How to Install Exodus on Kodi

Kodi (previously known as XBMC) is a software that can improve your media streaming experience in many ways. Apart from offering incredible high playback quality, Kodi opens the door to a world of entertainment through an extensive selection of addons. One of the most popular options is Exodus, which gives you the possibility of accessing the best movies, TV series and more content that you could ever imagine. Exodus offers versatility and once you install this addon on Kodi, you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of entertainment options. Exodus gathers the content from sources like XMovies, MoviesHD, PrimeWire, PutLocker and more.

The truth is that most of the content available through Exodus is copyrighted and as such, if you use this technology, you need to keep in mind that you may be targeted by DMCA notices and other issues. If you decide to access content subject to copyright, it is important that you consider protecting your privacy and anonymity using a VPN or a similar solution. A VPN encrypts your online traffic, ensuring that not even your ISP can find out what services you use, or what websites you visit when you are online. The decision to access copyrighted content or not is yours, but keep in mind that in that case, protecting your identity is essential.

Steps to install Exodus on Kodi

Once you have Kodi and you are running a VPN on your device, you are ready to set up Exodus and get secure access to a fantastic and massive library of entertainment. below you will find the guide to get Exodus on Kodi and enjoy movies, TV shows and much more.

  1. Go to Kodi on your device
  2. From the main screen of Kodi, hover over SYSTEM to display a horizontal menu bar.
  3. Click on File Manager and on the window that appears there, click on Add source.
  4. You will see a new window of “Add Files source”, there you need to click twice on .
  5. A new pop-up window will appear displaying “Enter the paths or browse for the media locations”. Enter the following in that window: http://fusion.tvaddons.ag
  6. You will go back to the previous window. There you should click on “Enter a name for this media source” and type “fusion”. Tap OK.
  7. On Kodi’s main screen, click on SYSTEM. Then click on Add-ons from the menu bar on the left.
  8. Select “Install from zip file”. You will see a list of options. Click on fusion and then select the folder named “start-here”.
  9. Now different zip files will be shown. Click on “plugin.program. addoninstaller-1.2.9.zip”. Allow a few seconds until you see a notification that says “Add-on enabled”.
  10. Return to the main screen and click on PROGRAMS. From that screen, click on Addon Installer and select Featured Addons.
  11. You will see a selection of addons, including Exodus. Select it and proceed to install Exodus addon.
  12. Allow a few minutes until you see a message confirming that the installation was successfully completed.
  13. Once Exodus is installed, go to the main screen, go to VIDEOS and select “Add-ons”. In the list of Kodi addons, find Exodus and click on it. Now, you can browse through all the series, movies and channels that Exodus supports.

You can find a variety of content and several movie genres are covered including action, comedy, drama, musicals and horror. There are many other great addons for Kodi that bring you the best coverage in sports, live events, news and much more.

How to fix common Kodi issues

In some cases, Kodi may not work as it should and you may experience some issues. One of the most common problems that you can come across while using Kodi, is an issue that prevents you from watching videos from every year you want. When this kind of issue appears, it is likely that you can only watch content from 1970 and earlier years, To get this resolved, you need to update the date and time after installing Exodus on Kodi. This is due to the fact that 1970 is the default date. Additionally, some users have reported that they have only been able to watch a limited number of movies and TV shows. The best way to fix this is to update the version of Kodi to make sure that you are using the latest one.


Exodus is one of the most powerful and popular Kodi addons available and it can give you access to endless entertainment, while taking advantage of Kodi’s fantastic streaming features. Following the above steps will allow you to install Exodus on Kodi easily, but it is important that you also use a good VPN service that doesn’t keep logs and that offers top protection for your online traffic. This is crucial to protect your anonymity and avoid DMCA notices and other similar issues.

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