I2Coalition Creates Alliance of Major VPN Providers to Form VPN Trust Initiative

A new organization, VPN Trust Initiative (VTI), has been formed by leading VPN service providers- ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, IPVanish and VyprVPN. This alliance created by the mentioned VPN service providers aims to improve and enhance online privacy and security to all subscribers, customers and consumers of VPN service providers.

The VPN Trust Initiative is already at its fifth initiative for i2Coalition that connects all the key players of tech fields. All together as a group of companies, internet network infrastructure designers and creators and data centers ensure that those who formed and are in the group has a voice in public policy.

What is the VPN Trust Initiative About?

The VTI is a self-regulating body created by and for the VPN industry. Its aim is to promote best practices and create new standards by communicating with technologists, legislators and end-users. In addition to that, VPN Trust Initiative is a committee that has an authoritative voice that would help gain and strengthen public trust in the VPN industry at the same time help the public make educated decision and choice.

There are about one-third of internet users who also uses and utilizes VPN or proxy and is continuously growing in numbers. This only means, that providing secured and private connection would be more challenging and forming this alliance and group is an initiative to address and a way of stepping ahead and forward in maintaining high quality standards for the growing demand. In fact, according to the founder of i2Coalition, Christian Dawson, VPNs are created for safer internet connection and it is very important for VPN service providers to ensure they adhere to best practices. Hence, it is equally important that new legislation does not inadvertently limit effectiveness of VPNs.

VTI members lead by example

VPN service providers are starting to show the public how serious they are about their subscribers’ safety and this includes most VTI members. As a matter of fact, ExpressVPN has already got into requesting independent audits and transfer RAM only servers. While NordVPN on the other hand are ensuring their subscribers of their no logs policy which are affirmed and confirmed by PricewaterhouseCoopers and VyprVPN owns all of their servers which are under their audit backed logging policy. Surfshark also ensures their clients of high level security which are audited independently.

Initiative from outside

The formation of VTI is not the only and first initiative. Few days ago, the IVPN service has launched a new page which is dedicated to ethics and ensuring competitors to adhere to the rules by being 100 percent honest to their customers.

Though VTI has its own site, IVPN has already been into no tracking tools, no conflict of interest and no to paid reviews. They also have described marketing methods and has identified about 4 out of 7 that are unacceptable. In addition to that, they also created channels which grades ethical to unethical methods.

What does the future hold for VTI?

According to the founder of VTI, the initiative that VTI offers is crucial, vital and unique opportunity for the VPN industry to convene and come together to promote real awareness, education and progress. With a common goal, challenges and struggles will become short term. It would be very interesting to see VTI becoming a force that would implement online policy making.

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