How to access FX with a VPN from Anywhere

Watch Fx from anywhereFor over two decades, FX Network has been providing entertainment to audiences in the United States and abroad. The channel is part of Fox Group Entertainment and it is known for creating edgy, unique and successful shows like American Horror Story, The Shield, Sons of Anarchy, Taboo, The Americans, Fargo, Nip/Tuck, Archer, Louie and The Strain. FX is one of the most popular channels in the US and the on-demand service allows viewers to get access to movies and TV shows on their computers or mobile devices. Apart from being able to watch original TV series and documentaries, it is possible to enjoy classic shows and legendary movies.

If you love FX shows, the on-demand application is a convenient solution to enjoy your favorite episodes or watch the latest ones, even if you are on the go. The downside is that due to licensing issues, the content is only available to users in the United States and Canada. If you try to access FX Network’s live stream and you are in a different location, you will come across a message letting you know that the service is subject to geographical blocks. In order to bypass the restrictions implemented by FX, viewers outside the US can rely on a VPN service. This technology offers the possibility of changing your IP address so that you can access content without worrying about restrictions.

Unblocking FX Network

Just because you live outside the United States or are travelling abroad it doesn’t mean that you have to miss all the content that FX Network offers. With a VPN, you can defeat the geo-blocks because you can get a US IP address that allows you to access the streaming service, regardless of your real location. Once you sign up for a VPN service, you will be able to connect to a server in the US and unblock the content from FX’s on-demand service and from many other sources. Any website or application that is only available in the US can be accessed with the help of a VPN. You just need to connect to a server in that country and most VPN providers have servers there.

Not being able to access the FX Network live stream can be very frustrating for those who live in the US and have a subscription to the channel, but who are travelling abroad. After all, you are paying for a subscription service at home and you should be able to take advantage of it at any time. By disguising your IP address using a VPN, you will appear as if you were in the United States and will be able to bypass the blocks. In addition, a VPN encrypts your internet traffic, protecting your data from eavesdroppers. Not even your Internet Service Provider will be able to see what you do online. The FX Network offers free mobile apps for iOS and Android. Below you will find a list of the best VPN services to use if you want to get rid of the restrictions that prevent you from watching your favorite TV shows on FX Network live stream.


Thanks to its fantastic speed and reliable performance, ExpressVPN is the perfect solution for online streaming. This provider based in the British Virgin Islands is known for offering great speeds and excellent software for all major platforms. ExpressVPN’s high quality mobile apps allow you to stream content from FX Network anywhere you are. ExpressVPN has servers in 94 countries, including of course the United States, where they cover cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami. They don’t keep logs of your online activities.


Boffered has servers in 37 countries and its network is regularly updated. This Hungarian provider is trusted by users around the world, thanks to the advanced technology and good performance that it offers. Buffered combines good speeds and security and its service is designed to help you to bypass geographical restrictions without hassle. Their no logs policy ensures that your privacy remains protected at all times. Up to five simultaneous connections are allowed so you can enjoy security and flexibility on your computer, mobile devices and more.


PureVPN operates from Hong Kong and it is another popular name in the VPN industry. It has a solid reputation and its network features servers in 141 countries, which ensures that you enjoy a lot of flexibility to browse and stream international content. With PureVPN you can access FX Network live stream with seamless performance and your connection is also protected with a strong level of encryption. PureVPN doesn’t keep logs of your online activities and offer features like split tunneling and kill switch.


With VPNArea you can enjoy great security features such as per-app kill switch, anti-DNS leak, anti-WebRTC and anti-IPv6 leak protection. Thanks to their service you can easily overcome geographical restrictions in order to watch TV series, movies and more on FX Network. VPNArea also offers strong encryption to keep your data protected. They have servers in 68 countries and their high-speed VPN is perfect to stream content without delays. VPNArea doesn’t keep logs of your online activities.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access (also known as PIA), is an affordable solution that gives you access to more than 3000 servers in 24 countries. You can enjoy up to 5 simultaneous connections and their VPN client comes with kills switch and protection against malware and trackers. In addition, PIA offers SOCKS5 proxy as part of its service, giving you the possibility of bypassing restrictions and enjoying good speeds for streaming. They don’t keep logs of your online traffic and offer great value for money.

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