CyberGhost VPN Now Available for Mac Users

CyberGhost has just recently released software for Mac users last week. One of the things that we loved most and stuck out with CyberGhost was their software platform. They offer one of the best designs we have seen across many VPN providers. The easy to navigate graphical map allows you to quickly find servers with good speeds and connects very seamlessly. Installing is just as easy and no configuration is required minus logging into your unique account. CyberGhost VPN offers a free service for everyone to be able to try it out, but due to recent influx in Torrent users, the free service no longer works for P2P.


CyberGhost VPN offers a fairly large network that has continuously grown and provided a good amount of performing servers. The software offered is also way above average offering various additional protection features. In addition to offering you proper data encryption and online anonymity by hiding your IP address and location, the service also has real-time protection against hacking, phishing and cyber scams along with banking information security. They offer a real-time status list of their servers that show exactly how many users are currently connected with a load bar represented in percentage, facilitating the task of finding fast servers.

cyberghost-for-mac-osxThe CyberGhost VPN Mac launched on July 5th, through a Live Google Hangout session where CyberGhost CEO Robert Knapp and team members released their Mac version to the world. You can see it all happen on this YouTube recording of the event. CEO, Robert Knapp also answered various questions regarding NSA protection, privacy and encryption during the launch. You can read the Q&A in the YouTube video’s comment section. CyberGhost picked June 5th as their launch date in honor of the 1 year anniversary marking the first Guardian and Washington post publications of Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations, marking an important shift in privacy concerns and rights all over the world.

For more information on CyberGhost, get the whole scoop here by reading our in-depth review of the service. CyberGhost currently counts 326 servers worldwide across 24 countries, mostly concentrated in Europe, with a very strong presence in Germany, United States, Romania, United Kingdom and Switzerland. As mentioned, they offer a free service that only restricts P2P transfers for obvious bandwidth issues that came to be from abuse of the free service. To better the service for paying customers, the P2P bandwidth is now reserved for paid plans. We still welcome users to try it out first and get a feel for the software and see if CyberGhost VPN fits their needs best.

Renee Biana

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