPN is remarkable solution for gaming thanks to its extensive network that covers 87 countries and its efficient routes that help to reduce ping times. The remarkable speed that ExpressVPN offers will allow TeamSpeak users to enjoy effective communication with their peers. While ExpressVPN is a bit more expensive than other options available, it is a top quality choice. A fast service that allows great communication with your team can make all the difference, so ExpressVPN definitely deserves to be considered.


VyprVPN is the VPN solution created by Golden Frog, a well-established internet consortium based in Switzerland. VyprVPN combines advanced technology, security and remarkable speeds, making it one of the best solutions for gamers and anyone who wants to communicate using TeamSpeak. VyprVPN has created its own protocol, known as Chameleon and it can bypass firewalls and blocks without issues. They have servers in over 50 locations and their customer support is very professional and very responsive.


HMA has become popular thanks to its amusing image, but the service itself deserves recognition for its overall quality and good speed. Although some concerns have been raised in the past regarding the level of privacy that Hide My Ass can provide, the company promises not to keep logs of users’ online activity. They offer good performance and an impressive global coverage. HMA has servers in over 190 countries, giving you many options to bypass restrictions and to access TeamSpeak servers.


Surfshark lets you overcome restrictions and due to the great speeds that it provides it is ideal for TeamSpeak. It offers the chance to connect to over 800 servers in more than 50 countries. You will be able to defeat blocks and get around bans to continue using the service. Its Camouflage mode hides the fact that a VPN is being used so TeamSpeak or other apps that you use, won’t detect this. Surfshark is also a highly secure VPN and it doesn’t keep logs of your activities.

Private Internet Access

While it has servers in less countries (24) than other providers, PIA is very affordable and it supports useful features such as kill switch, which will shut down online applications if your VPN connection suddenly drops. This will ensure that your privacy is not compromised at any stage. PIA also offers effective speeds and access to over 3000 servers so you can still enjoy great performance while using TeamSpeak.

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