Beelink GT1 Review

If you are looking for an Android TV Box, one of the options that you can consider is the Beelink GT1 and in this review, we will take a closer look at what this device offers. This will help you to decide if it is the right option for you.


Let’s start by saying that since first impressions are important, design is something that needs to be considered when choosing a device of any kind. In this case, the Beelink GT1 will impress you with its compact and appealing appearance. It features carbon fiber pattern and it is small and sleek. You can easily carry it from one place to another and since it is lightweight, you won’t need to spend too much money in the postage. It has a simple, elegant look and you can leave it next to the TV. The Beelink GT1 includes and infrared remote control, power adapter and hdmi cable.

Keep in mind that the remote works with three AAA batteries that are not included when you purchase the device. The remote control comes with all the key features required such as a mouse option that is standard for Android TV boxes. Still, it is advisable to get the Rii i8+ BT Mini Wireless Bluetooth Backlight Touchpad Keyboard with Mouse. This mini wireless keyboard will make things easier when you are using the GT1.

The device offers a lot of power and it includes the Amlogic S912 Octa Core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU, which gives you powerful performance for all the applications supported. The 2GB of DDR3 RAM also supports Kodi buffering and tasks that require a lot of computing power. It comes with 16GB of onboard eMMC Flash Storage and you can also add 32GB with the help of a micro SD card. The device also supports Bluetooth 4.0 so you can easily pair speakers, keyboards, game pads and more.

Once you switch on the Beelink GT1 for the first time, you get an appealing launcher that stands apart from the plain, uninteresting launcher that is used in most cases. The launcher will allow you to navigate through the options available and you will be able to add your favorite application shortcuts to the home screen without any hassle. Kodi users will be glad to know that the Beelink not only works well with Kodi (it comes with the latest version), but it also comes with some of the most popular Kodi addons pre-installed. Even if you are a beginner with no previous experience with Kodi, you will be able to start enjoying content easily and without spending a lot of time in the configuration process.

You will notice that the GT1 is capable of playing 4K videos on Kodi without buffering or lag. The unit is ideal for enjoying your favorite content via Kodi live streaming addons. If you are looking for a device that allows you to enjoy live streams and sports events, the Beelink GT1 is definitely worth checking. There is even a KodiMate Android application that is already loaded and it facilitates the installation of Kodi addons. It works as an app store that comes with some Kodi addons that you can easily install, just by clicking the remote.


The tests show that the wireless download speed goes up to 29.19 Mb/s and the upload speed measures at 13.14 Mb/s. Once you connect to the Lan port, the download speed reached was over 75 Mb/s and the upload speed was 13.16 Mb/s. These are good results for wireless and also for LAN connections.


Now let’s talk about what are the best things about the Beelink GT1 Android TV box. The first thing that deserves to be praised is that this device has a strong build and it features 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.
It has an easy to use launcher that can be easily customized

In addition, it comes with the most popular Kodi addons pre-installed, which makes it a perfect solution for beginners who just want to start using the device immediately without having to spend too much time in the setting up process. You can immediately start enjoying content from the selection available through Kodi addons.

KodiMate is an application that is already loaded onto the Android box and it works as a store where you can easily find Kodi addons

The GT1 is capable of plating any kind of video file and it can handle 4K material without issues.
It works very well with Rii I8 Mini 2.4Ghz Wireless Touchpad Keyboard with Mouse and it is advisable that you give this a try as it can really simplify your life.


While you can get a wireless mini keyboard remote to make things easier, it would be better if Beelink GT1’s remote was already designed with convenience in mind. This is not an issue exclusive to the GT1. The truth is that many Android TV boxes come with the same issue.
It should also be noted that although KodiMate is a practical solution, it doesn’t feature the best selection of Kodi addons.

How to get the most out of your Beelink GT1 Android TV Box

While Kodi and Android TV boxes are a combination that can offer a great deal of entertainment options, unfortunately there are some issues associated to using this kind of technology. Since many Kodi addons offer pirated content, ISPs are likely to block or throttle access to them. If you are accessing copyrighted content without the relevant authorization, you may end up receiving warning letters. Copyright holders can trace you using your IP address and once they contact your ISP, they will reach out to you or hand over your details.

The laws are different in each country, but in every case it is important that you keep the risks in mind. The best thing is to avoid pirated content, but if you chose to do so, make sure that you keep your privacy protected. To stop your ISP from seeing what content you access and to prevent them from throttling your connection, you can use a VPN service. VPNs encrypt your internet traffic, which makes it unreadable for others. All they will see is scrambled data that doesn’t make sense. In addition, your IP address is changed, which makes things very difficult for people who are trying to trace you. You can also use a VPN to bypass restrictions so if your ISP has blocked an app that you want to use or if the app is not available in your country, you can use the VPN to get around the restrictions. Some of the best services to consider are ExpressVPN, IPVanish, Private Internet Access and NordVPN.


The Beelink GT1 Android TV Box has a compact design and while it is small, it packs a lot of power. It is affordable and highly efficient and it deserves to be considered as the main streaming device for your household. It supports the features needed to ensure that you can enjoy a versatile streaming experience. When you purchase the Beelink GT1, you receive the Android TV box, an HDMI cable, Power adapter, IR Remote and a manual. Just keep in mind that you need two AAA batteries for the remote, which are not included.

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  1. My friend recommended me to try beelink as its’s very user-friendly and a must in a modern home. After purchasing it, I was choosing vpn services and was reading many reviews online until decided to try nordvpn. After using it for few months I can say that both of them works nicely together and would definetely recommend others to try it.

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