How Stealth VPN Technology Works

There have been numerous forums posted on the internet about Stealth VPN. Though this is the case, you might still not know what it means. Hence, through this article, you will be able to learn more about the following:

  • How Stealth VPN works
  • What Stealth VPN means
  • Best providers that offer Stealth VPN
  • Why use Stealth

What is Stealth VPN?

Stealth VPN is a tool used to disguise VPN traffic and regular browsing traffic as well. It could also handle deep packet inspections by your firewall or network administrator. Moreover, it is designed to ensure your connection will not be blocked by firewalls and applications.

Countries Who Restrict Sites:

  • China
  • Pakistan
  • Iran
  • UAE
  • Cuba

There are also institutions such as schools and offices that block VPN access and through Stealth VPN, you will be able to bypass blocking techniques or restrictions.

How Stealth VPN Works

Stealth VPN works like a VPN camouflage. It makes your VPN data packets look like regular HTTP traffic (HTTPS).

What is HTTPS?

HTTP is what is sent to your computer whenever you check other sites. HTTPS on the other hand is the encrypted version of HTTP. It uses TLS/SSL encryption.

HTTPS is commonly used whenever you browse the internet. You might have been using it already and just do not know. HTTPS is usually used whenever you go banking online or type in your credit card information and sometimes even Facebook.

To know if you are using HTTPS, all you have to do is to look for the lock icon on your browser’s address bar. After the lock icon bar, you will see https before www. If you see these, then you are using HTTPS. However, take note that a firewall or your router could still identify HTTPS.

How VPN Data is Transformed into Stealth Packets

Below is a step by step process to create unblockable VPN tunnels:

1. Use regular OpenVPN encrypted data- OpenVPN data usually has the following parts:

  • Header- routing information and packet identification
  • Payload- is the data packet’s encrypted portion.

2. Strip away the VPN data from Header

Stealth VPN removes meta data from packet header which identifies data on your VPN protocol. This process is called obfuscation.

3. Disguise VPN data as HTTPS

Cloak and disguise the source of your packet as the regular HTTPS encrypted web traffic.

Two Charateristics of HTTPS Data

  1. SSL/TLS Encryption- the use of this feature provides a 2nd layer of encryption.
  2. Port #443- assign data to port #443.

Other Stealth Protocols

Stealth VPN servers often use OpenVPN encryption since they offer the best features of speed, security and cross platform. Aside from OpenVPN encryption, one stealth protocol that could also be used is the SSTP or more commonly known as Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol. This protocol is available and is compatible only on windows.

Since SSTP encryption uses SSL encryption, it would be difficult to block.

When to Use a Stealth VPN

There are countries that are difficult to access sites that are restricted and some of them are UAE, China and Iran. As a matter of fact, there even some countries where using a VPN is a crime. Hence, it is necessary for you to make your VPN undetectable through the use of a Stealth VPN. Aside from that, here are other reasons when one should use a stealth VPN:

1. School/ Work

Some universities, schools and even work because most of the time, these institutions use Network Firewall which blocks the access of certain sites like YouTube, Facebook and many more. Moreover, using VPN could be detected by firewall which means, you could get busted for using VPN and accessing restricted.

2. To Prevent VPN Throttling

Usually, the usage of VPN could slower down your connection. By using stealth VPN server, you could overcome throttling problems that your VPN packets could have caused.

3. For Extra Privacy

Stealth VPN cold mix your VPN traffic with other billions of other HTTPS data packets. This means, your ISP will not be able to detect your connection.

Best Stealth VPN Services

1. VPN.ac

Though this service provider has been off the radar in the industry, it could have done that on purpose. This means, it increases your protection from being known or busted. Aside from that, they offer non-logging DNS servers. This means it mixes all DNS requests and are randomly generated. This ensures you maximum privacy.

2. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is one of the most popular VPN service providers. They also have their own stealth VPN protocol feature called Chameleon. They offer 256-bit OpenVPN encryption and their services could evade firewalls effectively. They also provide features like dual VPN kill-switch, VPN bandwidth monitor, NAT protection and many more.

3. Torguard

Torguard has created one of the best Stealth VPN servers which makes it easier to access sites on any device you have. It could even bypass and circumvent firewalls of China. They offer no logs policy and provide anonymous proxy services.

4. Proxy.sh (hardcore TOR Obfuscation)

Though Proxy.sh does not have its own dedicated stealth protocol, they come with detailed instructions showing their subscribers how to create their own stealth protocol using their Obfsproxy.

5. SwitchVPN

This tool provides SSTP protocol which is created to look like regular SSL/HTTPS traffic. Unfortunately, SwitchVPN could only be used on Windows OS. This means, if you are using Mac, you will need to look for other options.


Using Stealth VPN encryption could not only bypass firewalls but could also circumvent Deep Packet Inspection. There are two stealth protocols:

  1. OpenVPN- this is the most used stealth protocol. It could obfuscate packet headers and wrap data in SSL and TLS encryption which will disguise your connection to regular HTTPS.
  2. SSTP- this protocol uses SSL encryption which disguises your connection to HTTPS.

Stealth VPN is used to get your VPN protected from being detected by network admins and get pass through firewalls. We hope that through this article, we were able to help you choose the best option that would best suit you.

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