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Voot is a free video-on-demand service that provides access to content from TV channels like Colors, Nickelodeon and MTV. It was launched in March 2016, and it has become a popular app in the Google Play Store and the App Store. There is also a web version available, and Voot offers thousands of hours of ad-supported video content. Voot was developed by Viacom 18, and it gives the possibility of watching the latest episodes of popular shows, as well as classic TV series. The user-friendly interface and the fact that there are many shows available in high quality have allowed Voot to gain many fans. The content is organized in categories, and there is even a section specially designed for kids.

Although Voot features ads and some users report that the content takes a while to load, it still is a convenient and free option to enjoy access to a lot of interesting content. The downside is that the platform is only available in India. Voot supports multiple languages spoken in India, including English and the content can only be accessed from within that country. If you are travelling outside India, or don’t live there, you will come across issues if you try to access Voot, you will get an error message stating that

“We’re expanding one step at a time. As flattered as we are to know how eager you are to consume our content, we’re working as hard as we can to give you the entertainment you deserve.
Until then, we’re only available in India. Stay tuned and we’ll reach out to you when we’re available in your country”.

vooot blocked outside of india

To defeat the blocks and discover what Voot has to offer, you can use a VPN service that allows you to appear as if you were in India. Once you connect to a VPN server in India, your IP address will be masked and you will be able to unblock Voot. What you need is to sign up for a VPN that has servers in India and that offers good speeds. This is important because  to enjoy a good streaming experience, you need a solution that is fast. VPNs also offer security for your data as they encrypt your online traffic to prevent others from seeing what you do when you are connected to the internet. The encryption used by a VPN may slow down your connection, but there are highly efficient services that make the difference hardly noticeable.

Here are the best VPN solutions to access Voot from outside India.


Speed is one of the main advantages of using ExpressVPN and since this provider supports a wide range of platforms, you can stream content at home or when you are on the go. There are servers available in 94 countries, including of course, India, where they have servers in Mumbai and Chennai. ExpressVPN has excellent mobile apps and the desktop software is also fantastic. The high level of security applied to your online traffic and the fact that no logs of your online activities are kept are other reasons to choose ExpressVPN.


Surfshark lets you stream the content that Voot offers easily, even if you are not in India. You can connect to more than 800 servers in over 50 countries, including India of course. To defeat geographical blocks, all you need to do is to connect to a server in India and soon you will be able to watch your favourite channels on Voot, while you are at home or on the go. Surfshark has excellent mobile apps and it supports a No Borders mode and a Camouflage mode that allows you to get around restrictions effectively. Surfshark is fast and it doesn’t keep logs of your internet traffic.


If you want to enjoy Voot and other services that are not available in your location, but don’t want to sacrifice the security of your data, you need to consider NordVPN. This provider is based in Panama, which means that it is not subject to mandatory data retention laws. It applies strong encryption for your data and ensures that you can enjoy good speeds while streaming content from Voot and other sources. Apart from offering advanced security features, NordVPN is a zero logs provider. It has servers in over 60 countries including India.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access proves that it is not necessary to invest a lot of money to get a good quality service. PIA has low priced plans and the high quality and great protection that it offers for your internet traffic, make it a trustworthy choice. You can connect to servers in 25 countries, including India and since they have over 3000 servers available, you will be able to change your IP without issues. PIA is ideal for unblocking content from Voot and it is also a secure solution that doesn’t keep logs of your connection.


CyberGhost is another leading VPN in the market and it provides excellent security, as well as fast speeds to help you to overcome restrictions. The network comprises over 3000 servers in more than 50 countries and India is one of them. CyberGhost provides excellent software, advanced features and powerful unblocking technology. It is also a fast VPN that will allow you to bypass restrictions and enjoy Voot’s content from anywhere. Once you connect to one of CyberGhost’s servers in India, you will get an Indian IP that lets you overcome blocks. You’ll be glad to know that CyberGhost is also a zero logs provider.

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