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Astrill VPN claims to be the best VPN service (novel, right?), and whether they are or not one thing remains true: they are definitely one of the higher quality VPN services on the market. They have even gone further than many of their competitors by partnering with router manufacturers to include their VPN service in select routers’ code.


Like many service providers in this market, they offer subscriptions for multiple lengths of time and discount their service when you make a longer commitment. Their prices are as follows:

  • $9.98 a month for 3 months
  • $6.66 a month for 6 months
  • $5.83 a month for 12 months


However, these are just the base prices. They offer a variety of add-on features that will increase the price of your subscription. It seems that they are trying to position themselves as a quality VPN service within the industry. The add-on features and their prices are as follows:

  • NAT firewall: $5
  • Home plan: $5
  • StealthVPN: $2
  • ProAddon: $5
  • VPN sharing: $1
  • Crypto Plus: $2
  • Private IPs: $5
  • VIP plan: $10

While they do offer a lot of extra features to increase security, some VPN services include some of the above features in their regular cost.


The issue of logging is always a troubling matter for people who truly don’t want anyone to see them online. Other VPN services either claim that they only log for performance purposes or even reserve the right to inspect your traffic if they think you are engaged in illegal activity. While I don’t condone illegal activity, logging and inspection from a VPN company is a huge security concern that leaves many people feeling uncomfortable. But with Astrill VPN, there is fantastic news. They don’t log your data – at all.



Astrill has done a great job of providing their customers with a ton of VPN connection options. Some of their competitors only offer 1 or 2 technologies to use, but Astrill provides many. You have the choice of L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN, OpenWeb, SSTP, and even Cisco IPSec. Also, the SSL encryption goes up to 256 bits.

Speed and Stability:

As far as the speed is concerned, Astrill delivers. None of the user reviews reported slow or inadequate data transfers when using this service, and as their website says they don’t throttle your connection speed. The only issue that people have reported is that sometimes it can take as long as 1 minute to establish a connection and get the VPN up and running, but this isn’t always the case and may be affected by factors such as latency and geographical location.

Customer Service:

As far a support is concerned, they’ve got it all! They offer a phone number so you can actually speak with a human being, a ticketing system, an online chat service, a support email address, and a knowledgebase. Though they are an international company, they state very clearly on their website that phone support will only be able to assist you in English.

In the end, this is definitely one of the better VPN services. Their prices are reasonable, but maybe a little more costly due to the add-on features. They offer rock star level support and their software is very reliable. If you want a quality VPN, this provider will not disappoint.

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