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Zoosk vpnOnline dating is a thriving business with millions of users around the world hoping to meet new people. Since the internet has become such an important element in our lives, it is not strange that we are even using it to find love and friendship. Many people have met their partners through online dating websites and apps, and there are many options available. Zoosk was created over a decade ago and while is not the oldest or most prominent name in the industry, it is a well-established dating site that has managed to stay popular thanks to its intuitive interface and its ease of use. The signup process is very simple and the site focuses on helping you to enjoy a customized dating experience.

The more you use Zoosk, the more information you are required to provide, which is set to offer you better matches and features that suit your personal preferences. Thanks to Zoosk’s unique Behavioral Matchmaking technology, you can easily find people who share your interests. Zoosk follows up on your preferences and behavior to help you get matches that are ideal for you. You can search for people, save searches, play hot or not, as well as swiping games and the website will use the information to understand better what kind of people you are more interested in. You will also be required to answer some questions, which will allow the website to know what you are looking for so that it can offer matches that are really suitable.

Zoosk’s profiles are easy to navigate and although the website offers limited support for video interactions or webcam chats, it offers a verification process that ensures that members upload only recent photos. There is a team of moderators that will review users’ video selfies to confirm that the photos uploaded to their profiles match. This adds a green check to a user’s photos, giving them more chances to get matches and find people who want to meet them. Users are also verified via Facebook and there is always a high amount of people you can talk to. It is also possible to communicate with other members using a variety of options. Zoosk is available in over 20 languages and in more than 80 countries. Apart from the web version, they have mobile apps for Android and iOS. You can start with a free membership, but in order to get the most out of Zoosk, you would need to upgrade to a Premium membership.

Thanks to Zoosk’s advanced verification features and its innovative interaction options that include entertaining games, it is a good solution for people who are serious about finding a partner. The issue is that Zoosk is likely to be blocked in many networks and locations. Some countries ban and block dating websites and apps, but even if you live in a country that doesn’t apply this kind of censorship, it is possible that your school or work network has filters that will prevent access to Zoosk and other similar options. With a VPN, you can unblock dating sites and access Zoosk without issues so that you can find matches or talk to the people you are interested in, no matter where you are.

Here are the top VPN Services for Zoosk.


ExpressVPN is one of the most popular providers in the VPN industry and once you discover the high quality of its service, it is easy to understand why. ExpressVPN provides a high level of encryption so you can protect your online traffic from security threats. In addition, it offers ultra fast servers in 94 countries, which allow you to defeat restrictions anywhere you are. You can use their VPN on a variety of platforms and the software is well designed, it is also easy to use and you get access to advanced features that let you enjoy Zoosk without issues.


When it comes to protecting your online privacy and making sure that your online activities are not accessed by other parties, NordVPN is a top choice since it offers a high level of encryption and it is a zero logs provider. They don’t monitor or record your data in any way. With NordVPN you can get good speeds and the provider has servers in over 60 countries. You can defeat restrictions and enjoy access to Zoosk from any location, even if your network has restrictions in place.


Golden Frog’s VyprVPN is also a good choice to bypass any blocks that prevent you from accessing Zoosk. The service uses unique technology that is capable of defeating firewalls and Deep Packet Inspection. VyprVPN allows you to enjoy fast performance and it offers reliability thanks to the fact that it runs and manages its own network of over 700 servers in more than 70 global locations. VyprVPN also offers strong security for your online traffic.


If you are paying for a Zoosk Premium membership and want to save money on your VPN service, consider Private Internet Access. This provider offers high security and access to thousands of servers in 25 countries for a very affordable price. You can get all the features needed to defeat restrictions and enjoy security for your online traffic. One full year costs only $3.33. PIA allows up to 5 simultaneous connections and it doesn’t keep logs of your online activities.


If Zoosk is blocked in your location, or you simply want to add a layer of security when using this dating service, Surfshark is another name that you should take into consideration. This VPN is gaining popularity due to its effective protection against online threats and the good selection of features that will allow you to bypass restrictions without hassle. Surfshark doesn’t keep logs that could compromise your privacy and it offers great speeds. You can connect to servers in over 50 countries.



CyberGhost has remarkable software and it supports all the features that you need to overcome restrictions and enjoy Zoosk from any location. CyberGhost doesn’t keep logs and it offers fast performance. You can keep your real IP address hidden and thanks to the strong encryption, your personal information will remain safe. There are over 3000 servers in CyberGhost’s network, which gives you many options to bypass restrictions. Although the free plan is no longer available, CyberGhost’s still offering affordable prices.


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